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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern standing in front of a red and white CSWA backdrop...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " GXW, Sight, Stanley, Melton, Merritt, Lions, Tigers n' bears! OH MY! You sure are a busy little bee...uh, Hornet ain't ya.....Hornet. You got yer stinger in more asses thana' proctologists finger on exam day. N' now...on toppa' ALL of that...just when ya' thought ya' couldn't pile it any higher or deeper...along comes good ol' Shane Southern. {{...chuckles...}} Damn, sucks to be you Hornet. "

" Well, not really, right? In fact, it's good to be tha' king huh? Tha' king of tha' CSWA, tha' KING of tha' wrestlin' WORLD...good ol' reliable Hornet. Sittin' up in that nice mansion on tha' hill, countin' tha' stacks a' money rollin' in, servants at yer beck n' call, limos, diamonds and gold, you earned it ALL Hornet...but now, well, now you gotta' step up and earn it AGAIN. You gotta' ONCE again step up to tha' plate n' PROVE you got what it takes ta' STILL call yerself tha' greatest. You gotta' step into tha' ring {{...puts his thumb to his chest...}} with me. "

" I've got no reason to hate you Hornet. In fact, I admire your career n' what you've meant to this sport. When I broke inta' this business, YOU were who I wanted ta' be like. You can hate guys like Sight, Stanley n' me...in fact, you probably got good reason. We're aimin' ta' take it ALL from you Hornet. No, I'm not talkin' about all yer personal crap, none of us have need for that...no Hornet, what we want is your SPOT. I want ta' be tha' guy that headlines Anniversary, Fishfund, Elvis Lives...EYE wanna' be tha' guy who's SPOT people are tryin' take take ten, fifteen years from now. I WANT what you got Hornet, n' at On Time, well that's just that next step in gettin' it. "

" Cause I know no matter what happens at ON TIME, no matter if I superkick your teeth down yer throat insida' two minutes...it won't be enough. I know I gotta' earn it. I know it's not ENOUGH ta' get yer name next ta' Hornet's on tha' marquee, but it sure isa' step in tha' right direction. "

" Now personally, I don't care what other things you got goin' on in yer life. You gotta' put that on tha' back burner n' face off with this good ol' boy. You beat me n' I'll shake yer hand and say yer tha' better man. If tha' opposite happens, well let's just say you do what you gotta' do. "

" No matter what that is Hornet, at ON TIME...if just for a moment...everything for you is gonna' STOP and tha' band's gonna' kick up, n' tha' harmonica's gonna' start wailin', n' that curtain's gonna' part....then Hornet, like so many before you, you're gonna' realize, that at least for THIS night..."

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

(Hornet exits the hotel and begins walking down a Kansas City street as the camera leads in front of him.)

The King, Shane? We usually save discussion of 'The King' for another CSWA pay-per-view, certainly not FISH FUND. (Hornet grins.)

I'm not the king of the wrestling world, Shane. I'll leave that for others to claim. Right now I'm not even on top of the mountain, your 'partner' Evan Aho has that particular claim to fame.

But I get your point, Shane. I'm the guy with the 'spot.' And I've got to fight to keep it. But are you sure you want it Shane? Are you sure you wanna be the guy that Merritt sends up north to fight for your life in another promotion? Are you sure you wanna be the next Atlas, the one with the weight of the world on his shoulders?

Shane...we both know you're an amazing wrestler. We both know you know what it means to be a champion. But your drive won't leave it at that, will it? You can't just be a champion, you need to be the champ. And right now, that's what we both want.

Be careful, Shane. Don't let ambition and pride become your hubris like I did. Shoot for the top, but don't shoot for the sun. Because we all know the story about Icarus flying too close to the sun, don't we? Aim to be the champ, but don't try to be the 'icon.' No matter how much you think you want it, or can handle it...trust me, you don't and you can't. No one can.

At least not and survive with their psyche intact. (Hornet stops for a moment, then looks back into the camera.)

My party ended a long time ago, Shane. And the anniversary of that certain end is coming up sooner than I would have liked. In a few nights you and I meet here in Kansas City, but in a few weeks, I've got to step back into the arena where my life was turned upside down, where my body and livelihood were almost taken from me...

I know you don't care about all that 'personal' business, Shane. And when we step in the ring, as I've said so many times before... it's nothing personal.

But you should care, Shane. Because you wanna be at the top. The last man on top after FISH FUND paid a tremendous price at my hands... wherever he is, he has a permanent mark embedded in his skin from the last time I had to make this decision. Is that what you want? Are you willing to risk it?

Everyone should care, Shane. Not for the sake of my ego, or for the sake of my fame... but because like all of us, my choices have consequences.

And anyone that comes for my 'spot,' is going to have to deal with those consequences.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Result is the Same

{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is at a CSWA promotional event. He sits at a table smiling and signing his autograph. He signs one for a little kid then rubs his head as the kids says Thanks. Southern smiles and then stands to stretch his legs. He whispers something to a female "assistant" who announces to the line that Shane's taking a ten minute break. After a few groans the lady explains that everyone's autograph will be signed but Shane needs a break...Southern walks off into a small tent set up for the CSWA wrestlers attending the event and the staff. Rudy Seitzer can be seen talking to a production assistant over by a table set up with refreshments....Southern walks over and grabs a bottle of water...}}

RS: " Hot day 'eh Shane? "

SOUTHERN: " Yeah, but it don't get ta' me much. Growin' up in that steam bath down in' N'Awlins, I'm used to it. "

RS: " But this is "dry" heat huh? "

SOUTHERN: {{...laughs...}} " Yeah, I guess so. "

RS: " So, looking forward to your match with Hornet next week? "

SOUTHERN: " Yeah Rudy, it's somethin' I've waited my whole career for. Hornet's a legend, n' it's an honor ta' be in tha' ring with 'em. "

RS: " But you're still going to try and uh, "kick his teeth down his throat"? "

SOUTHERN: {{...smiles...}} " Course. "

RS: " You know Shane, I've heard all the talk from guys like you and Wicked Sight wanting to be the Main Event players, wanting the "spot" of guys like Hornet, Guns, and Windam. What makes you think you deserve that spot? "

SOUTHERN: " Good question. I don't guess it's a matter of who deserves what, it's just about bein' given tha' opportunity ta' take it. Sure, guys like Sight, Stanley n' me, we've been given title shots, n' whatnot, but it's played down. Our matches are given "second billing", world title matches take back seats to grudge and number one contenders matches. It's 'bout time somebody stood up n' took NOTICE of what we can do for this company. Hornet's not gonna' be 'round for ever...they NEED new icons....new guys to carry the company, be the MAN. "

RS: " Hornet say's the job's not the bed of roses that you make it out to be. To be honest, I can't disagree. "

SOUTHERN: " I don't make it out ta' be anythin' other than what it IS. People deal with life's curveballs in many differn't ways. Hornet's been screwed more times than a hooker on Bourbon...but he also GIVES as much as he GETS. Hornet's no baby, he fights his battles, he wins most of 'em, n' he moves on. Although I gotta' admit, that last little promo he cut sure sounded alot like whynin' ta' me. "

RS: " You're calling Hornet a WHINER?"

SOUTHERN: " No Rudy, all I'm sayin' is that Hornet can paint nightmarish picture. He can paint a picture where tha' mean ol' owner of tha' company makes him do stuff he don't wanna' do...he can paint a picture of all tha' times people have stabbed 'em in tha' back or how he almost lost IT ALL those years ago. Hornet let it get to 'em Rudy. "

RS: " Can you honestly say you wouldn't have let it get to YOU? "

SOUTHERN: " Listen, I'm not tryin' ta' degrade Hornet in any way. He's a great wrestler and a good person. I can't pretend ta' know what's goin' on inside his head. He says bein' tha' ICON is too much ta' handle, I say...let ME decide that for mah'self. I WANT ta' be that man, I WANT ta' fly to tha' SUN...be damned if I get burned or not. {{...laughs...}} Hell, I might think differently should I ever get there. I might become like Hornet. But one's thinks for sure Rudy, I DAMN SURE wanna' find out. "

{{...The female assistant from before pokes her head into the tent and says, "Ten minutes are up"...}}

RS: " Hey, nice talking to you Shane. Good luck. "

SOUTHERN: " Thanks Rudy. "

{{...Southern finishes the water and walks out the tent...two seconds later he leans back in and faces the camera...}}

SOUTHERN: {{...smiling...}} " Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT....}}

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