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"One on One with Go-Go, from the Barry-Cam"


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri

(The scene opens inside the media building of DePaul University, in the hallway as we see RLW wrestler, "The Latina Fire" Go-Go Spectacular stepping out from door and into the hallway. She sips on a bottle of water as she walk down the hallway.)

"Go-Go, Go-Go Spectacular!"

(Go-Go turns around to see who yelled out at her from the other end of a hallway as she sees a gentlemen holding a camera approaches her from a first person point of view where we never see Barry but we hear of the hard working media guy from behind the camera.)

"Ah, Go-Go, ah Barry The Intern, how are you doing? I just wanted to introduce myself to you and meet you. How are you doing today?"

Go-Go: I'm good. I can't complain. And you Barry?"

"Oh I am good."

Go-Go: Ah Barry, you know that you have a camera that is on me and it is actually filming."

"Ah, yeah yeah yeah, I like to try different things and experiment. You never know when things like this might come about."

Go-Go: "Oh I see."

"You know this was something that came to my mind of a little more kind of a raw footage and on the spot type of a approach to day in the life of RLW superstars sort of thing."

Go-Go: "Oh okay."

"Well let me just say first of all welcome to DePaul University and to RLW. It's such a pleasure to have you hear."

Go-Go: Well thank you, thank you very much Barry, I'm happy to be here."

"And I wanted to talk to you about your promo and the good work that you did with it."

Go-Go: Actually I think that it is you that I need to commend on our promo. That was actually some great work. Not bad for a first time working together and hopefully we will be able to do more good work together."

"Really? Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Actually I wanted to discuss and get to know you better and expand on what was touched upon in your promo that you cut. As I understand that you are female masked Lucha-Libra wrestler, but as I did a little research to get to know you, I understand that you are also proficient both gymnastics and as your promo addressed also proficient in the art of Jeet Kun Do, which of course was founded and created by martial arts legend Bruce Lee. I was just wanted to expand and you know get some additional information on that."

Go-Go: "Oh okay, well just to give a little background. My father trained me in Lucha-Libra wrestling. He ran a wrestling academy in El'Paso teaching wrestling to kids. In his youth he worked in down in Mexico and various figures and of course he had the honor of working with such notable figures as the Guerrero family. He never became famous himself but that never stopped him from training and teaching local children in the area. And of course he taught me, kept it in the family sort of thing. I also took up gymnastics and then one of my father's close friends taught me the art of Jeet Kun Do martial arts."

"Wow! You have learned a lot in 21-22 years of the life you have lived. Interesting."

Go-Go: Yeah, my father's friend, while my father was working in Mexico, kind of went the other way and moved west to L.A. to try to make it as an actor and although he never made, while he was there he ran into a young Bruce Lee teaching martial arts to college students and of course my dad's friend, Cortez was immediately taken in and so he learned from Bruce Lee. He took everything in. Safe to say that he didn't become an actor but he gained so much more and then moved back to El'Paso with what he learned, studying and really understanding the martial art of Jeet Kun Do and it's philosophy from it's master, that he became proficient himself and then began teaching his young sons. He himself opened up a dojo, with Bruce Lee's permission of course, and then through his son, he would eventually teach me. Now as your research may of known, I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and without a heart transplant I would have died before my forth birthday. And things would have been touch and go after that. So I always did my best to be as active as possible without doing harm to me, so I took up things that would help strengthen me such as gymnastics, wrestling, and martial arts. I didn't compete or want to hurt people to but to make me stronger and then that's how everything fell into place to help make up the person you see before you today that is Go-Go Spectacular."

"WOW! You truly are...pardon the pun, SPECTACULAR, for a lack of a better phrase."

Go-Go: Why thank you Barry. Now am I some incarnated master of Bruce Lee? No by any means. These are just things that have helped groomed to help make me...well me. These are tailored into my DNA and apart of me, but I no more than just Angel Ramirez. I am 'The Latina Fire' Go-Go Spectacular. It is what I am and I don't fight it. When someone gets in the ring with me, they need to know that I have a lot of weapons at my disposal and there are more than one way to skin a cat. I will take the hide off of anybody. I am fast, I am smart, agile, and although I am still considered young, I am always learning. I will adapt and mature as I get older and grow in this business and here in the RLW. I am excited to be here and can't wait to see what I going to do. I have had some fame prior to joining the RLW but nonetheless this is a new chapter and my past achievements are noteworthy but exactly as they are in the past. They are irrelevant because I don't live in the past and cling onto previous championships or accolades. I am always forward thinking and ready to take my future head on. I absolutely love the life that I have lived thus far and excited to see what mark I aim to leave it. But I am not looking that far ahead. I am just taking each day one day at a time. No more and no less."

"Well thank you s very much for taking the time to speak with me Go-Go. It's an honor to have you hear in RLW. And good luck in your debut Triple Threat match this week on Slam Track."

Go-Go: "Thank you Barry."

(Go-Go shakes Barry's hand and then turns around to walk down the hallway.)

"Whatta woman."


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