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PCX Championship: Single Night Tourney - Doe v Corvin v Cane v Chaos


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the SINGLE NIGHT TOURNAMENT to crown a new PCX champion between TREVOR CANE, JOHN DOE, ASHE CORVIN and CHAOS at New ERA Destrucity II should be posted in this thread.

*This is a single night tournament. All four men will RP against each other in this thread. I will randomly draw two names to face off in the first match, the remaining two names face off in the second match. The winners of those matches will face off in the finals. The PRODIGY Classic Xtreme Championship is the prize.

* The FINALS of the Single Night Tournament will be a LADDER MATCH for the PCX Championship.

* For storyline purposes, this match is happening on the same day as EPW Aggression 50 and Sin City Showdown.

The RP Deadline is JANUARY 31 @ 11:59pm PST.

All angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com

... enjoy!

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL


Mc Carran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The terminal we are at is arrivals, American Airlines. We wait for two or three passengers as we spot John Doe exiting the plane and making is way down the hall, sunglasses, spiked hair chewing some gum and pushing people out of his way. A backpack on his one shoulder as he walks with a roll luggage. He stops infront of the camera and gives a short sigh then continues to walk.


Come on c-nt face, walk and talk, let’s go.

The camera nods a bit and follows John to a set of escalators that he gets on

A reunion of sorts, isn’t it? Back in the day one of use would have killed the other, now we have come back around full circle, and what is this I see, Trevor Cane, my very first opponent in New Era? You are in this tournament, my god, how predictable.

How did you survive this long with your sh-t wrestling and terrible promos, how ever did you last? And here you are in the same tournament as, I. Well, irony because wasn’t it us who first battled for a chance at the Television Title?

He steps of the escalator and begins to walk again.

A title I just came from attempting to win from that f-ckberry Cameron Cruise. Well, they world does spin on an axis, and what a wonderful spin this is.

Look, we even have included that one line ass Chaos, the man who couldn’t even defeat me with the assistance of Psycho. Well, isn’t this even better, Chaos a former champion and I a former Champion, both going toe to toe in a tournament for our former title.

Well, I am just tickled pink, I am so thrilled it makes me want to quit this place but what would be the fun in that?

Doe stops and crouches down to tie his shoe.

Chaos, you have been out of picture ever since you took a nose dive and lost to me, you have disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Don’t worry, people are only noticing because I have mentioned it. That’s how the world works don’t you know Chaos? They do things when I say they do, the lemmings of the world proclaiming to be free minds.

Off we go to the car rental area of the airport, following the signs.

Is your mind free Chaos? Did I release you from your imaginary world where you were a champion, the one and only champion? The one who said he is heading for greatness? Where are you now, Chaos?


Trevor Cane, The Messenger, that signal has been out of service for some time, the message was never delivered.

And who is this? This new comer to the world of New Era? Ashe Corvin? Welcome, welcome to our little wonderland, there is no rabbit and no mushrooms, no pretty colors and no Queen of Hearts. This wonderland is one of pain and suffering, you are in a match for the most extreme belt in New Era History.

Dear lord, whatever can we expect from this ever so dangerous match?

Found it.

Oh so very simple, victory streamlined by one athlete that has always shown promise at the end of the rainbow, and yes there is gold at that end of the rainbow. It is for me, and me alone that gold. While you three gather what little thoughts you have on how you plan to advance at Destrucity just remember…

I always am the favorite in the eyes of myself, and because of that I always succeed when I REALLY want to.
Enjoy the time you have pretending you amounted to something in you careers when you step foot into our little tournament.

Because it won’t last long.

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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(The camera opens high atop the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Nevada. In his private box Chaos stand hands leaning on the railing as he looks down from the tallest point in the city. In the dark Vegas is a bright shiny jewel a far contrast from the daytime, He smiles and sits down at large glass table. He tips the water as he drops a bottle off with a bucket of ice and sits down to relax. His attention is drawn away as the last of the tourist take a trip on The Big Shot and are rocket high above the city. He smiles and turns to the camera as he pours himself a drink)

Chaos: You know I almost have to laugh, Tough talking John Doe has landed in Vegas and he thinks he's going to own the place,

(He shakes his head)

Chaos: Look at you John....you want to know were I've been...I've been right here...the city that I call home. My city John....were there isn't a doorman, concierge, stripper or VIP host that I don't know. I'm a successful business man....Legendary cooler at some of the most famous bars in the world, and I've down my fair share of private security for every man that sits in an office and looks out at the very same lights you can see below. You think of me as just a wrestler, but I've always had allot more going on.

(He takes a drink from his glass and nods)

Chaos: Then there's you John Doe, flying coach, running through airports looking for his rental car, and hoping he can find the local Motel 8 or Ho Jo's. Were is the private jet that I always take. Were's the well dressed man holding a John Doe sign? As usual the talk never matches the real picture....with you John a picture isn't quite worth a million words, but you can bet whatever you do say will be complete and utter BULLSH*T!!!!

(He puts his glass down and stands walking towards the railing)

Chaos: I mean just listen to you John...boasting of your own failure in one sentence and then trying to put fear in all of us in the next. What a clown....were's that TV Title John? Oh yeah that's right you were only attempting to win that belt, but here now Destrucity II....you expect all of us to quake in our boots because John Doe...REALLY WANTS IT NOW!!!!

(He laughs loudly)

Chaos: I guess you didn't really want that TV title then did you John? But now, the PCX Title....you really want that don't you John? Why?...why John?....what meaning does it have John? What makes you desire that belt so bad? Who gave it such a legacy of violence that you yourself call it the most extreme belt in New Era history...I know the answer to that question, I doubt you'll admit it to yourself....you have a hard time doing things like that John....don't you?

(He let's out a quiet chuckle as he pours another drink)

Chaos: Well I don't John...I can admit that the last time we meet you walked away the the winner. Now how that happened and why that happened is open to debate. Yet I know this, if you think my own brother would for no reason interfere in my match on the same weekend he had a World Title match with Felix Red....well your an idiot. But I can see you already firmly believe that. Also if you think you got one over on me then maybe you did, but what did you really win John? Did you take a title from me, did you stop me from getting what I wanted? Do you accomplish anything at all John?

(He smiles wide and tips his glass towards the camera)

Chaos: Nope...Krusher is gone....proving I was right John....he didn't have what it took to be PCX Champion. I've got a shot at the belt....some might even say MY belt, but nevertheless, I got a shot and is that not what I wanted John? So yeah...you needed someone to run a truck into the ring in order to get one small victory over me, but despite all that John I still come out the winner accomplishing all of that while being on vacation. What have you been doing for those three months John? what running from airport to airport. rental car to rental car? trying your very best to make it, but yet here we both are same time...same place me getting ever thing I wanted and didn't have to lift a finger. I wonder of you'll figure any of this out John?

(He laughs loudly)

Chaos: No...no you won't, why because your a John Doe....and what is a John Doe...a John Doe is nobody. Yet here in Vegas John....oh I'm much more the somebody...here John... I am King...I am Legend....I am for the forth time PCX Champion.

(He puts his drink back down)

Chaos: Hey but you not the only nobody here are you John...we got Trevor Cane. A man who when we last meet I left a bloody mess in a pool of shattered glass and he didn't so much as say word one about it, much less come looking for me.

(He shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: I'm not even sure who Ashe Corvin is, but I know he's never stepped into a spectrum of violence like this. Only one of us has and only one of us will once again be champion. So get ready boys because that title was mine once before

(The camera zooms and he again tips his glass as he smiles wide)

Chaos: and it will be for the forth time. This is my city...and at Destrucity II...I'll own any man that steps into the ring with me. That PCX Title will be MINE....once again.

(He turns and looks down at the city below him)

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Jan 11, 2006
Cape Cod
(The camera cuts to a small child playing jacks along the stairs. Bounce, swipe, bounce. Perfect. The child smiles as he beats himself. A shadow looms over him and he looks up. The camera turns and “Total Carnage” Trevor Cane is stopped.)

CHILD: Ya need something?

(The kid starts putting the jacks down on the ground again. Trevor looks over at him.)

CANE: What?

(Cane wasn’t listening. The kid bounces the red ball off the ground and looks up at Trevor.)

CHILD: I said do ya need something?

(Cane looks at the kid, trying to figure out what he means.)


(The kid looks back down and bounces the ball. Bounce, swipe, bounce. Ah damn. One left. Grasping the ball the kid doesn’t look up again.)

CHILD: Can you move then? You’re blocking the sun and I can’t win if I can’t see.

(Cane cocks his head, then complies.)

CANE: So here we are, fellas. Once more. John Doe, Chaos. Names I am familiar with, yes? New Era has to mix things up so they throw in someone I’ve never heard of before. Ashe Corvin.

(He stops walking and leans against a beat up Ford Escort.)

CANE: Apparently the job I was asked to do to make our PCX champion look good turned out to be all for naught. Three months later and the guy bounces.

(He looks back down the street.)

CANE: Like that red ball. But Krusher never came back. So we’re here in Las Vegas fighting for the title.

(He nods.)

CANE: Oh John. Things have changed so much since 2004. I’m bigger. I’m stronger. I’m not the man you faced in that tournament. If you prepare to face him, well, let’s just say that’s not a very good idea, huh?

(Cane looks back at the car he’s leaning on. It is dirty, almost too dirty. He stands straight and wipes himself down.)

CANE: Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. You have been the PCX champion three times. Which means you have also lost that title three times. You come out here and chastise Doe for trying to strike fear into us after his loss in the Television title match.

(He looks directly into the camera.)

CANE: Those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

(He absentmindedly leans back on the car.)

CANE: So this single night tournament. If I got this right, there may be a chance where I might not even get the chance to face either of you, right? I could get Chaos. I could get John Doe. I could get Ashe Corvin in the first match. Chaos or Doe could lose their first round match. In the finals I could be facing Ashe Corvin.

(He puts his hands on the hood.)

CANE: So all this talk about how you’re going to go to epic proportions to get the title back, may never come?

(He looks down at his hands and grunts. He stands up again and wipes his hands and the back of his jeans.)

CANE: As for you, Corvin? I’m sure you got some sort of skills. But let me let you in on something. Drop the act. I tried the whole “I’ll save the world with my message” bit. Until I realized that I was the guilty one. Crock of horse ****.

(He begins to walk.)

CANE: But do I really need to reiterate? Welcome to the show. The big show. You may or may not get to the finals. But are you prepared for the road it is going to take to get there?

(He reaches a corner and stops.)

CANE: Destrucity will be the test. Total Carnage is the answer.

(The camera fades out.)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
You Both, Just Fail.


John Doe Destrucity II backdrop, he is holding his head as though he has a migraine. John reaches in his pocket to grab a bottle of Advil, the official sponsor of Destructity don’t you know! He pops a few bells and grabs the water bottle that sits on the stool next to him to wash them down. He grunts a bit trying to add everything together, a major migraine indeed.


Let us start at square one, everyone in this match thinks in their minds they are going to win. I said it now I will repeat it, everyone THINKS they can. They believe they are the little engine that could.

In this case, that little engine was in a crash course with a wrecking ball, I am that wrecking ball, you three are that train.

I want to take the time and address each one of you, Trevor and Chaos.

Trevor, you are first.

Now, for so many years you have been the back burner of this company. A person no one even cared about, you are like a pimple we can’t pop. That is Trevor Cane.

While you stand there and take orders from children remember the fact I am the only one in this match that has moved UP in the ranks, I at least have wrestled for HIGHER titles than this one, I may have lost those matches, but AT LEAST I got there.

What have you three f-cktards done? Especially you Cane? Sat in the mid-cards and laid out on your back waiting to be feed an opportunity?

Well congratulations Trevor you have done NOTHING and came out in a tournament and you THINK you are going into the finals?

Wake up, smell the coffee.

You are the one who had to rearrange his moniker because it was a crock of horse sh-t, you think that becoming Total Carnage is any better? You failed at The Messenger and you LACK any sort of Carnage, you haven’t don sh-t.

You are NOT a threat, you are a fly on paper, you roll around praying to survive. Ashe Corvin is a bigger threat than you are.

You say you are stronger; you lack to prove it in the ring. You say you are bigger, Trevor? I suppose people can have random growth spurts in their mid thirties.

Just stay out of this Trevor, let the men talk; go back to talking with your children.

As for you Chaos.

You, take pride in being a part of Sin City. Great happy for you, I am asking you WHERE THE F-CK HAVE YOU BEEN?

I don’t care that you are a businessman, I just find it so odd you haven’t shown your ugly mug in this promotion ever since you LOST TO ME. Remember that? Or have you had Amnesia?

So, here we go, John Doe and Chaos..again. AGAIN.

You talk about being a legendary cooler, great happy for you Patrick Swayze this isn’t Road House. You think simply because you are some businessman on the side that constitutes a reason why you haven’t been wrestling?

Don’t make the same mistake like you did last time, Mr. Contradiction.

Flying coach? You lost your mind Chaos, look at the film again, I am like the FOURTH person out of that plane. I fly FIRST CLASS. And New Era pays for it, I don’t have to. But that’s a different story, we aren’t here to talk expenses we are here to talk about how I am going to kick your ass again and set you down for another three count.

But whatever I say is bull**** right Chaos? Just like the last time I said I am going to BEAT YOU. And I did, was that bullsh-t? No, it was reality, it HAPPENED. I don’t need private jets, limo services in order to beat you, you lack to understand that.

Using all of those luxuries really doesn’t make YOU a better wrestler, Chaos. It just gives off a, how did you say it? Bullsh-t picture.

Fear? What is with you and Trevor in this FEAR idea? I don’t need to make you fear me.

Let’s get it straight now Chaos, Cameron Cruise is an ACE wrestler, you COULDN’T hang with the likes of him.

As much as it KILLS me to say that, I need to so you GET THE POINT. You are a tool, I need to paint a picture for the retard. Like I said he is an ACE wrestler, you wouldn’t be able to hang with him. Now that enters a new world about how you couldn’t even put up a match like me and Cameron had.

But have you seen something, Chaos? Every match I go into is an EPIC battle, yours, well, you have nothing since losing to me.

So, don’t come around with this crap about me REALLY WANTING IT NOW!


It just so happens I am in a match for this title, and you two f-cks are in it too. Two f-cks I ALREADY BEAT.

Now, Chaos, I want you to stop avoiding the question, how do you expect to WIN THIS MATCH, when you FAILED to win against me WITH the help of Psycho?

Suddenly, you can? Why, because some title is on the line you automatically become Mighty Mouse? That PCX title means sh-t to me, I am only going in this match to keep it away from you so you can cry about it some more like some little b-tch, Chaos.

You spoke about legacy of violence, I accepted your little hardcore game, I wrestled in your home Mr. Extreme.

And you lost at your own little game, how does that make sense. Oh yeah, because I am BETTER THAN YOU.

Are you serious? You trying to pretend that the man that interfered in that match WASN’T Psycho? STOP! Camera man, can you roll back footage?!

Roll it!

(The camera cut to the truck and wouldn’t you know it, Chaos’ brother Psycho is sitting in the driver’s seat. Psycho drove the truck to the ring … make that… THROUGH the ring! Psycho crashed the Home Depot truck through the ring and caused half the ring to collapse!! Psycho hopped out of the truck and hightailed it up the ramp before the officials had a chance to rush down and get him.)

Oh-Em-Gee. That is Psycho…you see that Chaos, THAT IS PSYCHO! Now, please you were saying about how your own brother wouldn’t interfere because he had a match against Felix Red? And look your brother even drove the truck I jumped off of to pin you with to the ring.

Where do you get you delusions Chaos? Are you honestly telling me you don’t believe that is your brother, dude, man, you need help. You want to make up things to pretend they didn’t happen? It’s not an OPEN DEBATE, your BROTHER drove a truck to the ring, I got on TOP of it and did a 450 splash on you, I won.

There is no DEBATE needed.

Also, did I take a title from you? Chaos…you have NO TITLE. How can I take one from you? And did I accomplish anything? Uh…yeah…I beat you after you claimed I wouldn’t. I stopped you from getting something you wanted, a victory, you were shut the f-ck down. Just like you will be shut down this week.

Let’s get sh-t straight Chaos you are out of your mind and league. Krusher is gone because WFW is gone. Krusher is a part of THAT class, he didn’t leave because he didn’t have what it took to be PCX champ, he left because he was under WFW contract.

Not your belt Chaos, an OPEN belt, and a belt I am fighting for too. The funny thing about it is that your brother drove that truck to the ring, like hell I was expecting that, and it was no SMALL victory. You have not become a victor in any of this. The suits, they feel bad for you Chaos, they PITY you. Therefore, they throw you in a match to make you feel good.

They don’t want you to quit and go back to being the cooler.

What have I been doing for three months? Let’s see wrestling. You know my JOB, my passion, the thing I am good at and the thing you lack to be successful at, but you are in Vegas now Chaos, suddenly you will become something BIGGER.

Doubt it.

You will still be a chump pretending to be a big star.

Just another reason you won’t walk out with a belt.

Just, accept it.



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Jan 22, 2010
The Arrival

<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> </style> “Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.” -Malcolm X, 1965. US black nationalist leader (1925 - 1965)

Darkness, total and complete; silence, perfect and encompassing; these are the sight and sound sensory inputs to Ashe. The cold marble makes his skin erupt into goose bumps and the air helps to accentuate them.

Ashe slowly opens his eyes and as he does light fills the small room he is in. His breathing is slow and methodic, symbolizing that he was recently meditating. He closes his eyes again and as he slowly opens them, Qordis appears before him.

“I see you are meditating my young one. I hope you can focus your rage well enough this Sunday. I am here to help you with that.”

“Yes, my master.”

“Now I will be imparting my wisdom onto you. It will come in a form that is not normal for me. But I want you to find my teachings in the fables I am going to recite to you.”

“Yes, my Master.”

Ashe stays knelt before Qordis and he starts to pace. He looks down at Ashe and takes a deep rattling breath.

“A man came into a forest and asked the Trees to provide him a handle for his axe. The Trees consented to his request and gave him a young ash-tree. No sooner had the man fitted a new handle to his axe from it, than he began to use it and quickly felled with his strokes the noblest giants of the forest. An old oak, lamenting when too late the destruction of his companions, said to a neighboring cedar, ‘The first step has lost us all. If we had not given up the rights of the ash, we might yet have retained our own privileges and have stood for ages.’

Now, what was the lesson there Ashe?”

Ashe takes a few moments contemplating. “Anyone who gives their opposition the means to destroy them is a fool and deserves what they get.”

“Good, good. You are advancing far faster than I could have ever hoped. Now, on to the second one.

Two Pots had been left on the bank of a river, one of brass, and one of earthenware. When the tide rose they both floated off down the stream. Now the earthenware pot tried its best to keep aloof from the brass one, which cried out: ‘Fear nothing, friend, I will not strike you.’

‘But I may come in contact with you,’ said the other, ‘if I come too close; and whether I hit you, or you hit me, I shall suffer for it.’ ”

Ashe smiles and answers quickly. “Those who are weak and frail should not keep friends who are strong and stout.”

“Yes, yes, very good. A Wild Donkey and a Lion entered into an alliance so that they might capture the beasts of the forest with greater ease. The Lion agreed to assist the Wild donkey with his strength, while the Wild donkey gave the Lion the benefit of his greater speed. When they had taken as many beasts as their necessities required, the Lion undertook to distribute the prey, and for this purpose divided it into three shares. ‘I will take the first share,’ he said, ‘because I am King: and the second share, as a partner with you in the chase: and the third share believe me will be a source of great evil to you, unless you willingly resign it to me, and set off as fast as you can.’ ”

“Those who have power and might are always in the right.” Ashe gins wickedly as he responds.

No response from Qordis this time, just another fable. “A Wolf had been gorging on an animal he had killed, when suddenly a small bone in the meat stuck in his throat and he could not swallow it. He soon felt terrible pain in his throat, and ran up and down groaning and groaning and seeking for something to relieve the pain. He tried to induce every one he met to remove the bone. ‘I would give anything,’ said he, ‘if you would take it out.’At last the Crane agreed to try, and told the Wolf to lie on his side and open his jaws as wide as he could. Then the Crane put its long neck down the Wolf's throat, and with its beak loosened the bone, till at last it got it out.

‘Will you kindly give me the reward you promised?’ said the Crane.

The Wolf grinned and showed his teeth and said: ‘Be content. You have put your head inside a Wolf's mouth and taken it out again in safety; that ought to be reward enough for you.’ ”

“Those who are greedy cannot also be given to gratitude.”

“An Ant nimbly running about in the sunshine in search of food came across a Chrysalis that was very near its time of change. The Chrysalis moved its tail, and thus attracted the attention of the Ant, who then saw for the first time that it was alive. ‘Poor, pitiable animal!’ cried the Ant disdainfully. ‘What a sad fate is yours! While I can run hither and thither, at my pleasure, and, if I wish, ascend the tallest tree, you lie imprisoned here in your shell, with power only to move a joint or two of your scaly tail.’ The Chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply. A few days after, when the Ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had become of its contents, he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a beautiful Butterfly. ‘Behold in me,’ said the Butterfly, ‘your much-pitied friend! Boast now of your powers to run and climb as long as you can get me to listen.’ So saying, the Butterfly rose in the air, and, borne along and aloft on the summer breeze, was soon lost to the sight of the Ant forever.”

“One is not always what they appear to be.”

“A Donkey and a Rooster were in a straw-yard together when a Lion, desperate from hunger, approached the spot. He was about to spring upon the Donkey, when the Rooster (to the sound of whose voice the Lion, it is said, has a singular aversion) crowed loudly, and the Lion fled away as fast as he could. The Donkey, observing his trepidation at the mere crowing of a Rooster summoned courage to attack him, and galloped after him for that purpose. He had run no long distance, when the Lion, turning about, seized him and tore him to pieces.”

Misplaced confidence oft leads to peril.”

“Good, good, that is enough for today. I believe that you are focused efficiently. Now I want you to go to Lucedio Abbey, it is near Trino, in the province of Vercelli in Northern Italy. It is rumored that the monks who worshiped there turn from their weak god and housed evil power and spirits. I want you to draw out that power and use it on Sunday.”

“Yes, My Master.” Qordis disappears and Ashe slowly gets to his feet.

Ashe is seen walking though the darkened halls of an old stone building. He comes to a staircase and starts to descend it. Water can be heard dripping along the walls somewhere down below. He comes to a landing and steps out to see a ring of mummified corpses. Ashe chuckles as he walks around the circle. He walks up to the center of the group of bodies and sits on the edge of the open well.

Necklace of fingers and
Bracelet of teeth
Pictures in blood and
Such very lovely meat
Bloody stumps can't cover
Eyes that aren't there
Privates burned until
There's no more hair
Turning and burning and cutting right through
Breaking and smashing bad boys and bad girls
Screaming and peeing and thrashing about
No one can hear you no matter how loud you shout”

A dark red light surrounds Ashe and then slowly fades. He closes his eyes and seems to be reveling in some enjoyable feeling.

“Well, here we have it don't we? I am in a one night tournament for the PCX Championship in New Era Wrestling. Looks like someone in their head office has more than half a brain. At least they realize that I am that damn good. That I can bring in the ratings that bring the big bucks.

“Now, where do I start on the list of morons and imbeciles in this tournament with me? Well, how about the one that has actually shown his face and blab on and on about how great he is. John Doe, Mister no one himself. For have the name of every unknown person in the WORLD you are pretty full of yourself. We get it, you were a FORMER PCX champion. Good for you, former champion means you lost it. Means someone out there was, guess what, better than you. And look at this, at Destrucity 2 you will see another person who is better than you. Were you have only claimed some low grade hardcore style title I have sat at the top. I have been Top dog in every federation I have been in. This tournament is just the first step on my way up the ladder to the top. John Doe, I hope I get you in the first round. That way I can deny you the one thing you want.

“Next we have Chaos. The self proclaimed 'Mr. Las Vegas.' Well son, you can go ahead and think that you have anything to do with that city. I have friends who have been born and raised there and own more of it in many, MANY ways that you could only dream of. You can think that you know what hardcore is, you can think that you got everything under control. But in reality you are just a sad little man. I have been in matches that would make you feint. I have been in barbed wire cage matches, Triple cage matches, and the most violent and trying match I have ever been in, a House of Fire match. Want to see it? Go get the Best of XWE DVD its on there, trust me. Hell I got this scar.” Ashe strokes a small scar on his right cheek. “From a nail driven through a baseball bat. So go on and continue to spout off about how 'hardcore' and 'sadistic' you are, it's quite amusing.

“Now, Trent Cane. Who in the hell said I am trying to spout off some 'go find god and you will be saved' message? You reading the right stuff out there about me? I mean did I have anything like that in my past? Well, I guess you could say so, but ever since I tasted success and was the World Champion in a federation until the day I retired from it I could have cared less. I'm out for one thing and one thing only... ME! You will find out soon what I am capable of. I hope that you get to witness first hand the torment and pain I can dish out. I got what it takes and then some Cane. Hell I would rather run through all three of you pieces of **** in a gauntlet match than just one regular match followed by a ladder match.

“When I walk out of Destrucity the PCX champion you all are gonna see why, It ain’t luck!”

Ashe opens his eyes and the whites of them are a dark red. His irises are an orange yellow instead of their normal brown. They seem to flash with a red light as a wickedly evil grin crosses his face. Ashe chuckles and then drops out of site into the well.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Don't Arrive, Please, Go Back Where You Came From.


John Doe is sitting at a coffee shop in Vegas, relaxing, sunglasses, spiked hair Starbucks in his hand on his laptop. I think I even see a cigarette in an ash tray. Yes, it’s a cigarette! But we are focused on Doe, what he is doing, he is surfing the net on his free wi-fi. Although he is busy, he has enough time to address us that are not worthy to receive such words from him.


Plain and simple, thanks for taking your time and speaking out Ashe, I appreciate it. Its not every day I get to watch a conversation about meditation. You know what DOES happen almost every day Ashe? People, like yourself, thinking that their RAGE is going to bring them victory.

You and Chaos the tool, you both have something in common, you both have this idea that rage and anger will make you some supreme being. Easy there hulk, don’t turn green on me just yet. You are wrong.

I know, in the movies the guy gets mad, he beats up a ton of guys and goes on to being the best ever. Well, this isn’t fairy tale land, it doesn’t work like that. Life is not a movie, life is NOT fables. I really don’t’ mind watching you try and interpret your teachers fables, its entertaining.

But apparently that’s what you are, a good entertainer. You are great at just that, unfortunately this sport, it has no room for entertainers. It has room for athletes, it has room for good wrestlers, entertainers, nay.

But it’s okay Ashe, I will be happy to enlighten you on what we do here in New Era. In fact, I am more than WILLING to educate you. See, you aren’t the first person to try and attack my name, congratulations Ashe, you have entered a world of unoriginality.

Yes, shun the name! SHUN IT!

I have the same name as everyone else unknown, indeed I do. But how does my name connect to me being full of myself? Because I have a name given to people unknown I somehow, in your eyes, can’t be full of myself?

I lack to see the connection, Ashe.

Do you see a connection, Ashe? I think you were more cut out interpreting fables then attempting to shoot at me. Listen kid, I was a former champion, good lucky me. Someone beat me for the title, correct Ashe.


And guess what former top dog of some INDY league, CHAOS LOST TO ME, recently in fact. Oh my god, what a turn of events! So, top dog, alpha male, you lack to do your homework. I have matured in that ring, I have become a much more sound and perfected athlete. Or did you miss that when I told it to Chaos.

But being the top dog, aren’t you meant to do some homework? If you are so damn good, so much better, aren’t you meant to go on and make sure to dot your I’s and cross the T’s? But you haven’t, you tried to shoot at me with blanks.

The best part about it, you claim to be the top dog yet you can’t even listen to my simple words. I am not speaking in conundrums, Ashe. I make it plain as day so there is not mistakes when you hear my words. For you Ashe, I will repeat what I said less than 12 hours ago.


It just so happens I am in a match for this title, and you two f-cks are in it too. Two f-cks I ALREADY BEAT.

I don’t care for this title, I don’t’ want it, I have my eye set at a rematch for Cameron Cruise I was tossed in this because he is booked with Erik Black. That’s the turn of events, that is the reason. But I don’t need to explain that to you top dog.

Wait, I will explain it. I don't want the title, after I beat you or who ever I get in the first round, THEN beat another man in a ladder match I will gladly accept it, I don't want it, but I will take the hand out. I like TO WIN. And I do it often, especially when it's against mediocre athletes like Trevor Cane and Chaos, and now you.

Welcome to New Era, you are no longer the top dog, Ashe, you are no one, bottom of the barrel, just like Trevor Cane! But, I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to give you a whip the dog session.

If I was YOU I wouldn’t wish for me in the first round, you want to impress the suits a little bit on your debut, I will just shut you down too quick, so quick you may even run off to your low grade promotion you came from.

I hate people like you, Ashe. People who think because they wrestled some yarders, some two bit f-cks and had a world title in some SHAM of a league they are owed something. That because you wrestled in a league no one knows about and has NEVER heard of that you are some class competitor that we should all respect.

Honestly I never heard of XWE or VCW, I only heard of them because I read your bio. They are nothing, they mean NOTHING.

If they are top grade, we would KNOW them. A1E, top class. EPW, top class. CSWA, TOP ,way top class. VCW, sh-t in a toilet, never heard of it. WAIT! I found it here on my laptop, you mean this VCW? This place that looks like they ripped pictures of stars and female mixed martial arts competitors and claims it is their wrestlers?


Well, that doesn’t surprise me…not one bit.

You go on be top dog at your failsauce VCW, I will continue to stream line New Era, like I have been doing since 2004, you know where the competition REALLY is. Now you get to roll around with the big boys for the first time in your LIFE, Ashe.

Just don’t be like others and b-tch when it gets sour.

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Re: Don't Arrive, Please, Go Back Where You Came From.

(The camera opens in the back office of the Double Down Saloon. Behind a large wooden desk sits the smiling face of Chaos. He signs his signature to some paperwork and folds his hands and thought for a moment. He sighs loudly before speaking)

Chaos: John Doe...John Doe....you really do amuse me. Now that your in my town...I really wish you could have gone to The Star Trek Experience. Your sort of the Anti-Spock you never let facts get in the way of your own internal logic. After all if it doesn't make you look good then it never happened, but I'm going to try and let you in on a few facts today John, much liked I tried to before, just please this time....think before you speak. I know it's asking allot, and it's probably against your own nature, but John it will make you a better man. Something you clearly don't have a problem thinking you already are...so here goes...

(He holds up one finger)

Chaos: Fact 1, you asked me where I was and I told you....I came home John. I own property, business, have friends and family here. I came home and before I got back into the ring WFW: New Era went to hell. Something that if you were paying attention you would have seen coming. The ego's were just to great....a merger like that hardly ever works in any business, it was just a matter of time before things fell apart...so excuse me for not being in a hurry to swim back to the Titanic.

(He raises another finger)

Chaos: Fact 2, I never said all those luxuries made me a better wrestler did I John? I just pointed out that you are running through air ports and chasing rental cars....while I'm not. Doesn't make either one of us a better wrestler, but it does point out that clearly one if us can afford to travel better then the other. It's a critique of your lifestyle John....not your skills in the ring...there's plenty of jokes I can make about that

(He starts to raise his middle with the other two and smiles)

Chaos: Nah...that's just two easy. Fact 3....YOUR the one who said that you always succeed when you really want to....NOT ME!!! So how am I not to assume that when you didn't win the TV it clearly was because you didn't want it. Ah, but since I called you on this you've come up with another excuse....Cameron Cruise is an ACE wrestler. Well again John something are open to debate and just because he outwrestled you...doesn't make him an ACE wrestler.

(He stands and comes around the front of the desk sitting on the edge)

Chaos: In fact John....you further make a fool of yourself by not doing a simple Google search....see unlike you I actually HAVE won that TV Title and the man I was in the ring with at the time Jean Rebesque, a man renown for his wrestling skills....just ask him. he'll tell yuo for days. In FACT John I've stepped in the ring with the likes of Dan Ryan, Larry Tact, Rebesque and Suicide...we've shared our wins and losses so please John...don't tell me I couldn't hang with a wrestler like them, because I have. most of those men have and would laugh if you challenged them.

(He pauses for a sec and smiles wide)

Chaos: But let's get to your real point of contention....that open debate. See John your so desperate for success that you don't want anything to rain on your parade. well I'm sorry, I'll admit AGAIN you did walk away the winner when we last meet...that's a fact. This is wrestling, matches are won and lost. Congrats John you won a match due to outside interference,,,clearly you humbled me in away that doesn't happen every night and arenas wherever wrestling takes place, clearly sir you are a true original

(The smiles fades)
But let's get to the real point on disagreement. See last night John I was hanging out backstage watching my friends Penn & Teller close their show. Teller picks up a gun, fires it at Penn's face who then opens to his mouth to reveal a bullet. Clearly in your world John...he caught that bullet right? Because you miss the obvious trick. Same thing concerning Psycho. You do know who he is don't you?

(He reaches behind him and pulls out a familiar mask with the infamous ? on it)

Chaos: See you played the tape John, but you didn't watch...because I see a MASKED man, but that's not my brother. Why John...it doesn't make any sense, on the weekend of a match for the WFW World title he take's time out to interfere with my match? i know you and the world title scene aren't exactly on speaking terms, but you just don't go running around the country with that much at stake....plus John for further proof that it wasn't him....well it's quite simple....HE'S MY BROTHER!!!! Why didn't he come in the ring and break up the count? Why didn't he just run down to ringside and help me double-team you into oblivion after all....it's anything goes. No John you didn't use simple logic....did it every occur to you that somebody might want to cause me to lose that match? So they dressed in a mask you could buy for a souvenir and hoped in a truck Think about it John...hell even you had a motive for that.

(He takes a deep breath and exhales loudly)

Chaos: I could go on and further explain were your wrong John, like Krusher had a contract...he walked and I was owed a rematch no pity needed, but after awhile the facts are just to far in my favor Besides your not the only man in this tournament....hell we might not even face each other in the ring...so your desire to cost me the title is just another one of your pathetic excuses.

(He stands and cracks his knuckles)

Chaos: Now we have you Trevor Cane....as I said I'm looking forward to meeting you. After all I kinda spoiled your last chance at the PCX Title. I'd apologize for that, but I'm really not sorry. Yes it's true I've been defeated for that title three times, but that doesn't change the fact I've won it three times

(He points at the camera)

Chaos: Three more then you....hell more times then any of you

(He sarcastically yawns and stretches)

Chaos: Then we got you Ashe Corvin....Let me ask you something Ashe? Are you in need of a Master? Do you need someone to give you guidance and wisdom to make your way in this world? Are you seeking enlightenment and knowledge....or are you just boring us to tears? Look I don't care how much of a Star Wars fan you are...Qordis won't be there to help you once the bell rings and you not going to be able to search for THE FORCE very well when I split your head open. That's IF we should meet in the ring.

(He leans forward and stares coldly into the camera)

Chaos: because since you clearly don't know me very well I hope I can give you a very personal lesson and what 7-Foot Extreme is ALL about.

(He looks at his watch)

Chaos: But gentlemen the match is still a few days away and this is Vegas. John Doe has to tell us how great he is....Trevor Cane has to grow a spine and Ashe....well Ashe....you don't fall victim to the darkside before out match starts....as for me...I got a table at the Spearmint Rhino...I invite you all to join, but remember

(He winks at the camera and laughs)

Chaos: Only locals get in for free....


John Doe

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Oh Dear God.....


MGM Grand Casino, John Doe is enjoying himself at a private Baccarat table, he has a good sized stack of chips as he is leaning back in his chair. He smiles a bit a tooth pick in his mouth hair spiked like always, dress shirt and jeans, looking fly, always does. He nods at the camera, grabs his whiskey sour and takes a nice drink of it.


I love it, I love when you come out on the promo shoots Chaos, LOVE IT! Its like, watching a fish flop on land trying to breath, it's painful, but somehow you just have to watch it. *Here's the thing Chaos, and I love addressing you because you make it EASY. I have no problem speaking the truth, in fact, I love to do so. If it makes me look bad, if It hampers my goal, I will say it. Hence why I gave Cameron Cruise his props.

Now, I want to go piece by piece with you Chaos, I want to walk you through each "fact" you gave me. Let's start, fact one, I asked you where you were, NOT what you have been doing. If you want to get technical I CAN, and I WILL. WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN WRESTLING. You want to be champion right? You say you have what it takes to be the best? Yet, you lack to show your face in New Era for three months.

Three months and the owners DIDN'T WANT TO BOOK YOU. Not because you are out doing business and circle jerking with friends, but because you botch this industry. Now, do I care that WFW and New Era split? No. It means nothing to me. So in that three months your excuse for not showing your face around these parts, not even a WORD from you, no promos, no matches, not even dark matches, and your excuses is business?

Like I said, that is not fact, that is an excuse.

Fact two, I never quoted you as to saying luxuries make you a better wrestler. I never stated those words left your mouth, the point of reference was that I don't need those items. You preach to pay attention, that it makes me a better man, you lack to do such sir. In fact I said that you are just giving off a bullsh-t, picture.

Point is, you critiquing my lifestyle isn't helping anything, it isn't making you a better wrestler, it isn't helping you train, it is pointless, it has NOTHING to do with you or me, I fly American Airlines you roll in a Learjet, who gives a f-ck? How does that have anything to do with this match?

Nothing. You are just saying things, just to say them.

Fact three, well, fact three is a matter to opinion Chaos, I am not even going to touch it, its like trying to debate abortion or religion. Cameron Cruise is ACE, Jean Rabesque, he is half assed, that's my opinion. So to combat that subject is to fight with sticks.

I have stepped in the ring with Christian Sands, Jonathan Marx, Troy Douglas, all class wrestlers, you dig? But you bring up beating Rabesque, Chaos, I beat you, you understand that concept? That I defeated you, you have a loss brought to you by me?

So you beat Rabesque, and I beat you, that's a non-facto victory over Jean. So put it together, the chain of events that is and we end up with Cameron Cruise is better than me, I am better than you, you are better than Rabesque, so on so forth, EVERYONE is better than Trevor Cane.

That make sense to you?

I hope it did, I tried to break it down as simple as I can.

Once again, thank you for the chance to walk you through things Chaos. I don't mind helping you out, giving you a hand so you are more in tune in what is going on in this world. I am not afraid to educate you, just like I educated Ashe Corvin.

Here is a point of education, I am glad you admit I won a match, but don't say you lost because of the truck. Let me explain something, even you understand. Hardcore matches, are unpredictable, it takes a certain class of wrestler to be able to win those matches, it's a chess game. You claim to be the best at this style of wrestling, yet you are willing enough to use an interference by Psycho as an excuse for your loss.

But the point is, at least you admitted to me winning.

You want to know the funny part, the part that is the ace kicker? You think I believe this world of wrestling is simply a parlor trick, you actually want to lower me down to a level where I will accept the most simple of explanations. Chaos, as much as you want to believe that is NOT your brother, as much excuses as you will use to make the world believe that isn't' Psycho.

It was. Same physique, same body language, everything exactly the same except he has a mask on. Chaos, why would a person randomly drive a truck to the ring? Explain that to me, I am being dead serious with you, no more side jokes, I want you to really concentrate on this.

Why would ANY ONE that has NO AFFILIATION to either one of us drive a truck into the ring during our match? For the fun of it? Think about what you are trying to claim, you are stating your brother would NOT assist you in a match to secure victory and it back fired.

You are attempting to say that a RANDOM person, out of the thin blue sky, drove that truck, and wore a mask to hide their identity. Does that seriously make any bit of sense to you Chaos? Honestly, does it? So a random person drove the truck, interesting.

I will just leave it at that, no need to make Psycho the focus of this, maybe we can have another random person dressed as your brother that has nothing to do with anyone push a ladder over. That would make sense.

I leave you with that Chaos, you go on and enjoy your time in Vegas, but don't get angry when I beat you in your hometown at Destrucity.

Glad we understand one another.



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Jan 11, 2006
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(Trevor Cane stands in front of a New Era Destrucity 2 backdrop.)

CANE: “John, John, John.”

(He stops. Cane stands there, looking into the camera, as the silence fills the airwaves.)

CANE: “Always so much to say, but he never listens.”

(Cane stops again.)

CANE: “He runs his mouth whenever he gets the opportunity. He rambles about anything and everything. Chaos comes out and Doe goes crazy. Flies into a fit of rage and decides to tell the world about it. Ashe Corvin meditates, and Doe goes into convulsions, flies into a fit of rage and decides to tell the world about it.”

(He smiles.)

CANE: “A pin drops, a dog barks in Timbuktu, a tree falls in a deserted forest. John Doe’s eyes glaze over and he has to show up on some television screen somewhere to talk about how he was oh so close to the Television title.”

(Cane points at the camera.)

CANE: “You.”

(He brings his finger down.)

CANE: “You, John Doe, cannot stand the silence. You, John Doe, have to keep the air from settling. So you, John Doe, come out, like one of those desperate reality celebrities from shows like the Jersey Shore, and whore yourself to any camera you can find.”

(He stops. Cane turns and looks back at the Destrucity 2 banner.)

CANE: “At the pay per view, John, you will have to step into the ring and do the one thing that you haven’t been able to do. Back those words up. You beat Chaos. Yes, I got that the first thirty five times you said that. Someone, Psycho or not, drove that truck into the ring. But Chaos has beaten you, hasn’t he? Cameron Cruise has beaten you. Now I’m not out here to defend Chaos, because in the end, he’s going down at Destrucity 2 as well.”

(He turns his back to the banner.)

CANE: “You have made it your mission to fill the television screens with your face. It is like watching the commercials for the upcoming news shows. At five p.m. they come on and tell you what is on the 11 o’clock news. At 5:15 they come on and repeat it. By 7:30 you have them down pat, saying their lines before they can. You’d think that with the amount of airtime you get, John, that you would at least try to come out with something you hadn’t said twenty times before.”

(Cane stops.)

CANE: “Maybe it is a side effect from you waking up in the hospital. Maybe that’s what put you in the hospital in the first place. Some guy out there couldn’t stand you repeating yourself over and over again so he clocked you one.”

(Cane smiles.)

CANE: “Chaos seems to think that by being the hometown boy, he has some certain advantages. Yes, I’ve faced Chaos before. He stopped me in my tracks. Like him, my schedule in the ill-fated WFW:NE was light. Things are different these days. With New Era back on track, and with everyone seemingly hungry again, these matches could get very, very ugly.”

(He brings his hands to his waist and mimics a belt around his waist.)

CANE: “The PCX title will be different, too. Krusher ran away. Doe claims that he didn’t. That he was signed to a “WFW” contract. As far as I understood, and as far as I know, I never signed a New Era or a WFW contract when I came back in June. My contract said “WFW:NE” on it. So as Doe vomited more and more things to fill the time, he tried to make excuses. I don’t deal with excuses. Destrucity 2, the PCX title will get the answer it was looking for. I didn’t have a growth spurt, John. I went to the gym and packed on the muscle. The PCX title needs someone whose body can handle the rigors of the division. Your twig body will break in two.”

(Cane looks again at the banner.)

CANE: “Ashe. I guess I was wrong about you. Aren’t we all wrong in our own ways, sometimes? I overshot and said some things that apparently were not true. You overshot, too. I understand that you have been a competitor in some other leagues. That you have been involved in some matches that would make normal men, men like John Doe for instance, squeamish. The real question is whether or not you can translate all that success here. Can you?”

(He stares into the camera.)

CANE: “Can you, Ashe?”


CANE: “Only one of us will come out of Destrucity 2 with the title. Corvin will return to his meditation, trying to figure out where he went wrong. Chaos will have to comfort himself among his friends Jim Bean and Johnny Walker.”

(Cane’s eyes reflect the overhead lighting causing them to gleam.)

CANE: “You, John Doe. You I’m sure will have a cameraman ready in the back to explain away all your miscalculations. You’ll spend every second you can wrench out of the poor guy to give off excuse after excuse as to why you failed to win another championship.”

(Cane turns away from the camera and begins to walk out of its shot.)

CANE: “Because you will fail to win another championship, John.”

(The camera fades out.)

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
And What?


John Doe, same outfit as before, this time a martini, gin, dirty. He is at a black jack table this time, way more chips than he had previously, MGM Grand of course, and he yawns. Polite enough to cover his mouth, he scratches his chin again shaking his head.


Wait, did you really just accuse me of a fit rage Trevor? I never once threw a fit, watch the tapes again, very carefully, where exactly do I throw a ft rage? Do you even know what a fit rage is, Trevor? I don’t think you actually do, I think you are creating things in that pea sized brain of yours.

I don’t blame you, if I didn’t have anything to go at I would make things up too! But we aren’t about to get into fit rages, dear lord lets prevent me from having so called fit rages.

Solution to preventing these imaginary fit rages: Don’t get on TV and try to shoot promos on sh-t you don’t know what you are talking about.

First Chaos makes up that his brother wasn’t at the ring and now you make up that I am having fit rages.

I honestly don’t know what to tell you Trevor, I really don’t. I am in a business called wrestling, I am required to make statements, I am required to shoot promos. Now, people, like you, who suffer at the bottom, who don’t excel, who strive for the bare minimum, that’s what they receive the bare minimum.

I on the other hand, I listen when the boss calls my iPhone and says “Hey, Trevor Cane cut a spot, a camera crew is being sent to you so you can respond.” I do it, not because I am a b-tch or a kiss ass, but because I like to.


It’s fun, I get a kick out of it.

Now, let’s talk about Desrucity. You are telling me that at Destrucity I need to step up in the ring and back up my words? All the while you have been eating curtain jerks and low grade matches, yet I need to back up my words.

Brother, I backed up my words the second I shot a promo, there isn’t much more backing I can do than win this match. Which I am GOING to do. I backed up my words with you in 2004, I backed them up with Chaos, how much more backing do I need?

You are telling ME I need to STEP up and back up my words? Where have you been? What title shots have you been getting? Who the f-ck is Trevor Cane?

How do I need to step up my wrestling and back up my words? Did you suddenly grow a pair of balls and learn to wrestle? Did Hornet take possession of your body and now you are a star athlete? If ANYONE in this match needs to step up their wrestling and back up their words, it is you, the end. I don’t need evidence as to why I am going to win, I put it out there, made it obvious.

You are out of this cycle of events Trevor, Chaos and I KNOW what was done at Raucous, WORDS were exchanged. He had beat me IN THE PAST, I beat him in the here and now. You understanding that concept?

Wrestlers improve over time, I have, you and Chaos on the other hand, you two are way off the line of improvement, you somehow got WORSE.

What you lack to grasp in all this Trevor is that I don’t make it my mission to get on these promos and poster my face around like Barrack Obama, I am on these screens to address you each individually, because I have a f-cking heart.

No, I don’t, I lied.

I come on these screens to tell you how damn stupid you are in the things you are saying. How they make no sense and how you look like a fool each time you attempt to prove some invalid point.

I try NOT to repeat myself Trevor, your concern is noted, but when you have a bunch of people who don’t get the picture the FIRST time you need to repeat it, it’s like training a dog, sit, sit, here’s a treat.

Except for you guys, there is no treat, it’s just pay the f-ck attention.

I don’t know how many times I need to address this, but I will address it to you, Trevor. I will make it plain as day, when WFW and New Era combined the rosters were added as one, your contract was to wrestle under the affiliate WFW: The New Era. Now, when the companies decided to split, WFW took their original roster, the one they entered with and New Era took theirs. King Krusher, HE was a part of WFW, and thus under contract with the WFW affiliation. WFW in turn is now NGEN, so Krusher has obligations to that company.

Yes Trevor when you RETURNED it was a WFW: New Era contract, but your original contract from 2004 is what decided which stars will go to which company during the split, maybe you missed that meeting?

Krusher didn’t run, he has a contract for WFW that he wanted to obligate to. That is not running that is keeping your commitments, there is a LARGE difference.

Hell, he had no reason TO run. He was a long standing PCX Champion, for almost six months, he had NO reason to run from any of you three.

Maybe me, but not Chaos, and surely not you, Trevor.

I mean you can sit in the gym all day and pack on that muscle, still isn’t good enough.

You keep thinking that because you got big and are now in the best shape ever you are suddenly going to crush me in two. No one has been able to do that to date, and they have threatened that MANY of times.

So, please, stop the generic meathead wrestler talk, at least say you are going to beat me because you are more technically sound, or that you have improved your ring rate.

The whole, I got bigger check out my muscles, that isn’t going to help you much when I am chain wrestling you to the point it looks like I am doing a training video. Now is it?

I didn’t think so. Go back to lifting your weights Trevor and getting huge, I will just shake my head in shame that this company still has you on the pay sheets.

At Destrucity, Trevor, if we meet, I am gonna f-ck you up worse than that earthquake f-cked up Haiti.

I promise.

And I never break a promise.

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Re: And What?

(Trevor Cane stands before the camera. Nothing in front of him, nothing in back of him.)

CANE: “What else was I to expect? I knew this would happen. Within two hours John Doe was back on the television screen, talking about the same old, same old. Chaos sucks, I suck, and John Doe is going to walk into Destrucity 2 and wipe us out. We’re dumb as dogs. Sit, stand, roll over. The problem comes, John, when you want us to play dead. “

(Cane shakes his head in disbelief.)

CANE: “We’re not going to roll over and play dead, John. No matter how many times you come out here and try to drive us into the ground with the same laborious shlt, we’re not going to bow to your needs.”

(Cane stops. His thoughts are racing through his mind.)

CANE: “You talk about how you beat me in 2004. You beat Chaos a few shows ago. You claim wrestlers improve over time, except when it comes to myself and Chaos. In other words, you are the only person in the business who has improved. I’m sorry, John, I just don’t buy it. Your mouth runs and runs and runs, but you can’t seem to control what comes out of it. You know nothing of what you talk about.”

(He stops and agrees with himself.)

CANE: “After all, you know nothing of what I have done, do you? Since New Era came back, as part of WFW:NE and now, I have a record of 1-1. But how could you know that, John? You just open your mouth without doing the research. How about you, John? You beat Chaos, sure. But you couldn’t get the job done against Cameron Cruise. You couldn’t come out on top in the Christmas lot brawl. You lost to Krusher and Tyler Houston with Peter File. Where’s File now, John? He beat the World Heavyweight champion. He is in the main event at Destrucity 2 for a chance at the title. So let’s do the math, John. Trevor Cane is 1-1. John Doe is..”

(Cane counts on his fingers.)

CANE: “1-2-1? Wow. That’s a stellar record for someone who is so much better than Chaos, Corvin and I, right?”

(He looks through the camera, almost questioning Doe.)

CANE: “So there we go. John Doe spits out lies and champions them as the Good Word itself. But John, you don’t just stop there, do you? You come out here and claim that it was Psycho out there in that match. Don’t you think Chaos would know if it was his own brother? Did you go in the back, lift up the mask and get Psycho’s information? Or maybe, through the haze and hallucinations, you want to believe it is Psycho. You are so full of yourself, addicted to seeing yourself on the television, that you come out just to dispute the fact that it was Psycho. Here’s the thing, John.”

(Cane glares.)

CANE: “I don’t think anyone really cares if it were Psycho or not. Sure, Chaos does, but only to put you in your place. But does that matter to you, John? No. All that matters to you is that in your mind, it was Psycho, and hey, you must be right.”

(Cane lifts up his right hand.)

CANE: “Then, in this hand, we have John Doe the corporate insider.”

(He looks puzzled.)

CANE: “How do you do it, John? How do you come out here and wrestle, then go into the back and manage the contracts of WFW:NE, and now New Era, wrestlers? Maybe that accounts for your less than stellar record, John.”

(He stops and agrees with himself again.)

CANE: “Yes, that must be it. How else would you know the contract situations of myself and Krusher.”

(The puzzled look returns.)

CANE: “Wait just a minute! Are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes, John? There was some sort of split contract? I was signed to a WFW:NE contract because I was a member of New Era? But Krusher, who was never in WFW, now NGEN as you so thoughtfully informed us on, was signed to a WFW contract? Does that make any sense to anyone but you, John?

(He smiles.)

CANE: “So, Krusher, who was never in WFW, never wrestled in a WFW event, who was brought into WFW:NE as a new wrestler for the new promotion, didn’t run because he was a part of WFW? Well, by golly gee, John, I think that makes..”

(His face goes cold.)

CANE: “No focking sense what so ever.”

(He stops, letting it sink in.)

CANE: “Listen, John. Cut the shlt. I’m sick of it and I’m sure our opponents in this match are sick of it. The next time you feel the need to go on television and open up that fly trap of yours, just go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.”

(He puts his hands out.)

CANE: “Please do that so maybe when you look yourself in the face, and mouth the words that you are going to say, you can see just how little sense it all makes.”

(He puts his hands down and shrugs.)

CANE: “Something tells me you won’t do that and you’ll be out here again within the next, oh, 3 hours, with even more nothings to say. John, soon your fifteen minutes will be up and after you fail again, when I’m having the PCX title strapped around my waist, I’ll make sure to look into the camera and say the most generic meathead thing I can think of.”

(The camera fades out.)


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Jan 1, 2000
Re: And What?

(It's about 9 PM on a cool night in Vegas as the tall figure of Chaos crosses one of the many bridges over the Strip and looks out over the city. He looks at the traffic go by and then turns to the camera)

Chaos: John...John...John....you just keep going. Like the energizer bunny you keep banging those symbols no matter how annoying the noise is.Even Cane and I are starting to agree. At this point who cares how you travel....well maybe you do. I made a simple joke to mock you and you've gone on and on about it. You know what...nobody cares John...except you. Yet again your at it. At one point telling me you don't care about the merger and the next your giving all of us a detailed business analysis of it? and an incorrect one as well. Krusher never wrestled in WFW, he came out of retirement Damn in your urge to spout off at every camera you find....you just don't really know what your saying?

(He stands and begins to slowly walk)

Chaos: You also keep going on and on about were was I? Were were you Chaos....why were you not in the ring? Let me ask you something John, do you think just because you talk allot that I owe you a damn thing? I don't need to explain myself to you? But one last time....just for you John. Because you seem to really need this answer....I'll tell you AGAIN John.,...I was here, working on business.

(He snaps his fingers)

Chaos: Yet....EVEN if that isn't enough Little John...I'll explain further...let time ask you did you see Krusher wrestling. Don't see you asking we he was.? See unlike you John I really want the PCX title back. But it's kinda hard to do when the champion is nowhere to be found, You say Krusher left, but the truth is he never had it in him to be PCX champion. He didn't defend the belt like it should have been. He didn't want to be hardcore....he was just some old man who came out of retirement, woke up one morning and suddenly has a great excuse to no longer defend a belt he wasn't defending. So he left, If Krusher had been defending that title...rest your weary head I'd have been there. Does that answer your question? What color crayon what you like me to write it down with for you?

(He pauses at the elevator and waits for the people to exit before entering)

Chaos: But wait....that's still not enough is it....once again...I'll say it, yes John in our last meeting you were victorious. Congrats,or are you so insecure that you need that one little fact, that one meaningless match validated over and over. Look I understand you don't have a whole lot of success in wrestling, but come on John...let it go. Besides, in the past I've beaten you for a title so clearly using your own logic, that makes me a much better wrestler right? Because after all they are only great wrestlers if they've been in the ring with you?...not me right? But I've beaten you, yet I'm just a scrub, how does that all work John...maybe you can waste some more of our time and explain....not just the business of wrestling to us...but how you set the bar for great wrestling. However I've beaten you...so I'm above that bar right?

(He shakes his head to block out Doe's confusion)

Chaos: Ah, but that's STILL not enough for you is it John? No your still going on about that masked man. Tell you what John I'm going to give you the final word to shut you up on this matter. Watch that film again....watch really closely...watch the man exit the vehicle, because I did....watch and look at his left hand as he exits the vehicle....there's no scar on the back of his hand...and he's missing a crooked finger. Watch a Psycho promo John...he points that crooked finger at everybody....and I should know all about that crooked finger John....

(He laughs out loud)

Chaos: Because I broke it. So enough John...let it go...I know who my own brother is a hell of a lot better then you. Even Cane admits that and I booted that guy though a piece of glass once. As for who that might have been John...well I've pissed off allot of people. Could have been one of Krusher's students...could have been someone Trevor Cane put up, or John....it could have even been you. After all you gained the most from it....and your the guy who keeps going on about it.IT's almost like your bragging....nah not the great John Doe....

(He pauses at the crosswalk and continues down the strip)

Chaos: See John...Trevor is right...we are all tired of hearing about the tiny little things you've done in your career. Why don't you focus, not on every little word I say and take in the big picture. Because in a few days the four of us will battle for a title that I think only one of us really wants...I mean you sure don't right? or have you changed your mind yet again?

(He points at his chest)

Chaos: Because I do...of the four of us I know best what it takes to win and KEEP that title around your waist...the sacrifice it takes...the toll on your body and the sheer depths you need to reach in order to attain it. John...you got a minor taste....Trevor...sorry buddy, you almost had a shot and Ashe....well Ashe....maybe you can use The Force....do that little choke trick and make us all kneel to your greatness....

(He winks)

Chaos: It's just if you do....please start with Doe...we're all tired of hearing him talk.

(He quickly crosses the street outside the Hard Rock Hotel)

Chaos: As for me ....well it's nighttime in Vegas and unlike John....I have a life that doesn't get caught on camera every five minutes. So I'll see you all in the morning...and John....go out have some fun, give the camera man a night off...hell go out and try to meet a woman, but hey if that doesn't work...

(He points his finger down the strip)

Chaos: Well Pahrump isn't that far away...

(He laughs aloud and walks inside)


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
You're Just Dumb Son


John Doe standing ring outside of New York, New York, he is just relaxing, a cherry slurpee in his hand and a cigarette in the other. John takes a sip of the slurpee then a drag of the cigarette. He smiles a bit as he stands there, pair of black Pumas, Diesel Jeans, Iron Maiden t-shirt and his spiked black and red hair. Yeah, he is looking good as he walks a few feet to stop and put his hand with the cigarette up.


Here you go Trevor, I waited a while before coming back on the TV set so you didn't' think that the suits had some favoritism going on, don't worry I am sure someday you will be as slick as I am, but until then well, you will Be Trevor Cane, and that's all she wrote.

You will be Trevor Cane, that guy who needs to come in and leave then come back in order to try and establish himself, in order to TRY and make a new image.

Question, how did I not come out on top at Christmas Brawl, Trevor? Did I ultimately receive a title shot? Did I ultimately get the wining prize? Granted it wasn't at Destrucity Two, but I got my TV Title shot nonetheless. Trevor, how many times have you wrestled for the TV Title?

Honestly, tell me, I am uncertain, I don't recall any times you have, then again I may be wrong.

Then again I don't know because I don't give a flying f-ck about you. No one does, so again I ask.

How many times have you wrestled for the number two belt here? A small amount? Maybe none?

And how many times have I? A numerous amount of times I have been to the next tier level Trevor, you can drag records in on this but I want you to look at where they all lead.

You are what? One and one? I was one and one and one prior to a TV title shot. If you are so adamant on records and making a point on who is better than who, look at the career TRACK record.

You LEFT New Era, you brag about Krusher running, you b-tched out yourself and ran out with your tail between your legs when your little messenger gimmick fell through.

Track record for John Doe: I have NEVER b-tched out and RAN from New Era because my wrestling wasn't up to par.

You have, and I suspect you will again, because your wrestling STILL isn't up to par. You can say it was for other reasons, you can make EXCUSES as to why you left.

Ultimately, you LEFT because you SUCKED. That's a wrap.

Now you are back, and all of a sudden, BAM! You are better because you have a one and one record? You beat Adam Benjamin, good job, he has disappeared since that match, Benjamin is in and out of this business more than any other wrestler in this industry.

And then you lost to Krusher in a non-title match.

You couldn't even break the third tier champ. You haven't really amounted to anything in your entire career, so where does this all lead to Cane? Your plug of numbers result to non-valid equation. You are getting, probably, your first shot at gold in your entire career.

Yet you still don't get the point that you have to pass through one of three people in order to even SEE that gold and wrestle for it.

You have to go through either Chaos, who will laugh in your face and tear you apart like string cheese.

Ashe Corvin who will beat you with fables and then burn your privates that you probably don't have.

Or me a guy that will out work you on a whole different level.

And you still think you have a shot? You honestly, in your heart believe that? If so, bravo, congrats, I applaud you sir. F-ck I commend you, you're my f-cking hero.

The only issue is, you don't f-cking listen, and if you can't pay the f-ck attention here, you obviously can't pay attention in that ring.

You obviously weren't listening; Chaos obviously has a hard time doing that too. I asked how LOGICAL is it that a RANDOM person would drive a home depot truck down the ramp. First of all CHAOS wanted the hardcore match, I agreed, so explain to me, Trevor since you want to be involved so bad.

If I am wrestling Chaos, and Chaos is wrestling me, why would just a random person drive that truck Trevor?

Do you not see any error in logic? Do you honestly think that a person that has nothing to gain has nothing to do with Chaos or me would take Psycho's mask or even a replica of it and interfere in our match?

We can believe, Chaos, take his word. The whole it could have been one of Krusher's students, yet we lack to ever see this assailant again. It's been three months, if it was a person who had vengeance on Chaos or I wouldn't you believe they would have continued their antics and continue to impersonate Psycho?

Or as Chaos said, it could have been someone Trevor Cane put up, yes, because Trevor Cane has the money or pull to do that. The guy can't even fend for himself.

And finally Chaos says it could have even been me.


I want everyone to think about what Chaos said, IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do you see any issue with that statement?

This guy wants us to BELIEVE that the man who drove that truck was not Psycho, and who does he name as the person who did?


Whoa! Really? Chaos, you are trying to convince us that it's not Psycho then you say I AM A SUSPECT?!

Chaos, how did I manage to go from lighting a fire ball of raid in your face to seconds later sprinting up the ramp, putting on a mask, starting up the truck, driving the truck down the ramp, through the ring, exit the truck, run backstage, take off the mask, run back down the ramp, climb in the ring and lay in it next to you and pretend I am hurt.


You want me to believe that?! You see this Trevor? YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY!? You both are f-cking idiots.

Just dumb son, you are just f-cking dumb. That's all I have to say about you Chaos, just f-cking DUMB.

Now, Trevor, I was talking to you, so let me get off my high horse of logical beatings and readdress you. Sorry.

Want to know MY theory Trevor, and this is for you too Chaos. And this is the FINAL time I will speak about this subject.

I think Chaos had Psycho interfere and when things didn't go exactly as planned, well Chaos noticed that having his brother Psycho assist wasn't as good an idea as planned. So he cried like the b-tch he is, but in order to make sure him and Psycho stayed creditable and not look like fools, well, he simply had to say that wasn't my brother that was a different guy in a mask.

It's almost like a bank robber in a ski mask, that wasn't me that was a different guy in a mask. Mother f-cker we know it was you, everyone knows it was you, except Trevor Cane wants to side with Chaos in order to tarnish my LOGIC.

Pull Chaos' d-ck from your mouth, Trevor.

The fact is, Trevor you have not shown one ounce of merit this entire week leading to Destucity Two, all you have said is, I am bigger, I am stronger, I am back! I'm not sold, the pitiful weak fans and marks of New Era, they aren't sold, the corporate suits, not sold.

You're aren't selling genuine merchandise, on the other hand, I am. I have every reason proved as to why I am winning this match, especially when I am wrestling LOW GRADE opponents like yourself, Trevor.

On to more important people, CHAOS!

Chaos, just because I talk a lot and enjoy the sound of my own voice because it's f-cking sexy, doesn't mean you owe me anything. Chaos, you paid your debt to me, the end. You are a good man, to get an easy win over.

In fact, I will even go in deeper, I never stated I didn't care ABOUT THE MERGER. You say that is what I stated, it ISN'T. Again, Chaos, you scream for me to pay attention, remember? That it will make me a better man, yet you FAIL to do so yourself.

I warned you, don't make the same mistake again Mr. Contradiction, and yet, you do.

I said, I didn't care about the New Era and WFW SPLIT, I cared about the merger, I thought it was a great idea, it would rank up the charts and bring in more cash flow. Do I care that they split? NO, because I still have a job.

Now, when it comes down to it, we can just admit, I am the most productive and efficient wrestler in this match, bar none. As you both struggle for air, I sit breathing easy.

I breath easy because I see who my competition is, and you are welcome, because no one in this company even sees you at a level to be considered competition. So, after this match, when each of you go crying about how you lost and make some idiotic excuses as to why, you can watch as I sit on the throne of victory.


Sorry, but that's just the facts of life. I hate to be the person to deliver the message of gloomy news.

But I will gladly accept the job!

At Destrucity Two you will witness something amazing; you will witness one man triumph and win a tournament in a single night. That man, it will be me.

Now, you can live in delusion, you can pretend that this isn't going to occur, you can even list one thousand two hundred and thirteen reason as to why it won't happen.

But it will.

And there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

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Jan 22, 2010
Once more, with feeling...

<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> </style>
Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Lord Acton, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887

It’s time.”

“Yes my Master.”

Ashe stands and follows the robed figure of Qordis down the darkened hallway. The lighting of the hallway is poor at best. Many long and dark shadows obscure the two figures as they walk. The only sounds are those of the pair’s footfalls.

“Where are we going?”

“All in due time young Corvin.”

The pair continues to walk and as they do it starts to get lighter. Ashe starts to realize he is walking towards the entrance area in a wrestling arena. He hears one of his new favorite songs blaring out of the arena speakers.

Ashe sits bolt upright in bed covered in a cold sweat. He looks around and realizes that he is in his house. He sighs and climbs out of bed. He goes down the stairs and stops cold in his tracks as he starts to enter the Living room.

Standing there, in the middle of the room is a robed figure. The figure’s raspy breathing reveals at once to Ashe who it is. The figure releases an evil laugh as Ashe just stands and stares. Ashe then slowly walks up towards the figure and goes down to one knee about a foot in front of him.

“Goood, good. It is good to see you still remember me Ashe.”

“I could never forget you, my Master.”

“I am here Ashe to help you again. It has been a while since you were in the position you are in now. Back into ‘your sport’ and just starting fresh in a new company. You will need my help more than ever.”

“Yes I will. What is your bidding my Master?”

“We will need to go to one of our old locations. Get ready and I will meet you there.”

Ashe lowers his head in agreement and when he raises it the figure is gone. Ashe gets up and heads back upstairs to his room. When he goes through the door he once again stops dead in his tracks as Felice is sitting up looking at him.

“What’s going on Ashe?”

“I have to go and get started on my training.”

“Dear you have been training non-stop for the last month and a half.”

Ashe sighs and his shoulder fall dejectedly. “Not that training…”

“He was downstairs, wasn’t he.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement.


“No Ashe, don’t even try to justify what he ‘teaches.’ He changes you. I don’t like it.”

“Felice, you remember what I was able to do towards the end of XWE and all through SWE and PAW? Remember how I dominated EVERYONE. No one could stand up to me. I was the top of XWE and that was just with him whispering in my ear trying to train me. Then in SWE and PAW he was fully there and I was only on the track to the top when everything shut down. Now we have a place where I can dominate like I did in XWE without any end in sight.”

“Ashe, I don’t care what you believe, I don’t like him and I never will. When I tried to let him teach me all I got was the total and utter sense of evil flowing from him. Babe, he is evil and he is twisting you, pulling you down.”

“Stop, he is helping me. Don’t make me choose…”

“Fine, I will be here no matter what, just be careful.”

“I will, now I have to get going.”

Ashe turns to the closet and fills a duffle bag with a few articles of clothing and turns and heads out.


Ashe sits back in the seat on the airplane and closes his eyes. He knows he has a long flight ahead of him and he didn’t get a lot of sleep. He sighs as he tries to ignore the flight safety procedure display. He starts to tone it out towards the end of the lecture.


I open my eyes and see a landscape of rolling hills. I look around and see a few people dressed in simple armor and dress. I look over myself and see I am dressed similarly. I once again look around and now I notice a large group riding up to where I am at.

“Bekommen Sie bereiten Bruder.”

I look to my left and see one of the others smiling at me. We ready our weapons as the riders approach.

Battle is joined and it is bloody and fierce. Fighters from both sides fall. As I look around I find the leader of the invaders. I grin wickedly as I start toward him. I fell power rush through me. The others around me seem to move out of my way creating a path. As I come within a few feet of the leader he dismounts and looks at me curiously.

“Wer sind Sie?”

“Ihr schlechtester Albtraum!” I scream as I start to charge him.

“Schnelle Männer, kommen Sie zu mir. Der Teufel ist hier!”

I stop as I realize that he just called me the Devil. As I stand there I catch my reflection in my sword and see that my eyes are yellow ringed with red. That is all the opening they need and they swarm me.


Ashe comes too as the plane is landing. He is breathing heavy and sweating. Luckily he was on the last “red eye” flight so the few passengers that are on the plane are far enough away not to realize anything.

Ashe grabs his bag from the over head and disembarks. He takes a deep breath and then sighs realizing where he is.

“Welcome to Berlin Tegel Airport.” The voice on the speakers is feminine. Ashe just shakes his head and continues walking. He gets to the exit and hails a cab. A cab finally stops and Ashe gets in.

“Wo auch?”

“Frankenstein bitte Zu rochieren.”

“Sie Sicher?”

Ashe hands the driver 50 Euros. “Ja.”

The driver shrugs and starts to drive. Ashe looks out the window at the mid-afternoon sky. His mind was racing, recalling the dream that he had on the flight to the conversation he had with Felice before he left. The cab pulls up to the castle and Ashe gets out and thanks the driver.

Ashe wanders around looking at the old dilapidated towers and chapel.


The light fades as the sun sets on Frankenstein Castle. His cloak is lightly dragging the ground; the hood is pushed back revealing his face. He has a smirk on his lips and his eyes are those red rimmed yellow.

“Well, well, well. I'm glad to see that my opponents are so full of themselves. Where do I begin? Do I dare to begin at all? I know how it will play out, but its all been said before. John Doe doesn't know when to shut up and has way to much time on his hands. I don't think I have ever met anyone who loves the sound of his own voice more than John Doe.”

Ashe looks around and composes himself. He takes a few deep breaths and then starts to pace again.

“Now, as for Chaos and Cane, you two are just as bad of broken records as Doe. Hell you three have a lot to get over. Either you three need to man up and get over your periods, or just get together and kiss and make up. I hope for the first option but they way you three piss and moan I expect the latter.”

Ashe chuckles and pulls the hood of his cloak up. He paces around a bit more when suddenly a cloaked figure comes out of the shadows. “Good to see you arrived here Ashe.”

“I could not stay away, Master.”

“Good, good, I see you are progressing faster than I expected. Soon you shall be more powerful than anyone ever expected.”

“I am only here because of you, Master.”

“Never forget that young Corvin. Now, there is a lesson I must teach you. I am going to tell you something my master once told me and then I want you to meditate on it and when I return I want your response.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you…”

After the figure speaks it recedes back into the shadows. Ashe kneels down and lowers his head to start his training once again.


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Jan 1, 2000
Day at the Spa

(The camera opens inside the private room at Vdara spare. Dressed in a long, clean white robe is Chaos. He seems almost calm after another night of wine, dine and John Doe screaming. He sits back and brings his finger to his lips)

Chaos: It's comes to this....John...for all your yelling....protesting and downright bragging. What have you accomplished? See John I knew how you acted...your very predictable. As a veteran wrestler I tried to give you some guidance, but you shunned it. Your great, everyone else isn't in your league....heard it once, will hear it again....that's all you got.

(An attractive woman walks in)

Woman: Tea Sir?

(Chaos winks)

Chaos: Thank you....however John....this is Professional Wrestling there's more to the sport then just wrestling....that's why they call it Professional Wrestling. Take for example that Home Depot Truck...that you've mentioned numerous times. That's my sponsor...they are going to pay me to have that come to the ring....that's why it was backstage. In fact just you mentioning it put dollars in my pocket.

(He takes a sip of tea)

Chaos: So I thought....maybe we could do something similar based on your last promo. So through a friend of a friend I put this together.

CUTTO: (A Choppy cut series of videos from various Doe promos)

Doe: Hi....I'm....John....Doe F..or...the No....Cred...it...C...ard

Various clips of Doe's last promo are quickly shown and a freeze frame is held on his face as the following graphic appears


(The camera tuns back to a smiling Chaos)

Chaos: You see John...when I said you were a suspect...I didn't mean you yourself....physically did it. I meant...you could have been behind getting somebody to wear that mask. Could have just as well been Krusher...could have been Cane....could have been any number of men I've wrestled in the past. Oh but John....you couldn't see that point could you. You take everything I say so literal....that well it's almost childlike.

(He pauses trying to hold back laughter)

Chaos: Hell John....using your logic...I could have down my own run-in and avoided this whole stupid conversation to begin with. Not that it would have stopped you from saying something else foolish, but I guess you have to start somewhere. As for why it never happened again...well as you said, I didn't have any more matches for anyone to interfere in. Damn...you almost did make a good point.

(He sips his tea again)

Chaos: Although John I can see were your confusion might lie. I realize now that I insinuated you had a friend...which clearly....probably not since grade school you haven't. I suspect that's were the roots of your nobody persona started.

(He leans forward)

Chaos: See John I have told you show some restraint....some thought, maybe even humility before you speak. Even suggested you find a woman release some of that inner BOLDNESS you keep shouting...hell I even directed you to were you could buy one...so clearly it's come to this....I'm going to need to teach you some humility

(His smile fades and his tone grows serious)

Chaos: John....remember Dredd? you had Help that time...how did that end? What happened after that? Remember when you won the PCX Title from me, what did I do alittle over thirty days later? Now your going on and on about how you beat me? What do you think is going to happen next John. You clearly don't learn from history and as we all know those who don't learn are doomed to repeat it. Think carefully about that John...because you might THINK your on top now, but I've left you a bloody mess often enough....that you should know better....well time for another lesson I guess.

(He nods his head)

Chaos: As for you Trevor...you know I'm starting to grow a little respect for you. Not much...still not sorry I put you though that glass, but keep it up buddy. However...I can't leave without addressing you Ashe? Is it a master you seek? What for, pain, punishment...lesson in brutality? Because I can be that for you? However if you seek guidance? Well Ashe...your in the wrong damn sport for that. The only thing you'll get shown Ashe is the bottom of my foot should we get in the ring. Once when I kick you in the head and again when I stand on your chest for victory.

(He stands and checks his watch)

Chaos: And that boys is what this is all about...the PCX Title. Doe just wants it handed to him, but I'd suspect that from a guy who admits he takes handouts. Trevor...well you got another shot and should we meet in the ring...I'm going to ruin your chance once more and Ashe...you don't even known the realm your stepping in. Better ask daddy for some more help. So get ready boys...I've implored you to enjoy what this city has to offer, because when this tournament is over

(He grins sadistically)

Chaos: Well we'll all be in too much pain for that

(The attractive woman hands Chaos a check and he signs it)

Woman: Anything else I can do for you sir?

Chaos: Yeah....you don't know where I might find a manure spreader in this town do you?

Woman: No...why?

(Chaos turns and winks at the camera)

Chaos: Oh....for old times sake.

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