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Orlando, Here I Come


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The Waterhouse Center, more commonly known as the "O-Rena," downtown Orlando. The marquee sign flashes-- ORLANDO MIRACLE. ORLANDO PREDATORS. ORLANDO MAGIC. And then... COMING SOON... CSWA PRIMETIME. SOLD OUT. The camera pans down and shows TROY WINDHAM, sitting down, headphones draped around his neck, rocking Oakley shades, and a FACT! T-Shirt.)

TROY: Yeah-- I know that I don't have a scheduled match here at CSWA Primetime. And yeah, I know that there's probably a lot of dudes who will be here in Sunny EFF ELL AAA who want to come out here and mess me up and try and put me out. Butchuknow what? It ain't an official event unless myself, The Boy Troy, The King of All Media... the man called Mister CSWA himself shows up to once again seal the deal and once again steal the show. FACT! At Fish Fund, I made my mark. In Orlando, I'm going to break ground on my legacy. And NOBODY better get in my way because if you do, you're going to have marks go down on your permanent record! (FTB)

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