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Mr. Incredible vs. Adam Benjamin


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Jun 9, 2004
Survivor Rules Match.

To win the match, you must either knock your opponent out or make them submit.

The RP deadline will be Friday, December 22nd at 11:59 PM.


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Aug 7, 2006
It's all about History..

(The backdrop is the United States Washington Memorial in Washington D.C., and at it's entrance stands Mr. Incredible, however he's not in his usual buisness suit attire, instead he's branding an American Flag jump suit and white sneakers)

MR. INCREDIBLE: History plays a role in all our lives. We live and breathe it as each day passes. We read about our fore-fathers in history books about how they over-came tremendous odds to win an entire nation's freedom from tyrants, how they abolished slavery, brought peace to all of Europe during one of it's most darkest moments in history, and how the people of today are working even harder than ever to maintain and keep that peace that our fathers before us have worked so hard to obtain.

History binds us to an obligation that we must try with every ounce of strength to uphold, not just for our sakes, but for our children's sake.

Ironic how that same principle is being applied to me and the Survivor Match that I've requested against Mr. Benjamin.

(Mr. I takes his hand and places it on the Washington Monument, as he looks up and admires its beauty while slowly turning back to the camera. The seriousness of Mr. Incredible is captured in his eyes as he stands proud, showing absolutely no fear to his opponent)

MR. I: To understand the present we must first understand the past of how we got here.

I'll give you a hint Mr. Benjamin of when this all started. CIVIL WAR, United States Championship match. I was asked to be there as a guest of honor to present to the winner the United States Championship. Through your arrogance and disrespectful attitude, you attempted to belittle me and my country on National Television with your "humorous" comment.

Being a man of action, a man that doesn't (clears throat) take crap from anyone, especially one that has the manners of a billy goat.. I only did what your mother should have done 20 years ago, bend you over my knee and beat some sense into you.

But that was just the beginning wasn't Mr. Benjamin...?

The next week at Revolution you attempted to try and get a cheap win against Kin Hiroshi, which I tried to stop, but then you again with your arrogance humiliated me with a slap to the face after faking a hand shake. A gentlemen gesture my ass.. even the Queen of England herself would call bull crap on that.

Then came the faithful moment at Scars and Stripes, a memory that will be forever ingraved into that tiny peanut you call a brain...

The night I screwed you out of your United States Championship - or at least that's what you claim I did. Frankly all I did was bump into you.. you're the one who couldn't kick out in time. But don't get me wrong, that bump was on purpose, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't think twice about it.

I can imagine how you must feel... angry, pissed off, enraged.. but the truth is Mr. Benjamin, you've brought all of this on yourself. Everything action has a reaction.. you just happened to mess with the wrong American.

(Mr. Incredible gives a quick smile, but that quickly goes away as he walks closer to the camera)

MR I: This match goes way beyond "Win or Lose". It goes way beyond obtaining respect. This is a match about survival. There are no pin falls, there are no count outs, there is no Disqualification. People's careers have been destroyed, not to mention their lives almost ended because of matches like this one.

You can say that the advantage is in your corner, since I been out of action for so long. That I'm some old dinosaur exhibit that should be displayed at the Smithsonian Musuem.

Well brotha, that's where I'm going to prove you wrong. Because deep inside...

(Mr. Incredible points to his chest)

MR I: Beats a heart that's bigger than anything you can imagine, and it beats not just for me, but for every single man, woman and child that considers America their home. That my dear Mr. Benjamin, is something that you will never be able to stop.

My heart beats for liberty, honesty, justice, and above all else.. freedom. Freedom from people like you who wish to only disgrace my country and my people.

I will uphold my obligation to my country, and to my fellow Americans as I step foot into that ring "one more time" to put an end to your joke of a career.

There's only one thing that stands between you and me, Mr. Benjamin.


(Mr. Incredible glares into the camera as it fades to black


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Jan 1, 2000
(We fade into "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin standing inside his gym finishing working out. Slowly he rolls out of the ring. As he walks towards the camera he grabs a towel and clears his face off and takes a seat on a chair. He takes a long deep breathe and begins talking.)

"For the past six months you have been like a thorn in my side. You have continuously interjected yourselves in one way or another in my life.

You cost me my United States title. And you played part in me not winning the world title.

But in the same time I have tasted your blood. I have heard the inner screams of pain when I look into your eyes as you laid bloody.

(Adam clears his face again.)

"But the reality is that all I care about right now is this match. I am excited about the chance of ending your career once and for all.

And let me say I am not going to go along with the notion that you do not pose a chance because you have not been in the ring for some time.

No, you can not be reborn again in this world. Retired or not, you are still a wrestler. It is in your blood, it is in your soul.

You don't even have a choice. You were born with a killer instinct that you can not turn on and off like a radio.

So I understand why you have come back for one last match. You have to been right in the middle of the action, because you are wrestler and that feeling never truly goes away.

And with out some challenge or in this case Last match to go out with, well then the wrestler may as well be dead.

(Adam looks into the camera with a look of seriousness.)

"So the stage is set. Now comes the epic war of words. You have chosen to throw the first verbal dagger.

This message was clear and to the point. However let it be known you did not sink my battle ship.

What you did was recap our time together, our friendship if you will.

(Adam reaches under the chair and grabs the bloody American flag.)

"Save the old glory speeches. Save the dedications of your desires. Forget all these fans your are trying to uphold some sort of justice for.

And for gods sake let out the demon under the mask. Honestly that is what you are going to have to let out, because good faith and honor for thy fellow man is not going allow you to survive this match.

This is not about Freedom. However it is about honor. And during the last six months you have attempted to take all my honor inside that ring.

Now I get the chance to force you to give up. For I promise that at the end of this match you will have two choices.

Either Tap out or pass out. I am a shooter, and I am the New Age Technician, "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin and I am going to ground and pound you and your entire career deep into the mat, or hell even the ground till you either pass out from the pain, or tap out from the agony.

As for your heart beat, may it beat now loud and heroic. Come bell time I promise your beat for the people, and all that you have stood for will Flat Line.....................

You have attempted to get to me, but know this I am ready for this match. I am ready for the war that goes with a Survival match.

I am ready to go through hell, worse than any nightmare I have ever dreamed. But in the end I know I will be the one standing....

(Adam gets up and tosses the bloody flag over his shoulder as if it was a championship belt and exits as the camera fades to black.)


League Member
Aug 7, 2006
(In the heart of Washington DC there is a local gym where wrestlers of all sorts come to train, to some it's a sanction from the outside world, to Mr. Incredible it's his home away from home, the heart of America. As the camera ventures more into the gym, we come to John Ballew - Mr. Incredible's trainer and friend - who's giving the American Hero a workout of a liftime)

JOHN BALLEW: Come on! Do you think Adam Benjamin is going to let you catch a breather in your match?

(Mr. I rests on one knee from his set of pushups as he looks up at John, sweat pouring from his mask, his arms feeling like rubber)

MR INCREDIBLE: You understand... (catching his breath) this is number 500, right?

(John looking a little irritated, calls over Brutus who's a whopping 6'8 and weighing in at close to 355, and motions for him to stand on Mr. Incredible's back, which he does and almost knocks the breath out of Mr. I)

JOHN: I'm not going to have Brutus get off your back till you do this push up.

(Mr. I's eyes are blood shot red from the pressure as he looks up at John with amazing anger)

JOHN: THAT'S IT!! Get pissed off! Get angry! This guy is going to eat you alive in that ring, do you want that to happen?

MR. I: (Struggles but still can't move) ....NO!

JOHN: I can't hear you! What about all those fans out there, are you going to let them down by letting this guy run over you? By running over Mr. Incredible? The man who stands up for the little guy..

(Mr. I's intensity has trippled, he's pulling strength from areas he thought never existed, he's digging deep into his soul as somehow... someway he's actually lifting Brutus)

JOHN: Are you going to give this English punk the chance to destroy Mr. Incredible?

(Mr. I's intensity still growing as he continues to push upward, Brutus in a state of shock as he almost loses his balance)


JOHN: Mr. Incredible isn't a man.. he's an idea.. he's something that's in all of us. Now are you going to let Adam Benjamin take that away from you?

(Mr. I slowly continues pushing upward, his arms still half bent and look as if they're about to give in, but somehow he's maintaining it)

JOHN: From me? From the people of this city? From the people all over the World?

(Then it happens.. Mr. I bursts out of nowhere and shoots himself upward and Brutus can't believe it)


(John smiles softly and tells Brutus to get off Mr. Incredible, who collapses to the floor)

JOHN: Now how did that feel?

(Mr. I struggling a bit to catch his breathe, but slowly gets to his knees, and then to his feet.. staring at John)

MR. I: Felt... felt like I had the world on my shoulders... and I was lifting up on it.. and I don't know how I was doing it but I was... the funny thing is... I wasn't thinking about doing it for just me... but instead I was thinking about everyone... everyone I ever came in contact with on the streets... at an autograph signing.. at a supermarket.. all these faces of different people popped into my head... and I kept thinking to myself... I can't let them down... and that's where I put the pain aside and just did it.

(Now John is really smiling)

JOHN: That's exactly what you're going to have to do at the Pay-per-view.. because this Benjamin character isn't going to let up. He's a competitor, and if you let him, he will beat you.

(Mr. Incredible nods his head)

JOHN: Are you tired?

MR. I: Heck yes I am.. I've been doing routine exercises all day.

JOHN: Good. After your interview go for a run.. and I want you to run till you feel like passing out.

(Mr. Incredible doesn't look to thrilled, but he knows that he has to listen to John if he wants to be ready by the Pay-per-view. He grabs a towel and walks over to the camera)

MR I: I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet for you Mr. Benjamin. The only person you have to blame for losing the United States Championship title as well as your shot at the UCW World Title is yourself, brotha.

No need to be pointing your finger at me as your escape goat, because you have 4 other reasons of why you lost those matches pointing right back at you.

Your so-called "honor" was way tarnished way before I showed up in the picture, if anything hopefully this match will ignite that which you've lost, the dignity and respect of your fellow man, more importantly these people, my people.

My obligation to these people is more important than any desire of mine for this sport. Yes I love what I do, I love this sport as much as anyone. To walk down that ramp, hear the fans scream, get in that ring and wrestle till I have nothing left. All those emotions I love and cherish, but it is not the reason why I came back for this one final mach.

Your arrogance toward the people, the fans that are the heart and driving force of our industry..., erupted something in me.. I couldn't just let that go.

From everything they've done for me, every hand shake, every cheer, and every ounce of respect that they've shown me over the years.. It was my obligation to stand up for them.

That is why I came back, to take one last stand and do the right thing.. (slight pause) ... and that's kicking your ass!

You're not fighting just a man at Night of the Legends II, Mr. Benjamin. The idea of what Mr. Incredible stands for is everlasting, it's stronger than anything you can muster up in your little New Age Technician skills list. I'm going to continue to come at you.. and come at you.. and come at you.. and come at you, until you give up.

So let me go ahead and apologize now, your little dream of triumph.. will stay just that.. a dream.. because brotha.. my heart beat will never go flatline.. that is a promise.

Oh by the way, you can keep the Flag as a souvenir. Let it be a reminder to you of this great match... the greatest match in your so-called career..., the one that you "could've won".

(Mr. Incredible tosses the towel down as he makes his way off camera)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
We fade in live at 411 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas as "Yours Truly" reading a book in front of the plaque of the famous Texas School Book Depository.
As he notices the camera rolling Adam slowly closes the book to reveal the title "The Life of JFK". Adam gives a thumbs up towards the camera then a gun like motion as he smiles and begins talking.)

"First off I regret to inform all my fans that the midget I hired to lift a three hundred pound Panda, in a effort to show his ability to dig deep into his heart and pull out all the stops even when it looks like he has nothing left, has come down with the flue..... Yea sorry I am sure that would have been a outstanding display of determination...

(Adam smiles)

"Mr. I its like you got the whole world in your hands right. I mean I wrestle for Myself. I could care less what the morons in the crowd have to say.

The reason I do not care is because when I enter the ring, not one of them can help me. Sure chanting my name might give me some sort of warm feeling, but seriously you either are good enough or you are not to win in this sport. Some wet back in the crowd with his four kids is sure as hell not going to help me win.

Its all inside you, it's the inner final countdown that you either have or don't have. I block out the trash that you wrestle for. I look down on the country you hold higher than yourself.

It seems so easy to let the words "Kick your ass" roll of your tongue. But you and I both know that it will hardly be that easy once we are inside that ring.

The Little engine that could! Going to keep coming and coming. Wow man that is just emotional. In one night you are going to put all that you have done in your career tightly in your rolled up fist and bring the pain?

(Adam smiles as he lifts up the bloody America flag.)

"The blood is stained deep into this flag. And the blow that caused this blood is only a preview of what lies ahead for you.

But once this match is over I will burn this flag. Because Yours Truly does not souvenir of trash.

You are a perfect example of my utter dislike for this country. And I finally have the chance to expose this country live on PPV. I get to beat down there Hero and have him scream "Mercy".

And then he will stand up and wave good bye to all his fans. And they will give a nice cheer, however the second you walk through that curtain they will forget you.

They will clap for some flashy new kid that raps or does cute little flips or something. But the reality they will forget your name and all that you think they appreciate.

The don't care about us. They would not piss on either of us ig er were on fire. So I hope that when I take your career you realize that all you have done will never be remembered by one single fan.

And take your career is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to take it and put it into the trophy case right next to your pride.

You obligation will be your down fall. Its too bad it took you this long to realize it.

(Adam opens the book back up and begins to read, the camera begins turns to the right to show a Midget in a mask sneezing and drinking Cold Medicine. The midget shakes his head as the camera fades to black.)


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Aug 7, 2006
Present, Past, & future..

(At Arlington Cemetery we see Mr. Incredible wearing his signature blue suit & American Flag tie, as he stands proud in front of the John F. Kennedy grave memorial. His eyes focused on the famous eternal flame which burns brightly in the center of the former President's grave. Mr. I is silent for a few brief moments as he pays his respects, but then his eyes turn to the camera)

MR. INCREDIBLE: "We meet in quiet commemoration of a historic day of peace. In an age that threatens the survival of freedom, we join together to honor those who made our freedom possible. ... It is a tragic fact, that war still more destructive and still sanguinary followed; that man's capacity to devise new ways of killing his fellow men have far outstripped his capacity to live in peace with his fellow man..."

(Mr. I takes a moment and then continues)

MR. I: The introduction of President Kennedy's address to the people at Arlington National Cemetery on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1961, after he placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, has even more significance today than it did when he first said it.

This man was more than a President, he was a visionary. His visions were to help change the way people viewed each other, and everyone knew that those visions would shake the very boundaries of this nation, and more so the world. Yet just like the other visionaries before and after him, nn Nov. 22, 1963 he was killed by a coward.

This is the man that you mock.

(Mr. Incredible shakes his head in disgust as his eyes still focused on the camera)

MR. I: I shouldn't be surprised, should I Mr. Benjamin? Because that's what you do.. Isn’t it? Since the beginning you've mocked everything that I am. However this... this is different. This is a whole new level of ignorance, one I never thought possible.

(Mr. Incredible slowly walks over to the graves as he looks over them)

MR. I: You question my determination, my fortitude... my heart.., yet in the end you'll be regretting every bit of it because you can't judge how far a human being will push their self when they put everything that they believe in on the line. Only fools make statements like yours, and you're foolish if you believe them.

(Mr. Incredible turns his attention to Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy's grave which resides right beside of her husband's)

MR. I: When this memorial was first built, within the first 3 years, 16 million people came here to visit. Soon after that the numbers did start to decrease, fewer, and fewer people started to come and visit here.

But that doesn't mean that people have forgotten, that they don't remember. Yes they don't come in numbers like they did, but people still come, they still visit, they still show their respect to a man that did so much in so little time for his country, and need I not forget his ever so devoted wife.

It was she who requested for Mr. Kennedy to be buried in Washington D.C. She simply said, "He belongs to the people." A simple phrase that means more than you'll ever understand. A phrase I take to heart every time I put on the mask, I strap up the boots, and I step into that squared circle.

(Mr. Incredible turns and now faces the camera)

MR. I: I exist because of the people. You might not ever understand why or how.. and that's fine, because I'm coming to the realization that you're nothing more than a selfish bastard who cares about nothing but himself.

That Mr. Benjamin can only get you so far in life, and right now brotha, you're at the cut off..

At Night of Legends II I'm putting everything I have into this match, I'm not going to just bring the pain Mr. Benjamin, I'm going to bring the people. It won't be just my fist pounding away at your face, but the fists of the thousands of people attending the event, and the millions of fists of the fans watching at home, all striking you at the same time.

You might have the ability to destroy a man Mr. Benjamin, but you don't have enough in you to destroy Mr. Incredible, and I'm going to prove that.

(Mr. Incredible looks up at his country's flag swaying back and forth in the wind, and he quickly turns his attention back to the camera)

You've managed to mock me, to damage my pride, and belittle me and my country on national television, but there's no way in hell I'm going to give you the chance not alone the opportunity to burn the United States of America Flag on national television. You better do more than end my career, you better end my life if you even dream of pulling that off.

In the end... people might forget about Mr. Incredible, yes I'll agree with you. After all the cheers, and the good byes are said... they might even move on and root for another hero..

But I'll be damn sure that not one single person who watches or witnesses Night of the Legends II is going to forget the night when Mr. Incredible went toe to toe with Adam Benjamin in a Survival Match.., pride vs. pride... because blood will be spilt, bones will be broken, and quite possibly careers could be destroyed. And only one person can be left standing...

(Mr. Incredible peers down one more time at the eternal flame)

MR. I: For more than 40 years the eternal flame has stayed lit. It has stayed true to its purpose. Through hail, rain, and wind nothing could break it.

After our match, no matter what the outcome is, Mr. Incredible's eternal flame will continue to burn for years to come.. in not just me.. but in everyone.

That's a future Mr. Benjamin, that you have no control over.

(Mr. Incredible does a quick salute to the Memorial and the camera fades out)


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Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into 'Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin wearing a shirt that reads 9:11 on the front standing in down town NYC.)

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America."

(Adam smiles)

"So it looks like I sparked a little nerve in the almighty American Dad.... I did not know reading about JFK would upset you so much. All I was doing was reading up on a "True American Hero"....

Is it a crime to read in this great country you love so much. I guess you will say I am disrespecting New York by standing here today.

Yet all I am doing here today is paying my respect to a land mark.....

(Adam smiles)

"You claim since the beginning I have mocked you since day one. I have not mocked anyone. What I expressed was something you fight for. I expressed my freedom of speech.

Now if you took my words personally, well than MR. I am truly sorry. I mean all this hatred over a mere misunderstanding...

I, I, I am really sorry, wow, what can I say......

(Adam shakes his head in disbelief, then comes up with a sinister look)

I am sorry you are a worthless pathetic American. Stupid enough the think you represent this entire country.

And sad enough to think the very fans that cheer when they see our blood pure, and our bodies broken, actually care about you.

And most of all foolish enough to think you are more than a man, because honestly that is all you are.

(Adam takes a seat on a bench.)

"Kennedy never seen it coming. The twin towers never stood a chance. But live ON PPV I am not going to surprise you with my attack.

I am going to walk into the middle of the ring. The very same ring I spit in your face, I will take your career.

Like a toy I will play with your determination. I will test it, and kick it down, and let it rise again, only to smash it down again.

And all your fans will yell for your mercy, but I will not end your pain. I move from your determination to your fortitude.

I will beat all your fortitude out of your patriotic body.

But no as much as you scream, and all the pathetic fans you love so much gringe I will not let you tap....

For I still want to grasp your heart. That will come during the closing minutes. When the microphone graces your chin, I will hear the beat of your heart pounding thunderously. And it will be there that I force you to say I give up!

And like the twin towers fell, so will your career crumble within the canvas. All that you have done will flash in front of you. You will begin to question the worth of one last match.

It will be there that I stand over you looking down at your pathetic arse, as you realize you are indeed human, just a man, a beaten man that is....

(Adam looks into the camera)

Yours Truly is indeed a selfish man. I can admit that mate.

I know the reality of the wrestling ring. I know that fans don’t win my matches.

I am not a dreamer, I wrestle for myself, not for some ten year old kid who cant spell because his father and mother are on drugs.

So bring the people, and let them stand and cheer. Because unlike your theories, not one of those fat, out of shape, American sweat hogs are going to lay a hand on me.

As for the burning of the flag, dude I think flames would bring more dignity to this flag then your blood.

But rest assure I will not burn your almighty flag. Because doing that would bring me to the level of all the Americans I dislike.

The ones that act without thinking of others feelings. That is the difference between me and all of you. I care only about myself, but I would never step on someone to better myself. I am Englishman, not a cut throat, not a American....

Bring all that you have, all that you stand for. I promise that I will stand in the middle of the ring and battle all night long. But I know I will never tap out to you let alone this country!

Fade to black)


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Aug 7, 2006
Just a man... and his will to survive

(It's morning in downtown Washington D.C., Mr. Incredible in his U.S.A. jumpsuit is running down Constitution Avenue. People's cars are backed up from the mornings traffic, a typical D.C. morning. The American Hero's cold breath can be seen leaving his lips as he passes people... some wave, some stare, some shout out "You can do it", while others not even care because they're too busy with their own agenda. Yet that doesn't bother Mr. Incredible as he makes a quick turn at the National Mall as he does a fast sprint toward the Lincolin Memorial. He pushes himself, giving it all he has as he makes his way up the steps. Catching his breath, Mr. I takes in the sunrise from his location. He stares at it for a few moments just before he begins to speak)

MR. INCREDIBLE: Let's cut out the head games Mr. Benjamin.. and let's get right to the point.

You don't like me. That's fine. You don't like my country and what it stands for. That's fine too. You want to hit every major city and try to throw in some Anti-American propaganda, but then play it off by using that "Freedom of speech" line. That's fine as well. Hell the Klu Klux Klan can do it.. so why not you huh? Give me a break.

My country didn't choose me to represent it.. I chose my country. I chose to wear the red, white and blue. And I choose to represent it with dignity and honor. Nobody forces me to do this, it's my choice.

The same goes to the fans of this nation and around the world. It's their choice whether or not to cheer and stand behind me or not too. Life is about choices Mr. Benjamin, but with those choices comes consequences. If you make the wrong decision, well then you're going to have to pay for it, one way or another.

Some people might say that I'm making a bad decision to get back in the ring again. That this body of mine can't take the beatings it once use to. That if I get one more lucky blow to the head, it could cause permanent brain damage.

(Mr. Incredible takes a deep breath and he stares with a calm look right in the camera)

MR. I: But I'm not going to live my life, or make my decisions just on what others think. I'm going to do what my gut tells me, and my gut is telling me to get in that ring.. one more time. Not because I have something to prove.. but because it's who I am. You are right that fighting is in my blood, I can't deny that.

But what is this last match worth to me?

(Mr. Incredible takes another look at the sun which shines bright down on the city)

MR. I: Life isn't about how hard you can hit... it's about how hard of a hit you can take, and it isn't until life has you beaten to the ground when you have to dig deep inside your gut to find the courage to push forward that you truley know what you're worth...

That's the feeling of winning, going beyond what is asked of you.

But you're the opposite, because instead of taking on your hardships headstrong and embracing them, you point the blame to something or rather someone. That Mr. Benjamin, is the "true face" of a coward.

Yet, coward or not, I know you're going to come out and hit me hard, hopefully with everything you got, because I know you have something you want to prove. That you can make me, Mr. Incredible, fall helplessly to your mercy, and above all else, end my career, permanently.

The only permanent thing I know of happening and coming out of this match is that I will walk out of that ring on my own two legs. You won't destroy me. However, the thing that will be ending is your ridiculous smirk, because I plan on knocking it clean off your face.

Though that's not it.. because there is something that will be proven at Night of the Legends II... That eventhough you're younger than me, faster than me, and maybe even stronger than me... ...there's one thing that my age hasn't slowed down... and that's my resiliance to not give up.

The very thing that you lack.

(Mr. Incredible pounds his chest)

MR. I: Heart.

So go ahead Mr. Benjamin, fight for yourself, fight for what you believe in. I'm going to stick to what I believe is true, to what I believe in which is something much higher than myself.

You might be able to break my body Mr. Benjamin, but you will never ever break my spirit because I am Mr. Incredible.

Simply Incredible!
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