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Apr 8, 2012
Cryptic Voice Over:
There was a time in the sport of professional wrestling when men had the chance to become gods.

Those days seemed to have vanished over the years.


Until now.

[Flashing on screen are the not so many recognizable faces mixed in with the majority of unknowns making the talent pool for this year’s ULTRATITLE Tournament.]

[The ULTRATITLE theme song, whatever it may be, coincides with the flash mob.]

[Like tumblers falling into line, the images begin to slow.]

[And slow.]

[...and slooower.]

[And then, stop.]

‘COOL’ Cancer Jiles: [confused]
Why does Count COOL think he can win the Ultratitle?


What type of silly question is that? Really? I don’t know if I should be insulted, or extensively insulted.


[Only the top half of the wrestler representing Defiance Wrestling is shown.]


[That being said, King COOL has all his usual trimmings in tow. His reddened-gaze is protected by jet-black Terminator shades. The perfectly styled golden-blond hair atop his head looks almost as good as the ULTRATITLE itself. Even the collar on his vibrantly themed silk button-down, which happens to be completely unbuttoned mind you, is popped to the sky.]

CCJ: [cheesing]
This cat fits the bill.

[The Philly native hots the tips of his fingernails, and then runs the back of his right hand across the breast pocket of his silk shirt.]

If it weren't a complete-lock-given that a person who looks, talks, and swags the way I do; who pretty much does anything in the same vein AS I DO, would be running through the ribbon at the end of this marathon...

...nothing is.

Not even tomorrow.


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