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Point Of View Bio


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
“Point of View”

Team Biography
Beachy and Murray known together as POINT OF VIEW are managed by Bronte Lakes.
They believe every moment of their lives needs to be broadcast. Anyone can be a star for 15 minutes. Both men chronicle bulks of their lives on youtube videos.
Fame hunters who believe they’re entitled to having the world seen through their POV.

Team Finisher
“Kentucky Rain”(superkick-plex)

Team move set
assisted senton
rocket launcher
double dropkick
powerbomb, neckbreaker combination

Wrestler Name

Jason Murray
Wrestler Height
Wrestler Weight
Wrestler Age
Theme Music

Ring Attire/Appearance
Wife beater and black tights. Short black hair.

Wrestler's Finisher
Shooting star senton
Wrestler moveset
TR dropkick
Boston crab

Brief Biography
Jason's a tv junkie who has always wanted to be on a reality show. He's been constantly denied. He started a backyard wrestling league with some buddies and is a moderate youtube sensation. He’s from a small town in Kentucky.
While, performing in his backyard league and making videos, Jason met Bronte Lakes, his girlfriend and manager who encouraged him to follow his dream and be a professional. Jason enrolled at “Fiennes and Dandy School of Professional Wrestling” in Louisville, KY. The school was created by former CSWA Tag Team legends the CS Express.
It was at Fiennes and Dandy where Murray met Eric Beachy, aka Spotlight.
Jason feels entitled to be a star.
Brief Roleplay

You know, the whole world is a stage.

I dunno, maybe that’s just something we’re supposed to believe. We’re told stories from a time before we can eat solid food, and sat in front of tvs to get little baby erections from shades of color. If you are lucky enough to have parents, divorced or otherwise, you’re read too at bedside until they tire of pilfering the same ol’ stories.

That’s how we relate to the world. History is passed down from generation to generation in bookform or word of mouth, and soon fifty years from now every waking moment of life will be recorded on media devices.

Point is, nobody is unique. Nothing is new.

We’re all just bad fiction writers, prettying our **** up for a horse carriage ride.

I think we’ve all just decided real life is boring, too hung up on death and loneliness to get through to anyone anymore.
We’re all baptized in lies and television. It’s so faint. So true.

I was raised to think I’d be a star.

Never had any interest in a real job, or meaningful relationship. Too many applications for reality tv to fill out.

I’m lazy, I’m aware.

Generation Bored.

I wanted fame. I wanted sex. I wanted sex with famous cartoon characters. Because that’s what happens when you transcend life and live to have others watch you on the small screen…2D becomes just another door opened.

But maybe my story never checked out. I wasn’t sexy, or crazy enough for production companies to care. Much like Skippy from “Family Ties” after my grade school production of “To Kill A Mockingbird” I wasn’t cast in ****.

I wonder if Gregory Peck was ever typed cast.

All any casting director sees in me, is myself.

Now I understand, some of us, the less blessed let’s call’em…have to work before fame is handed to us.

I love to fight. I love to make people bleed and wonder if its real. How far do you have to go before you walk into a strip mall, open fire, and wait for the computer voice to tell you the next level awaits?

Hey Jason, its a new high score.

I bleed, I know its real. I know I’m on the path to living a li(f)e, others will set their clock by to see revealed.

I am a star.

How do I know this?

The Galaxy expands every day.

Maybe there’s another Earth where Joe the Plumber doesn’t smell like horseradish and swear in broken language. Maybe this Earth represents the only life anywhere. If so, its understandable why we’re all hooked, electronic Zombies and never distant enough.

Blackness expands, new stars are formed.

You can't see them. But I can. I’ll name one star Jason Murray.

I’m tired of watching Troy Windham’s reality show where he scours the back streets of America sending whores back to school for associates degrees. NFW offered me a shot. I guess the Lions needed a new batch of Christians to maim.

I know NFW.

Hell, they make you watch a five-hour video presentation of their history before you can even hand over your social security # and five character references!

Manson wants to perform miracles but he can’t even save himself from mindless repetition and a God complex that'd make the real God have to show two forms of ID just to get back in the pearly gates.

Joe the Plumber is a vagina blood fart.

Impulse could be the wave of the future.

Calvin Carlton’s Momma made it all possible and years and years ago a cage exploded that may have shifted the Earth off it’s axis a tenth of a degree and merged peanut butter and chocolate together AGAIN.

The NFW is my best bet to become a star.

Is it real?

Am I so brainwashed by society that I’m unsure if I’m living someone else’s fantasy?

I’ll know its real if I bleed.

But you will too.
Wrestler Name
Eric Beachy aka Spotlight
Wrestler Height
Wrestler Weight
Wrestler Age
Theme Music

Ring Attire
Wife beater, ankle length tights and a pair of rundown Nike shoes. Buzzed blonde hair. Tattoos sporadically over his arms and neck.

Wrestler's Finisher
Shooting star piledriver
Wrestler moveset
corkscrew 450 splash
450 splash
corner slingshot splash
shooting star press
TR elbow
TR leg drop
corkscrew shooting star press
boston crab

Brief Biography
Eric was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. Out of high school he accepted a college football scholarship at Austin Peay University. Beachy, his coaches anyway, hoped he’d be the next Wes Welker. His career never took off thanks to a torn left ACL, and bouts of depression and drug use that lead to Eric being kicked off the team.
In drug rehab, he was instructed to try and put his anxiety and excess energy to good use. In rehab he met a girl who was trying to find religion. She pulled Eric into Christ an in effort to turn his life around. A member of their church worked at Fiennes and Dandy wrestling school and being a fan since childhood, Beachy felt it was his calling. At F&D, he met Murray and the two were put together in a program at the school.
Eric is a natural athlete and more of the high flyer of the two. He suffers from depression at times and has social anxiety. But in the ring, he’s an amazing athlete.
Beachy is a daredevil in ring who lacks ring psychology.
Wrestler’s Name
Bronte Lakes

Wrestler Height
Wrestler Weight
She’ll never tell
Wrestler Age
Theme Music

Ring Attire/Appearance
Bronte has straight raven colored hair. She’s petite, and a girl next door type, not a diva though. Typically, to the ring she’ll wear a short skirt, tennis shoes, and either a cami or halter top.
Wrestlers’ Biography
Bronte’s from a small town in Kentucky. She doesn’t talk about her family history, but she left home before finishing high school and moved in with Jason and his father. Bronte has a defining southern accent. She’s passionate about her team’s success.

She grew up idolizing wrestling legend “Poison Ivy.” Bronte, in contrast to Jason and Eric shies from social media and prefers to have her nose in an actual book. She was named by her mother, whom she hasn’t seen since a little girl, after the famous English Author Emily Bronte.

Lakes is very much in love with Jason Murray. She prefers to not interfere in matches, but won’t hesitate to mix it up if need be.

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