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Round 2: Max Blackshire vs. Kiyomori


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Mar 17, 1988
Roleplay runs from Friday, May 11 to Friday, May 18. 2 RP max in this round. (I won't bite if you post on Thursday the 10th, I promise.)


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Jul 26, 2011
Kiyomori is a man of his word, allowing himself to turn into a liar is simply not an option. His statements about his desire to defeat first round opponent Karl “The Dragon” Brown, came to actuality. From the very moment he stepped back on Japanese soil after his learning excursion to Italy, he knew by taking the Kiyomori name, he would have to be a man of action, a man that when he spoke, his words came to be truth much more often than not. That is why he never makes a statement without the full confidence in his abilities to deliver.

He placed the pressure of the world on himself by claiming he would remove Karl Brown from the UltraTitle, not only for Kiyomori’s sake, but for the sake of the Brown family name. Now that his first conquest has come to pass, Kiyomori has turned his attention to even loftier goals, an accomplishment that will bring even more joy than removing someone as disrespectful as his previous opponent from the UltraTitle.

A Second Round Victory…

Which brings the attention to his next opponent; a man with a very controversial past, a career marked with instability, a career marked in chaos. Max Blackshire is not someone to be taken lightly as his past leads you to believe that there isn’t anything he won’t do to his opponent…or himself to achieve victory.

Perhaps Kiyomori would be bothered by Blackshire’s demeanor if he did not have the ability to dig deep inside every opponents mind. Max Blackshire prides himself on mind tricks? Kiyomori has never allowed himself to be bothered by such attempts to take away his mental edge. He spends hours meditating, hours concentrating, and hours training his mind in order to never allow such mental tricks to defeat him before he even steps into the ring.

One must be of stable mind and body in order to ever truly accomplish greatness, especially inside of the ring, Kiyomori knows this better than anyone. Having been in the wrestling business since he was eighteen years old, any attempts by Blackshire to intimidate Kiyomori will simply be met with his usual stoic nature as it allows Kiyomori to know his opponent even better than he did before. As in every attack, a person leaves a signature behind.

In Max Blackshire’s case, such a mistake would lead him to certain defeat.


We open to a side profile of “Puroresu Jisei” Kiyomori, his forearm against one of the large sliding transparent doors which lead to a balcony which hangs over 29 stories at his Osaki, Tokyo apartment. Kiyomori is dressed sharply with a small black leather jacket, with the collar of a white shirt visible to go along with a pair of expensive looking jeans. While being a man of conviction and tradition, he does enjoy the finer things of life from time to time.

Kiyomori looks lost in thought for a moment as he continues to stare down at the passing citizens walking on their way to various activities, and the general pace of a city. His face looks as if he’s completely absent from his current surroundings. Kiyomori takes a deep breath, breaking the silence. Without looking towards the camera he begins to speak.

"He Who Knows Others Is Wise. He Who Knows Himself Is Enlightened." Is a famous quote from the classical Chinese text Laozi. I believe it is very fitting for my opponent in the second round of the UltraTitle…

Kiyomori pauses before adjusting his forearm on the glass door.

..One Max Blackshire..

He continues to look outside, still not turning towards the camera.

Look at the people below Max, what do you think runs through their minds? What do you think their goals are in life? Do you wonder as to their aspirations? Do you wonder about their wildest dreams? Is their motivation to get up every morning and continue with a smile on their face make you wonder?

Or do you simply not care?

Kiyomori slowly turns towards the camera, looking directly into the lens. His facial expression remains unchanged.

All that I have read and watched of you lead me to believe you do not care about others. You choose to isolate yourself from knowing those around you, removing yourself from any opportunity to gain true wisdom. Without wisdom, you are just an angry man with a bitter attitude, blaming the world for all of your difficulties and short comings.

Much like your countryman Karl Brown, wisdom eludes you. Which isn’t all the two of you share in common, just like Karl you have spent many years wrestling in Japan. You’ve been wrestling in Japan the past seven years trying to escape who you were; you were attempting to change everything that happened in your past.

…How did that work for you Max?

Kiyomori walks around his couch before taking a seat, the camera follows his every movement. He again looks directly at the camera.

Just like Karl, I asked around about you, I watched some of your matches. Compared to your younger days, you have attempted to change. The ways of Puroresu have given you some dignity in the ring, but just like your countryman you do not understand the purpose of Puroresu or why the Japanese hold it in such high regard.

Play close attention as I say this Max…

Kiyomori pauses briefly, his facial expression unchanging.

Nothing will ever be able to wipe away your past, you do not come to Japan and attempt to escape who you are. One comes to Japan in order to find out who they truly are; you were fighting a winless battle. You also became a disgrace to your country and family name; perhaps you and Karl should form a tag team and call yourselves “British Embarrassments” as that is exactly what you both are. By facing you, I have the opportunity to do England a great favor and not allow you to get anymore press. As you are a simple and bitter man Max Blackshire, did coming to Japan allow you to escape any of your problems?


Your past is riddled with the dishonor of a common thief. You were always bitter towards your brother and his talent that surpassed your own. You attempted to end his life, your own brother. You have documented drug issues and you were never able to escape your brothers’ shadow until he died in the center of the ring after winning the SCW World Championship…Your brother was an honorable man…

…You are pathetic…

Kiyomori pauses briefly his eyes take on a very serious nature.

You think otherwise, but you’re incorrect. I wouldn’t be surprised if a smile came to your face as your brother collapsed, as you knew you would no longer have people referring to you as “The Other Blackshire.” You are the very same man who attempted to kill another competitor in the middle of the ring…

Kiyomori scuffs.

You have no honor. But, you won’t even admit how bitter, lonely, and angry you are on the inside. You are far from any form of enlightenment; you throw meaningless nicknames out there to describe yourself…




You wear them as they were badges, when they were given to you out of contempt. Deep down inside you know there is only one word that defines what you are…


Only cowards run from their past, only cowards hide behind such obvious lies. I will take great enjoyment in defeating you and moving to round three of the UltraTitle. Maybe the defeat will help you come to terms with who you are, what you’ve done, and how it isn’t too late for you to rewrite your story. But it is too late for you to stop my victory…

As your flame is easily extinguished.



Jan 1, 2000
upstate NY
[FADE IN: Tight shot of a raging inferno. Camera pans back slowly to reveal a silhouette against a noisy, smoky bonfire. The shirtless figure adds several large bough's to the hungry flames before admiring his work. CUT TO: Tight rear shot, the man looks over his left shoulder before half-turning to the camera. As dusk falls, the mans features are obscured.]

You quoted Lao-tzu, quite elegantly, before confusing yourself and spoiling his words and their meaning, Kiyomori... So allow me to "enlighten" you with MY favorite quote from Ol' Lao...

[CUT TO: The flames over his shoulder leap into the air as the bonfire readjusts, belching out ash and cinder.]

"To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do NOT know... is a disease."

[CUT TO: Tight shot of what would be his face.]

A disease.

[A smile? Impossible to tell.]

This isn't likely to come as a surprise to you, and it's certainly no surprise to me, but you have me all wrong, Kiyomori.*Imagine that?!?

"To know others is to be wise," you said. "To know ones self is to be enlightened." That's adorable. I, too, enjoy the words of Lao-tzu. Yet I find myself wondering just WHAT it was you meant to actually SAY? You asked if I wonder about others... If I KNOW them. If I do... Then I imagine that would make me wise, eh? And then you said I'm probably all about ME, implied i might be a RECLUSE, saying I would never find wisdom. Yet... What is wisdom if not true enlightenment... and didn't you JUST say that knowing and honing ones self was the way there? So I suppose*that makes me enlightened? My head hurts.

[Maybe it's the smoke. Benefit of the doubt. CUT TO: Far shot of the whole tableau; hazy sun setting behind a dense forest. A soft breeze tussles the flames and his hair gently.]

You aren't the first to draw your own conclusions, to judge me for the half-truths and outright lies that have been spread about me since I was just a boy. Do you really think you know all there is to know about Max Blackshire? Are you so brazen, so foolish that you'd name me "Coward"? Label as you will... Contradict yourself as you seemingly MUST... But understand that you will learn ALL that you need to know of me soon: not from the Internet, not from a reporter or a news article. Not from hearsay or second-hand rumor. You'll learn ALL you need to know of me FROM me. First hand. Until then... A few corrections about some of your more salacious details. Never a drug user. The occasional pain killer, sure. But I don't touch the hard stuff. The rumors you refer to are unfounded and blown out of proportion. Perhaps, someday, the world will know the truth about Roxanne Beaumont and what REALLY happened at that School. Perhaps someday you'll understand why I slit Sean Steven's throat in the center of the ring years later. See... There was a purpose to it...

[CUT TO: Tight shot on the whites of his eyes.]

...but it wasn't to kill him. There is purpose in ALL things. *Maybe you'd have to ask HIM why. In one breath you tell me the past can't be changed and only moments later assure me it isn't too late to rewrite my story. Seems as though meditation is not YOUR path to clarity. But keep at it, kid. You can ONLY improve...

[CUT TO: Back to wider shot. He folds his arms across his chest, perhaps as painfully pensive as his opponent.]

What else was it that you said? Ah, yes. You think I went to Japan to RUN from who I was. Silly man... I have EMBRACED who I am, who I was... I don't wear the labels they've given me like a badge. It's a brand they've placed on me, Kiyomori. I didn't ask for it and was unable to refuse. I will tell you... EVERY man who has judged me by the brands they have given me has roasted on the flames. Those who saw me as the "Murderer" never heard the "Theif" coming. Those who called me a "Madman" didn't expect the "Wizard". And he who calls me a "Coward"... Learns the meaning of courage when faced with "The Hero".

[CUT TO: Another belch from the bonfire behind him, reaching out to the cooling night air. CUT TO: Torso and up. We can now make out Max's facial features as the gloom in the air seems to set the forest in a blue hued glow.]

Speaking of Heroes... You mention Cyrus. Bathe him in words and praise. So honorable. So right. ... You expect me to disagree with you? I wish I could give you the argument you seek. I wish I could reward your adorable attempts at "getting inside my head" with the trophy you desire. My demons over my brother, Cyrus, have long since been tucked in and put to bed. I am just not that man anymore, Kiyomori. You say that Japan is where a man goes to find himself. Eh. Partially correct on that one. Shockingly enough. There was little left for me here, Kiyomori. The States had been played out and spent. Barely welcome in the UK, it was clear that there was little more than scorched earth in thenWest. So I looked East. To grow. And tell me, Kiyomori... Tell me who I am... TELL me what I've become?

[CUT TO: Tight facial shot. Eyes are tense and focused. As the camera pans back we can't help but see the scarring which scores his right shoulder, arm, and torso. Burns and grafts and burns and grafts.]

You tell me, know it all. You say I am bitter, lonely and angry on the inside. You paint quite the sad picture. When we DO meet I am sure you'll find me no longer bitter, not at all lonely and yes, quite angry...*

[CUT TO: The eyes. Fire seems to dance within.]

But on the OUTSIDE.

"To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do NOT know... is a disease."

You don't even know how SICK you are, Kiyomori... When we meet in the ring, I will CURE you of that ailment. You WILL know me. Then... THEN you can speak. Perhaps you will still be able to. Then you can label me. You can judge me. But not for the sins of the past or the lies the world has shared in... But for the fire standing before you, standing above you, and moving beyond you. I am everything you say I am and more. I am better. I am worse. I am Max Blackshire and YOU...

[CUT TO: Far shot. He turns back to the fire, his voice only just above that whisper, just over the noise of the starving flames.]

...don't even know it.*



League Member
Jul 26, 2011
The foolishness of some can be quite amusing. Such amusement is compounded when the foolish party is unaware of how such statements appear to the masses. Any who have familiarized themselves with the career of Kiyomori would realize that attempting to use his own words against him has a dismal success percentage.

Through years of complete focus on his mind and body, he has become a master of language, a manipulator of words, one who finds beauty in the written and spoken word. To attempt to discredit the words of someone who puts so much time into absorbing knowledge shows how lost an individual truly is.

Max Blackshire, will never be confused with someone of stable mind and body, therefore his efforts will have fallen onto death ears. Or will they? Kiyomori is never one to simply ignore comments sent in his direction, in his mind that would cause weakness as he would underestimate his opponents.

Underestimation is not a business Kiyomori is in, at the end of the day all of mediation, thirst for knowledge, and concentration on his body has one motivating influence…

His will to succeed…

Success in his mind comes in the way of victories. In his mind Max Blackshire, will become another victory in his long career. Even greater than Blackshire, his falling at the feet of Kiyomori would bring him one step closer to achieving the greatest of all prizes…

…The UltraTitle…

While he has accomplished a great deal in his career, collecting the most prestigious tournament trophy in a foreign land would prove to be an accomplishment that some may never forget. Kiyomori has set his mind to accomplishing this goal, everyday it what he wishes and desires, it’s what he’s striving towards, and it’s what he needs…

Who is Max Blackshire to stand in Kiyomori’s way? Despite all of his confidence is it Max Blackshire who is the one who is incorrect? Is Max Blackshire as demented and twisted as his past would lead many to believe?

Max Blackshire could a genius in disguise, someone who is staying one step of his opponent by throwing his own logic against him. Perhaps Blackshire is playing a game way above the level many think he is impossible to reach.

…Kiyomori doesn’t care…

Either way, Max Blackshire will have the same fate. He will not make it to round three and Kiyomori will continue on his quest on becoming the next UltraTitle champion.


The Osaki Station in Tokyo is one of the most beautiful sites in the entire Prefecture. Looking out over the canal, colorful leaves form red carpets along the watery path the canal leads. Just feet beyond the canal you see the bountiful skyscrapers that cover the Tokyo sky way. Our view zooms in closer on a particular individual standing alone on leaning up against the railing which keeps any from falling into the canal.
This man is Kiyomori, again looking lost in thought as he takes in the beauty around him. The sky, the trees, the water all of which are true visual master pieces which captivate the senses. This time he does not hesitate, he immediately turns towards the camera, and begins speaking sharply.

Max Blackshire…I will give you credit…

No sarcasm is in his voice; his patented stoic facial expression is present.

You at least made an attempt to make a point. While that may not accomplish your greatest goals, I will not deny you from any credit at all. Perhaps I used the wrong word when I called you coward, as you have proven to have an amount of courage. While you have shown acts of cowardice in your past, at least you made the conscious effort to not back down from your toughest opponent to date.

Kiyomori looks around briefly, before returning his attention back to the camera. A gentle breeze is heard.

While you have enough courage to make a number of acquisitions, intelligence is not your brightest area. I give you credit for being able to surf the internet and find exerts from the Laozi, yet truly understanding the text takes more than the ability to read. You quoted by saying….

Kiyomori waves his hand through the air in a dismissive fashion.

Actually the words you used are of no importance, you took them out of context to fit your own agenda in which you thought would show how knowledgeable you truly are. You would like to think I am the one with a…


With a straight face you were the one who called me….


Kiyomori shakes his head slightly.

Those comments and others were at best interesting, but allow me to take the time to discuss some of your other transgressions. Just like those out there who are full of lies and dishonor you looked straight into a camera and attempted to deceive those watching into believing that you have all the answers…

…That you had your entire life under control…

Yet, we know that’s not true Blackshire. In your case, it will never be true. You took my calling you a person who is so enamored with himself, despite all of your obvious shortcomings that you fail to realize there is actually very little to be proud of. You thought by me pointing out yourself obsession that it meant you had found enlightenment and that through your enlightenment you by default are wise….

Enlightenment and wisdom are two entirely different things Mr. Blackshire, unfortunately for yourself you are without either. You think someone as myself who has spent the past seventeen years in Puroresu would rely on an article, a reporter, or the internet for my sources?

He shakes his head slowly.

No, I will allow you to gather all of your information from the internet. Perhaps next you can recite a Japanese Proverb you found through Google…that is not how I operate Blackshire, I went straight to those you trained with in Japan, those you had upset, and those who you competed against. They spoke highly of your in-ring ability, they told me that you were one of the most overlooked gaijin in Japan and deserved more credit…If it weren’t for your attitude. They confirmed all I had to say about you, while you deny drug use…

…Some claim to have watched you shoot up…

You say you had nothing to do with that young lady at your school….

…Others say you smiled while disrespecting her name…

You now claim to not have wanted to end Sean Stevens…

…The video says otherwise...

Kiyomori holds his right hand up, gesturing with it as he speaks.

I will not even give any attention to your claim of accepting who you are, your blatant lies and defensive nature tells me you truly are deep down inside. I will address your comments on your brother; do you really feel I wanted argument from you? Do you honestly think I speak to get some sort of response out of my opponents?

…Do you honestly think I care what you think?

The only reason I speak is to express my opinions, your brother was an honorable man and you are not. Whether you argue or agree is of no consequence, I could not possibly care less if you feel me speaking the truth are attempts at getting into your mind. You should be more concerned with how you plan on defeating someone who is your superior in every facet of wrestling….You being angry on the outside during our match would just further cement my place in the third round. You believe your anger makes you better than I? I agree it definitely makes you worse, as does your mental instability…

Kiyomori pauses for a moment.

Please, I implore you to be angry. Show me every ounce of anger that you have within your soul, I want you angry, I want you to be as angry as you were when you murdered Roxanne, as when you slit Stevens throat, as we you attempted to kill your very own brother… I want that anger present.

If that anger is present, I will have the pleasure of removing you from this tournament the state you were in during your greatest acts of dishonor. That will allow me to show you as the small boy you really are, nothing but a boy who lashes out at those who see him as the wretched soul you are. Just like a child who acts out of place, you must be disciplined. Hopefully one day it will allow you to realize just how little you truly know about yourself….It also looks like as you haven’t been paying attention. By now it should be quite clear to you that no matter the size of the fire you play with…

A smile? Yes.

Your flame can easily be extinguished…

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