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Payne v Montgomery


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA

* Michael Montgomery RP for C04.

(A familiar scene as “The Magnificent” Michael Montgomery stands in front of a Cyberstrike banner. Despite the back-to-back losses, he is as confident as ever. His face says it all.)

MONTGOMERY: “Knock, knock are you there?”

(He peers around his shoulder and then the other.)

MONTGOMERY: “Paging Jason Payne, paging Jason Payne.”

(Montgomery cups his ear as if he is straining to hear a pin drop.)

MONTGOMERY: “Just as I expected. Jason Payne has left the building. Hell, he didn’t just leave. The trail of dust he kicked up as he sped away rained down on the Agganis Arena. You must be asking yourselves why would Jason Payne, the Dog of War, run with his tail tucked between his legs?”

(Montgomery stops to let the fans ask themselves this question.)

MONTGOMERY: “Because. Of. Me.”

(Montgomery holds his arms out in the air letting the camera capture his brilliance.)

MONTGOMERY: “Sure things haven’t worked out lately. Mr. Entertainment might have snuck by. But Jason Payne watched that match. He knows what the Magnificent One is capable of. So when the time came for him to step into the ring with me, he did the one thing he does best. He fled.”

(Montgomery shrugs.)

MONTGOMERY: “Not that I can blame him. If I were as devoid of wrestling ability as the Dog of Bore, I’d run, too. But he can’t run forever. At Cyberstrike 04 he will be in that ring with me. And stuck within the confines of those four corners, Jason Payne is going to come face to face with his greatest fear. He is going to be outmatched by Michael Montgomery.”

(The Magnificent One stops again and studies the camera, his smile never wavering.)

MONTGOMERY: “He’s been a PCX champion. He’s been in the final three of the Battlebrawl rumble for two straighgt years. But he’s running. He’s a coward. And when I get him in the ring, I am going to prove to the world that Jason Payne is nothing more than an overhyped barbarian who couldn’t carry a championship, nevertheless the future of New ERA.”

(Montgomery shakes his head in disgust.)

MONTGOMERY: “I don’t know what to say, Payne. You’ve been MIA. And at Cyberstrike 04, you’re going to face Michael Montgomery, the Magnificent One. This will be your hearing at the Magnificent Tribunal. You have been charged. You will be convicted. And when I am done tossing your ass around the ring, you’re going to be discharged.”

(He turns his head slightly and looks up at the ceiling.)

MONTGOMERY: “And that, Jason, is a promise.”

(Montgomery shoots his look back to the camera and nods.)

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