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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern stands in front of a CSWA backdrop...}}

SOUTHERN: " Ya' know, it's kinda' funny. I've been here for halfa' year now n' ever'where I go, I hear tha' talk..."What's tha' three "S"'s have up thier sleeve? What's Southern, Stanley, and Sight got planned for tha' glass ceiling of tha' CSWA? Well, I'm here ta' answer all those questions. We don't have a DAMN thing planned! All this started 'cause Sight n' me saw tha' CSWA through tha' same glasses. WE SEE it for what it truly is, and our goal is ta' DO SOMETHIN' about it. We're not ALIGNED, we haven’t formed some SUPER GROUP, we're not tha' Claimstakers or tha' Playboys or anythin' else. We're just some guys with a common goal. "

" But ta' further all tha' hoopla', tha' CSWA's done gone n' thrown us all ta'gether inna' SIX MAN match at Primetime. Yeah, insteada' puttin' us 'gainst tha' top tier, ONE on ONE, insteada' puttin' us in matches that actually MEAN somethin'...we get, tha' HIP HOP EXPRESS. Hey, nuthin' 'gainst those guys, they're a great tag team n' all...but what tha' hell good is it gonna' do ANY of our careers if we pin a member of a just returnin' tag team? "

" None."

" So then I get tha' question...so Shane, what DO YA' want? What is it your TRULY SEEK? You've been put in Main Events, you've been in the ring with Hornet, pinned Guns, went toe ta' toe with Adler. You're gettin' what you want. {{...shakes his head...}} No I'm not. As I told Hornet, I don't just wanna' BE tha' champion, I just don't wanna' be tha' MAN of tha' MOMENT...I wanna' be tha' ICON...I wanna' be tha' LEGEND...I wanna' be tha' guy people fifteen years from now want ta' be! "

" I'm not tha' youngest, I'm not tha' smartest or tha' fastest...but I make it. I win matches, I go out n' please tha' fans each n' ever' night. Just ONCE I'd like somethin' FOR ME. When MY career is said n' done...when Shane Southern hangs up tha' boots, I wanna' look back n' see all tha' happy fans...but I also wanna' see some recognition for my life's work. I wanna' SEE my name in tha' Hall of Fame...I wanna' hold that CSWA World Title. Call it ego if ya' want to, {{...shrugs...}} If ya' truly know me, you KNOW that's not tha' case. It's a case of appreciation. Hornet says I don't know what I'm askin'. Guns says tha' same thing. I say...BULL <BLEEP>. I'LL make that decision. "

" In tha' meantime, I've gotta' match at Primetime. And rest assured Express, I'm not gonna' approach this match any differ'ntly thanna' match for tha' WORLD Title. I'm comin' ta' wrestle. I'm comin' ta' give my HEART and my SOUL...ta' POUR IT OUT all over that ring...n' leave a few broken n' bruised bodies in tha' process. Tha' ONLY thing that changes from match ta' match is who plays tha' role of tha' BODY. "

" Party's Over boys. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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