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Jul 1, 2005
Long Island, NY
Hey, I like the fact that we can keep the Roster Page updated now, but things are a bit different now on mine. Allow me to fix this:

Name: "The Disease" Jay Smash
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 265 lbs.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Entrance Theme: "Now is the Time" - Dope
EUWC Titles Held:
EUWC World Title
2004 Royal Rumble Winner

Signature moves:
-Smash Attack-Pedigree position(arms locked), raises opponent onto shoulders, full turn, then falls with opponent, dropping opponent onto the back of his head/back of neck.
-The Disease-Modified Triangle Hold (Legs wraped around the back of opponents neck while pulling opponents arms back)
-Vitamin Jay-Jawbreaker off top turnbuckle
-Crazed- Reverse stalling suplex into falling backbreaker.

Once known as the High Flying, Pain Giving, Rule Breaking superstar that everyone loved, his life in wrestling has taken many turns, from a different federation to another, gaining title belts, making history, and receiving injuries. Since his parents death when he was younger, he was destined to follow in his fathers foot steps, only to forget everything about his past and go crazy after the death of his wife and son. Jay Smash, known as "The New Disease", takes pain like he was in love with it. Blood makes him smile, and his only friend is a black steel chair that he talks to on occassion, and when he gets angry, that chair breaks across his face to calm him down. He has been gone for too long from the business and his injuries are healed... He has lost all faith in God, and believes to be a god himself, gaining followers, and waiting for his moment to become burned into history for good. No longer new, he is now known as "The Disease" Jay Smash, the God of No Hope.

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