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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy. Playground.)

TROY: Respect.

It's a word that has never meant that much to me.

It's a word that has mean everything to me.

I came into this sport as a quiet, soft-spoken young man waiting for his chance to shine. When I saw I wasn't getting it, I decided to go out on my own, do things my way, and take what was his.

I bragged. I boasted. I cancelled wrestling matches because I was busy doing the nasty with a local Girl Scout troop. I no-showed title shots because there were two-for-one shot nights at the local strip club... and there were two-on-ones afterwards.

My critics told me that if I had any respect for this sport, my opponents, its fans... I would be the greatest of all time.

I disrespected this sport. I used this sport to gain something I always coveted-- fame, fortune and money.

But a funny thing happened to me.

Three men I never liked unified forces. They wanted to take over this league. They wanted to run this league and destroy it from within.

I, of all people, decided to fight them.

Why, you ask?

Because this league always could have been *MY* league. Troy Windham, King of All Media, King of the Slackers, Gen-X Hero... could have controlled this league his entire career.

And when I saw three people trying to take what was mine, I decided to fight for it. It became a war.

Me and Eli. Eli and Troy. Two old rivals, going at it again.

Eli-- after spending an entire career disrespecting everyone and everything, you almost did what I said could not be done.

You ravaged my neck. You broke my fingers. You put screws into my wrist.

You almost destroyed Troy Windham.

I finally decided to fight for what was rightfully mine. The title of being the CSWA's top dog. CSWA World Champion. The Greatest of All Time.

I would not quit this fight. Along the way, I almost lost my career.

Eli Flair-- you almost took away the one thing I always knew would be mine.

I could have quit, Flair. I could have walked away, knowing I went out with a fight-- knowing that I went out by not quitting. By proving everyone wrong.

Only, more people came back to take what is mine. More people came back to destroy this league, to try and take down something that *I* built.

You don't want to get involved. You don't want Angel hurt. You don't want your child hurt.

And now you want to talk about respect?

Eli Flair, I know that you're my equal in the ring. I know that you've done things to me that would kill most men.

What does that make me?

Better than most men.

But respect you?

If there's one thing I've learned, to fight for what you believe in, you get hurt.

Eli Flair doesn't want to get hurt.

What does he believe in?

Not the word respect.



(FADEIN: GUNS in the weight room.)

GUNS: Troy, let's cut the bull and start dealing in, as you like to put it, FACT. There's only one thing you respect, Troy, and it's the SPOTLIGHT - you want to protect the CSWA because it's the one place where the spotlight has shined on you the brightest, it's the one place you can consider home territory. But let's not pretend that your desire to defend the CSWA is about what you can do for the CSWA - it's always about what the CSWA can do for you.

It always has been, Troy - from your debut, to the day that Merritt and Hornet conspired to hand you the World Heavyweight title in my hometown, to the present day. You call yourself "Mr. CSWA" not because of an altruistic need to defend this place - you call yourself "Mr. CSWA" to stroke your own ego. You've proven it in the last few weeks - with how you've tried to stick your nose in the World title match between your brother and Eli Flair.

Let me clue you in on a FACT, Troy - the Windham family, nobody gives a crap. You didn't get to where you are in this business because of your last name, you got there in SPITE of it. Troy, your brother's a loser - he has been for a long time - there's no glory in proving yourself better than him. The belt he wears doesn't change that - it hasn't had any value since, well, come to think of it - since you first wore it.

As far as Eli Flair goes - the man's doing the smart thing. He knows that the CSWA isn't worth defending - he knows there's no point in putting a bullseye on his back - he knows we'll come for him when we're ready for him, and there's no point rushing into the confrontation. In the meantime, he'll gladly cash the CSWA paycheck. He doesn't crave the spotlight like you do, Troy - he doesn't need to rally around the flag - and it eats you alive.

The thing is, Troy - you run your mouth as much as you want to - but I'll tell you how it is from my perspective. Eli Flair's a far bigger threat to the Intruders than you can ever DREAM of being. Eli Flair - he's part of the last line of defense. You're nothing but a sacrificial lamb - a victim of your own selfish need for the spotlight. I watched Eli Flair tear you apart, Troy - I watched him put you in the hospital - and I know you don't want to go back, Troy. At Anniversary, you proved you had the heart to take a beating - you proved you had the heart not to quit - but you didn't have the heart to WIN. I don't care if you quit, Troy - I don't care if you keep trying to get up until they bury you in a six-foot deep hole - in fact, I prefer it - because I'm looking forward to when the day comes that it's you and me alone in that ring, one on one, and I give you the beating you oh so richly deserve.

You want to talk respect, Troy? I respect Eli Flair. I respect him as a foe - I respect him as a challenge. I have NO respect for you, Troy. You're just a PUNK who talks a good game but can't back it up.

Your sister knows it.

Your bodyguard knows it.

Your brother knows it.

And deep down inside that cesspool you call a soul, you know it.

Eli Flair showed you what happens when you fight for what you believe in.

You get hurt. Bad.

Are you willing to go through that again, Troy, only ten times worse?


I don't think so.


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy, playground.)

GUNS, you don't have to say you respect me. Because we all know that's not the case.

Let's face the FACTS, GUNS.

You and the rest of your organization spent the past few weeks researching my past, making various phone calls, going to rural Texas, just to bring back my old bodyguard and my kid sister.

Sounds like you did a lot of work to get at someone you view as not a threat, as just some punk kid.

GUNS, who was the man who took the CSWA World Title off of you? Back in the time era when they said you couldn't be beaten? Back in the time period when your career actually mattered?

That was me, GUNS. I sent you out to pasture. I put you out of this sport. That's a FACT-- and don't go bringing up that tag match we had, because we both DAMN well now that was taped eight months before it aired.

In FACT, I *COULD* have one of my peoples go through the tapes and dig up your retirement speech on national television. But I won't do that.

Why not?

Because I wouldn't mindy burying your ass one more time.

You criticize me for hogging the spotling, GUNS? Ooooh. Like it's a BAD thing to market yourself into becoming this sport's biggest name.

But let's check the FACTS, GUNS.

The only reason you came back to this sport is because the Texas panhandle is a lonely place. You couldn't handle seeing your name in the "Where Are They Now" file. You couldn't handle seeing people NOT coming up to you for autographs and people NOT coming up to you recognizing you.

GUNS, you thought that your feud with Hornet was going to be the end of the CSWA. FACT-- it was just the beginning.

As far as your threats to me?

Hmm. We already had one match against each other, in which me and Shane Southern won.

You lost to a guy whose name I can't even pronounce.

You've been routinely humiliated by Kevin Powers-- a large task at hand, considering the only person Kevin Powers usually humiliates is himself.

GUNS, your attempts to tear down the CSWA don't seem to be going too far. So, please excuse me if I don't view you as the most feared man in this industry anymore. Talk all you want about hurting me, about destroying me.

Because, bottom line is, when we face up again, I'll embarrass you back into the world of late-night auto yard infomercials again.

And as for your alliance? Everyone in this industry KNOWS that Mayfield and Miles would do anything to partner up with me. I spent a year now answering my cell phone because I knew when I picked up, one of them would be on the other line begging me to partner up.

GUNS, if I wanted to, I could have you ousted from The I's right now. All I have to do is send a text message to Mayfield and tell him that, yes, after all these years, I will acknowledge his existence in the back and let him sort my TV Guide Covers for me.

All three of you should stop riding my d. Stop sweating me.

And you should admit what you really are.

A couple of never-weres and an over-the-hill, aged pissant who is hanging on to a slot in the CSWA mid-card because he's having mortgage problems.

I'm sure you have an 18-minute long epic interview already planned, GUNS.

Rest assured, I'm going to do what the rest of America does whenever you talk these days--

That's not watch.

Now, leave me alone, little man-- I've got some REAL business to attend to. (FTB)


(CUTTO: GUNS at the ranch.)

GUNS: Troy, I'll be the first one to admit that the whole idea of bringing in your tramp sister and your former bodyguard wasn't really my cup of tea - that was Miles' call, and I went with it, because as much as everyone wants to believe that the Professionals are my personal lackeys - the Intruders are an EQUAL partnership.

Did we do it because we think you're a threat? No, Troy - we did it because, quite simply, we don't LIKE you. If we viewed you as a threat, we probably would have focused our efforts on something a little more direct - like CRIPPLING you. Messing with your practically empty head is just a little fringe benefit.

Who was the man that took the CSWA World title off of me? FACT. Chad Merritt. FACT. Hornet. You just happened to be there, Troy. You got the World title handed to you on a silver platter when a RETIRED ex-wrestler rolled into the ring and counted to three, and Merritt said "Well, that's close enough to a real pinfall for me." And you've been gloating over that hollow "victory" ever since, Troy - because deep down inside, you KNOW you never beat me for real, and you never will.

Why did I come back to this sport, Troy? Because your former butt buddy Eddy Love gave me a call and said "Please, GUNS, Please - come back and help me beat Mike Randalls." So, I thought long and hard about it, and decided I would come back - and I tore through Randalls and our esteemed World Champion like a hot knife through butter, and Randalls hasn't been seen since.

Running down your list of other FACTS, Troy, one by one...

Yes, Troy, you and Shane did win that tag team match - in which you did EVERYTHING you could to avoid setting foot in the ring with me. Yes, Troy, you caught Eddie Mayfield with your flukey little Slacknife while your partner was getting his ass tossed into the third row. You ran around the ring celebrating while your partner was pulling himself out of some fat lady's lap. But, it's always been about YOU, Troy, and it always will.

As far as Kevin Powers goes, exactly what has the man done to humiliate me? Attack me from behind a few times? Powers is professional wrestling's equivalent of a mosquito, Troy - he may bite you a few times and be a minor annoyance, but that's as far as it goes.

As far as your comment about the Intruders goes, it's another case of your delusions of grandeur. Let me clue you in on a few FACTS.

Co-starring in L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies V, reprising the Buff Bagwell role, doesn't make you a major film star.

Masturbating to a teen magazine cover with the Olsen Twins on it does NOT constitute a threesome.

Eddie Mayfield is a bigger star - a HOTTER Property - than you will EVER be. If anything, Troy, you should be on your hands and knees begging to sort HIS Playstation 2 games.

Bottom line, Troy - you ASKED to be in the line of fire when you started calling yourself "Mr. CSWA." Now you want out because you realize that Mark Windham and Eli Flair - two guys who have been smart enough to stay out of the way - are wrestling over the toy that you want. Now, you're trying to climb in their sandbox, but it's too late.

You're going down, Troy - and there's nothing anybody, especially YOU, can do to stop it anymore.

And, Troy -

that's a FACT.

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