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PRESS RELEASE: Official Decision regarding Jason Murray vs. 'Triple X' Sean Stevens

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Jan 6, 1995
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(OOC: Do not read this until you have read Round 1 Bracket 2)

(You were warned.)

(You asked for it.)


CS Enterprises, Greensboro, NC

After review of the Main Event of the 2012 Ultratitle Round 1, Bracket 2, the Ultratitle Officials have voted to uphold the decision of the referee to award the victory to Jason Murray. Clearly, it was not Mr. Murray's intention to use the ropes the way he did, coupled with the fact that contact between Mr. Stevens' foot and the ropes was incidental at best.

However, we are not without sympathy for the fact that a strict interpretation of the rules of professional wrestling indicate that any contact whatsoever with the ropes should result in a negation of the hold or pin attempt of the moment. To that end, the following compromise has been reached.

- Jason Murray is credited with a victory in the 2012 Ultratitle and will continue in his bracket as such.

- 'Triple X' Sean Stevens, while not credited with a victory, will be allowed to move to Round 2, taking the vacant spot across the ring from 'Jester' Chad Allen that was left blank when Ace Andrews and Jay Connor fought to a double countout.

Good luck to both men, and may the best wrestler ultimately bring the 2012 ULTRATITLE home.

(OOC: In a nutshell, Triple X has won the Lucky Loser poll and will be reinserted in the tournament in Bracket 1. The main note has been updated to reflect this.)

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