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San Jose - Part 1



The streets of San Jose, California. Filled with affluent and influential businesspeople from all around the world, San Jose was in the midst of the area known as 'Silicon Valley'. However, it was also the home of teams such as the Sharks, Lasers, Saber Cats and Earthquakes among others.

Paul Michaels walked through the streets of San Jose, wearing a pair of slightly torn denim jeans, as well as a white standard t-shirt. As San Jose was known for its warm weather most of the year, Paul didn't bring his leather jacket with him, but he didn't feel like wearing it anyway.

"San Jose. A city that when translated from its Spanish name is 'Saint Joseph', known in the bible as Joseph of Nazareth." said Paul, remembering the origin of the city name. He scanned the city before him, and shook his head in disgust.

"Too bad this is nothing like Joseph of Nazareth's time, or else we wouldn't have digital wars or corporate power struggles, things that have arisen only within the last century or so..." trailed off Paul, halting on the sidewalk.

Paul wiped his forehead, feeling the sticky residue of sweat seeping over him. It was a blistering seventy five degrees outside, and yet all these buisnesspeople seemed to be unphased by the intense heat.

"It's a good thing i'm used to this temperature from my days in Texas. Now all I need is..." trailed off Paul, halting for a second. Then, he turned, and saw what he was looking for...

A bar.

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