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Nominate the Best of E-Wrestling for May 2009


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Nov 4, 2008
What have you been enjoying in e-wrestling of late?

Well, at EWTorch, we're continuing our monthly feature that tracks the best of e-wrestling from each month.

You may nominate wrestlers/angles/matches from your own fed(s) or feds you follow because I WANT you to comment on what you know about, and help the entire e-wrestling community find out about the good stuff that's going on in your world.

So, feel free to nominate on any or all of the categories below. I will stop taking nominations June 15 and I'll compile all the results on EWTorch. I will not comment on it. I'll just provide the nominations and associated links.

Note: Nominations must be based on writing that happened in May. So if a show happened in April, but you posted it in May, that doesn't count.

You can send your nominations to johnleary@ymail.com, respond directly here, or respond to this thread.

1. MVP: (Wrestler's Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

2. Best Singles Wrestler: (Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

3. Best Tag Team: (Team Name, Team Members, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

4. Best Female Wrestler: (Name, E-Fed Name, E-Fed Link)

5. Best Match of the Month: (Match Participants, Stipulations [i.e., World Title Match, Barbed Wire Match], Link to Event)

6. Best roleplay: (Name of RPer, Title of RP, Link to RP)

7. Best On-Card Segment: (Segment Participants, Link to Event)

8. Best PPV/TV Show: (Title, E-Fed Name, Link to Show)

9. Best Angle/Storyline: (In 2-3 sentences outline the key details, E-Fed Name, Link to E-Fed)

10. Other: Is a category or something else missing from this list? Here's your chance!

As a reminder, here are the April Best of E-Wrestling Poll results.


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Guess I'll start this thing off. I'm not gonna provide E-Fed links unless it's for matches or cards, just cause, well...we all know where to find EPW/NFW/LVW, etc. Leary can just do my work for me and provide the links for the rest of the internet. ;)

1. MVP: 'Triple X' Sean Stevens, EPW. Defended his title against his two main rivals in a 3 way dance, proving he's still the man.

2. Best Singles Wrestler: Hmm, not sure how this is different than MVP. I'll just assume this is the wrestler who I think is currently the best, which wouldn't really change month to month. Joe The Plumber, NFW.

3. Best Tag Team: Hollywood Wrecking Crew (Blaine Hollywood and Malik Anderson), NFW.

4. Best Female Wrestler: Teresa Quaranta, NFW.

5. Best Match of the Month: Cameron Cruise vs. Brock Alyas, Steel Curtain Cage Match, NFW Crash 48. http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=102#839

6. Best roleplay: Ross Byron (Purple Blueberry), Mugsy "Knuckles" Malone, "Knuckles vs. Dakota" for the LVW Snake Eyes card. http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=19513 Ross RPed Se7en back in the '90's, is one of my favorite handlers ever, and he came back to RP Knuckles in LVW. This RP had me laughing my ass off, and bottom line: it ruled.

7. Best On-Card Segment: "Dorchester Stratton's Birth" written by Gregg Gethard, NFW Crash 48. http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=102#838

8. Best PPV/TV Show: NFW Crash 48. http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=102#838

9. Best Angle/Storyline: DC Stratton turns on his girlfriend, his mentor, and his tag partner, joins with Calvin Carlton, and becomes Dorchester Stratton. NFW

10. Other: Best Match Thread: Cameron Cruise vs. The First, EPW Wrestleverse III. http://www.fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=19438

I think Best Match Thread is a category we should see in most awards threads. Everybody always talks about the match writers, but f*ck them because the real work was done by the RPers (uh, most of the time). Although, I also have to say that the match writer (I believe it was Strawsma) did a f*cking fantastic job too. I just think that people withhold a lot of credit from the guys who make the threads fun to read. Personally, I've always gotten more enjoyment from reading a good RP battle than a good match; that's just how I am.


Jan 1, 1970
1. MVP: Cameron Cruise! ...hell hath frozen over.

2. Best Singles Wrestler: Joe the Plumber

3. Best Tag Team: BND

4. Best Female Wrestler: K-Wolf

5. Best Match of the Month: Cruise vs. Alyas, I'm biased. :cool:

6. Best roleplay: http://fwrestling.com/fwc/showthread.php?t=19609

7. Best On-Card Segment: Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Crash 48

8. Best PPV/TV Show: FWO reAction: Free Wrestling Day

9. Best Angle/Storyline: DC Stratton's metamorphosis into Dorchester Stratton

10. Other:
Best Use of Hemingway literature: High Flyer
Best Debut: Unicorn Mask
Best Swerve: Kooter Johnson

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