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Hex Angel

"It's the rematch nobody cared about, Viper... it's the rematch from hell."

"Your hell."

Fadein on Eli Flair at the Thomas Stadium. The tagline in the corner of the screen reads "MOMENTS AFTER ON TIME" and it shows - he's still sweaty and out of breath from his match with Hornet.

"It was what, nine years ago, Viper? We wrestled to a draw for the IntraContinental Championship? I, of course, moved on from that to the Presidential, eventually the United States, and the World. To Extreme Faith, to Staking a Claim, to everything inbetween."

"You... didn't move on to very much. In the CSWA, at least - I can't speak for what your career may have held in other promotions. But every time our paths have crossed, Viper, you've joked about gettin' back in the ring."

"Well, stop joking. It's here."

He rubbed his face down with a towel, and slung the towel around his neck.

"What's it gonna be, Viper? All the half-assed challenges and all the jokes about the rematch of the century are about to have a very real payoff. Are you ready?"

"I'm ready."

"But why shouldn't I be? Nothing against ya, kiddo... but you're just another opponent."


"We've been livin' in the golden age, Viper. Between the CSWA's list of former champions alone - it's an intimidating list. Randalls. Hornet. Windhams. Deacon. Love. Aho."

Staring, straight into the camera.


"Treat your opponent like just another man, or the legacy will defeat you before the man can."

"That one's free, Viper... a victory... you'll have to pay the highest price for. And your credit ain't too good here."

"Seeya in Jersey."

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
Eliminator? No...ELIMINATED!

(FADE IN to Steel Viper in a weight room, sitting on a bench. He has a towel wrapped around his neck, face dripping with sweat. The beads are falling onto the floor, where his eyes are drawn. He sits there in silence for a moment, zoning in on the puddle by his feet.)

STEEL VIPER: After all this time. After all these years. When was it, Eli? 1996? Back then you were just the Eliminator…and look at you now. All grown up.

But like you pointed out, Flair. You’ve moved on since then and as far as I can tell, you don’t have a problem bragging about it. (Shakes his head.) Well things changed for me too. I was running with Doc Silver and more concerned with making sure his championship reign, whichever belt he was holding, was secure.

Hey, I never said I made the best decisions, but you live and you learn. You move on.

(Lifts his head and looks into the camera, with an evil scowl on his face.)

Eli, I’ve moved on. I’m not the same Viper you faced for the IntraContinental title way back when. I’m not someone’s second fiddle.

Something else you should know about me. When sh(BLEEP) hit’s the fan, I don’t take off running. Who does that sound like to you, Eli? Sort of sound familiar? Maybe that’s because I’ve seen you do it twice before. Once in EWI and most recently in NFW.

What’s the problem, Flair? Just can’t hack it outside of the cozy confines of the CSWA? You have no backbone, Flair. Which should come as an advantage to you…that way I can’t break it!

You wanna act like a big shot? Like Steel Viper ain’t sh(BLEEP)? Like I’ve been dreaming of this match or something, making it out like this is my big break? F(BLEEP) YOU! You ain’t doing me any favors, “kiddo”.

You can name off a list of champions the CSWA has had until you’re blue in the face, the thing is…all those guys you named…yourself included, currently don’t have JACKSH(BLEEP)!


But after this match you’ll walk away with a little something. It’s called A LIMP!

Don’t like it? Tough…deal with it!

(FADE TO BLACK as Viper mean mugs the camera.)

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