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I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
"That's it, I'm done."

(Fadein, in front of the broken-down home of one Cameron Cruise, in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Freshly shorn of his "Brian Wilson-like beard, his hair cut back to just above shoulder-length, Cruise is dressed in faded blue jeans and a grey shirt, with matching "Anarchy"-style shades. Sitting on the front steps as the barely-working front porch light next to the broken screen door, it gives just enough light to keep Cruise from injury.)

CRUISE: I'm done with this garbage, Jay-Jay, done with the treatment that you've given me and done with punishment I receive because what you "plan"...falls to pieces and you have no alternative but to pass the blame. This is NOT what I agreed to when I joined the Windham Clan, and I'm telling you now...

I'm DONE, Jay-Jay, done with what's been shown to me from you, and the hatred I felt months ago, has not only since changed, I not only have a difference of opinion for what's gone on...that hatred has since SHIFTED.

My emotions now have changed and while I still don't have a need to agree on things with people, but the one thing I know now, Jay-Jay...FUCK YOU, Jay-Jay, I fucking...

(Cruise clenches a fist and SLAMS the screen door next to him.)


I hate you and the ENTIRETY of what is THE FUCKING WINDHAM CLAN.

But the fact is...you've always had me projected wrong, Jay-Jay, and not much has changed.

You've demanded that I kneel before you, and that's not only not happened....it never will.

Then you WHIPPED me.

Now, I was about as obnoxious as the next guy when I was a kid, but that's NEVER been part of my childhood discipline punishment. You wanted, hell, you NEEDED me to beg for mercy.

But that didn't happen either.

The fact is that after all what was promised me from the start of when I joined Troy Windham's ranks, you even tried to end my CAREER.

But like everything else you've tried to do, Jay-Jay...you failed EVERY TIME.

I might be under contract to you and the Windham Clan, but the fact is that you DO. NOT. OWN. ME.

From the early days of when you were Troy's BITCH-BOY in the CSWA, to when Troy took things over here in NFW, you're proclaimed by many as a JOKE....and then you assumed the role as LEADER of the Clan, and in that you were supposed to take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, but clearly...you DON'T.

I promise you, Jay-Jay, there's going to come a day of reckoning, a day where you WILL...pay for what you've done to me; The ENTIRE Windham Clan FALL at the hands of Cameron Cruise, I promise you that.

(Cruise turns his head and spits off to the side as he continues).

I joined the Windham Clan because of the fact that at the time, I felt that everyone on the New Frontier roster had ALIENATED me. Day in and day out, I busted my ASS and I wasn't thrilled with the reception of what I had hoped for, for what I NEEDED...even when I was hospitalized, and I was ready to QUIT.

Contract negotiations at the time were NOTHING to me, and while I admit that I did over look the parameters of what was included...it wasn't IMPORTANT. Call me crazy...and you probably will...but the fact is from time to time, even though I'm my own man, I was hoping for a little support, a little backing for the treatment for what I received after all the years I put in for New Frontier; my JOB was on the line...and I got NOTHING for my efforts.

(Cruise *looks off into the distance* for a minute.*)

And despite pleas and efforts from Impulse and Rose for understanding, I ignored it all...and for that...well...

(Cruise looks back at the camera, and in a stern expression..)

I apologize, Randall, Rose, I'm sorry.

But the fact is that I inherited what I was looking for from a man that I never expected to receive it from, and it wasn't a seven-foot tall (finger quotes) "Mute Freak", as he's been called.

It was Bobby-Jack Windham.

Bobby-Jack, you came to me and shed light on things that I wasn't ready for...but at the time, it was something I needed.

Something I needed to hear...something to SEE...but for the majority of what it was you told me...

(Cruise sighs, standing up. He leans against a post, his arms folded across his chest.)

Something I needed to BELIEVE, and until then, I wasn't a normal follower of those that go to Church, I really wasn't. But you taught me things Bobby-Jack, things that I hadn't figured to even bother looking into before, but made it a point thereafter.

And surely that's something I won't forget...but something's wrong with you, Bobby-Jack.

You're not the same "Bobby-Jack" that stuck by me when those in New Frontier wouldn't, in fact, this much is obvious: something is wrong with you. Something inside that head of yours, the same head that preached sermon after sermon, the same head that spoke out to me that the Good Lord was looking out for me...the same "higher power" that I had denied all those months ago after the Windham Clan had put it on the line against New Frontier for the rights to ownership of the company...has failed.

YOU...Bobby-Jack, the "All-West Texas Athlete".

The one man that's been spoiled since I DON'T REMEMBER WHEN....has failed.

You failed in proving to me what you had tried so hard to grind into my head was the "End-of-the-day" TRUTH, when it mattered the most.

You and NOT ME...outside of what Jay-Jay has been most of his adult life...are a FAILURE here in New Frontier, and Cameron Cruise...the TRUE FORM of Cameron Cruise...has returned in your 'stead.

RE-BORN, if you will.

(Cruise stands up straight.)

Now...those may not be the words you wanna hear...but until you understand them, that's all you'll ever be, Bobby-Jack Windham.

And it's about time you put in to the collection plate.

(Cruise stares intently into the camera view before turning back and stepping into the house, the porch-light going out.)


User Poets

The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
Mr. Cruise,

No apology is necessary. We've all made mistakes in our lives, and the fact that you're now realizing who is healthy for your karma and who is destructive is the important thing. Let us know if there's anything RK or I can do for you.

Calico Rose


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: JJ DeVille, sitting in a high-backed mahogany leather chair in front of a bay window from the top floor of his Arlington, VA condo. His hair is greasy and pulled back into a ponytail, go-tee neat as usual, diamond earrings flashing as he's wearing a WWJJD T-Shirt tucked into his khaki dress pants.)

JJ: "Cameron Cruise, I want to thank you for the opportunity for us to open up a little bit of a dialogue. It's about time that we had a chat, don't you think? Because there have been a BUNCH of thing I've wanted to say to you for a really long time."

(JJ purses his lips.)

JJ: "I'm sure you know my backstory by now I'm going to talk about it some more because there is no more important topic than yours truly. I started in this industry carrying the bags and running the errands for Troy Windham and Eddy Love, the two biggest superstars who ever lived. I was treated like crap in the CSWA. I was a laughingstock. But I paid my dues and learned at the feet of the two greatest of all-time and started to come into my own... and then it was TAKEN from me because Uncle Chad had a hard time balancing a checkbook. I sent my resume and my tapes out across the globe looking for a company to match my CSWA deal. My phone calls to the NFW, to EPW, to A1E... too all of those places went unreturned. I have a stack of form rejection letters right there, in the new Office Max Deluxe set, reminding me of what was TAKEN from me."

(JJ's fists ball with anger.)

JJ: "Do you know what it's like to be on a college campus after you've already had a career as an internationally recognized wrestling superstar? How many times I had to hear 'Hey, weren't you...' around campus? How I had to clean up the creatine shakes left in the campus weight room locker room from the football team? Do you know what it's like to endure personal humiliation after personal humiliation... and then when you turn on wrestling -- ANY wrestling show -- there you see the smiling face of Cameron Cruise on the screen at that given moment, a man who isn't even fit to carry YOUR bags?"

(JJ's fists tremble again.)

JJ: "Cameron Cruise... IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME... I'm going to reveal an INCONVENIENT TRUTH about you that everyone knows but is afraid to say out loud."

(JJ smirks.)

JJ: "You're terrible. You are the absolute dregs of professional wrestling."

(JJ's smirk grows even bigger.)

JJ: "How many times, Cruise, have you gone to fellow wrestlers in the back... 'Hey, man, I'm working on a promo, I was just wondering if you thought this was any good?' or 'Hey, I just got jumped in the locker room, any thoughts as to how I should handle it?' Hell, rumor has it that there's been more than just a few times when you had other wrestlers help you write down your interviews and promos down on a piece of paper which you then memorized. I know you think you're some sort of hotshot for advancing late into the Ultratitle, but lord knows that you're reading cue cards taken from better men."

(JJ shakes his head condescendingly.)

JJ: "But that type of behavior is why you have a career. Parasitically attaching yourself to Joey Melton in hopes for someone to finally pay attention to you. How many times, Cammy, have you approached my mentor Troy Windham looking to join up? Looking to run an angle with him? Six? Seven? Your modus operandi is to kiss the ass of those that actually matter and hope to get some of those crumbs. Hell, look at your history with us. We beat the holy f*ck out of you for months at a time... and then you came BEGGING to join our ranks because you realized we were what's up... and to do so, you even JOINED A NEW RELIGION just for a chance to get a few loose minutes with us. You're lucky, Cruise, that Bobby Jack has a big Christian heart -- or, did have a big Christian heart, he's kind of impossible to get a hold of lately -- because that's the only reason why we even considered the idea."

(JJ chuckles.)

JJ: "But your membership in The Clan did give us one thing -- the gift of the unintentional laughter you brought us as we watched you stumble and repeatedly try to handle calling yourself 'Christian Cruise' to the masses. I mean, you bring the world this joy just by tying your shoes, but seeing you try and publicly speak with a new image and name and all of that... and despite having about 42 years in this business, having NO idea how to handle the simple act of changing your public personal... with that dumb beard and gross haircut... there was the highpoint of American comedy of the year, even surpassing Tosh.0 rape jokes."

(JJ shakes his head.)

JJ: "Cameron Cruise, I'm a lot of things. I'm a douchebag. I'm a d*ckhead. I'm a power mad weasel. But what I also do that irritates everyone just that little bit more is hold up the mirror to the world. You, Cameron Cruise, have made a career as a professional wrestler without having any seeming talent whatsoever. I'm not afraid to expose you for the fraud you are, just like I did to your new best friend Impulse. I sat on the sidelines for five years waiting to be picked while I watched promoter after promoter and wrestler after wrestler hand you the ball... which you dropped time after time after time. But since you're the first guy to tell the coach how smart he is while asking for advice... you keep getting chance after chance after chance."

(JJ stares at the camera.)

JJ: "Your chances are up. You're my slave. Your career in New Frontier Wrestling is as good as over. And that, my man... is a reality check that you just won't like."

(JJ laughs. FTB)


Apr 1, 1998
Urbana, OH
Deacon. Alone. No fancy lights or visuals, just sitting behind a desk.

D: Seem to me, Bobby Jack have check too and after over year, someone coming to collect what evidently never his to begin wit'. I would say call me collection agency. But I got anot'er name I been fond of. Just call me t'e Deacon.

(From off-camera)

VOICE: What about Mute Freak?

(Deacon gets up, camera panned into his right hip as he turns)

D: I talking. Why t'ey call me t'at?


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: JJ DeVille, sitting on his mahogany chair, feet up on a rail, as he smugly looks at the DC skyline from his Virginia condo. He kicks off the bar and slowly turns towards the camera, steeping his fingers as he purses his lips.)

JJ: "Deacon, do I look like a joke? Does what I say amuse you? Am I -- despite ALL I've done here in NFW -- still not considered someone to take SERIOUSLY? After all I said and done... all I get from you is a punchline. A joke craft'd and t'old by t'retard."

(JJ shakes his head.)

JJ: "For five long, cold years, I sat on the sidelines. I sat on the shelf, watching from afar at an industry that forgot I existed. All of my phone calls and e-mails... never answered. But you, Deacon? You can have that oh-so-hold master of the board room snap his fingers and there you go, right back to the top of the card. Why? Because eight years ago, 'FAITH IS THE REASON' was piped in over the PA system in leagues throughout the world? And for what? So the six people who remembered your dumb name could pop the night you emerged? The Deacon, the new hero of New Frontier Wrestling, a group of people no-doubt known throughout the world for their singing of ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIER."

(JJ purses his lips.)

JJ: "Deacon... I'm going to reveal an INCONVENIENT TRUTH about you and your handler Shepherd. You're there to get your face on the Christian magazines and to get the puff piece on Sister Angelica or whatever it is. You're there to sell products in the multi-billion dollar Famous Christian industry. You're a COMMODITY. And your boy Shepherd? He's a master of the boardroom. Sure, he may talk the good game about turning the other cheek... but he talks an even BETTER game when it comes to negotiating all of those deals and hotel suites and luxury cars he enjoys so much. You're right. You're not the mute freak. You're a money making scam pushed down the industry's throats so you can help a few people make money. Praise Jesus, the ultimate marketing tool."

(JJ purses his lips.)

JJ: "Nice desk, by the way. I'll leave you to it now, so you can use your iMac to update your Christian Mingle account."



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
"Oh the time for chatting is long past due, Jay-Jay. Now kicking your ass...that's just getting started."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of an NFW backdrop, dressed in black jeans and a blue T-shirt and matching Anarchy-style shades.)

CRUISE: You can think of me as a joke all you want, but the sad truth about it, is that you might THINK you run things in the Windham Clan, but all it takes is Troy becoming distracted by the moronic decisions you make, and all of a sudden...it's CSWA all over again.

My so-called "Leader", is a "laughingstock" just like he was in CSWA.

Jay-Jay DeVille...IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME...you sit there and watch television and see my face on the screen because that's EXACTLY what you were accustomed to do, back in the days in CSWA.

You're a WATCHER, Jay-Jay.

You follow everyone else until the people who AREN'T afraid of making mistakes, who AREN'T afraid of failure, are out of the picture and THEN assume the mantle of someone who doesn't shit his pants whenever Troy comes in the arena in a bad mood.

The fact is, I'll carry your bags...they're only luggage, no better than anyone else, only they belong to you.

However, over the course of my career, I've gone to being a nice guy and helping a fellow wrestler out in an Airport terminal, to not giving a damn and taking them over to the wrong terminal and having them shipped to Abu Dhabi, or Madagascar, because I don't feel like giving you the ****ing satisfaction of having a good flight.

In fact, I'll not only do that, but I'll take a nice heavy SHIT in the most delicate of bags, just to make sure you see that you're no better than anyone else around here.

But let's digress from that, shall we?

I mean, after all...I'm the one that's terrible right?? I'm the one that keeps asking for criticism, not because I don't know the basics of things, but because I'm always looking to improve myself...to BETTER my level of competitiveness in this business....not because I'm ****ing clueless.

Now, I mentioned that because YOU'RE the one that keeps mentioning my involvement in the Ultratitle tournament, an event that has nothing to do with what goes on over here...but let's look at that, since you're intent on making a point of it on a regular basis now:

I'm not a hotshot, Jay-Jay, that's just an observation that doesn't need pinpointing, hell, I know I'm not the best around here, EVERYONE knows that.

But where the hell were you when the invitations were sent out for the Ultratitle, Jay-Jay??

Back at the Windham Estate, polishing Troy's "Golden Turd"??

I wrestle my ass off in that tournament, and the fact that it's paying off...I've REALLY got no explanation for it. However, what I CAN say, is that as much grief as you give me, it's gotta be pissing you off that I not only was accepted into the tournament, but I've more likely surpassed the expectations of people that would think that you could possibly do BETTER.

Hell, I've even advanced farther than TROY has, and he was apparently voted by many to win the WHOLE FUCKING THING. But please...give me shi about being connected to Joey Melton, I've already proved my worth and mettle against him once and SUCCEEDED, but I've got the chance to do it a SECOND time. I've got the opportunity to shock the world for a SECOND TIME, which isn't a possibility anyone else can attribute to, much less you or anyone here in NFW.

I hope it pisses you off, Jay-Jay, hell...I hope it BURNS YOU like the Gonorrhea you got from the groupie that Troy passed off to you in his 'stead.

(Cruise quickly nods)

That's right, Jay-Jay....the discretion that you think is sacred, is no more kept secret in this business than that of my own, but at least you learned a lesson in the long-term, no??

"Not all Vagina banged is worth the time it requires to take them to 'Pound Town"."

I never said I didn't have my faults, Jay-Jay, I had reason for the things I did back then, back when I had my job put on the line, back when I joined the Windham Clan and put forth the time to TRY OUT the religion that Bobby-Jack opened up to me with.

I keep getting chance after chance after chance, because I can at least show the 'Coach' that I BELONG in this business, and now that I'm three wins away from accomplishing something that you, Troy, or the rest of the Windham Clan will never do, or will never have the opportunity to, ever again.

You can even call me "Rudy" if you want, but the truth is, I'm PROVING MYSELF.

Extracurricular activities that you plan on making excuses with for it Jay-Jay, is BULLSHIT.

It's all about how BAD you want it...and believe when I tell you...I want it BAD.

I don't have to like what you make me do, as a member of the Windham Clan, in fact, I HATE IT.

But at least I know I'm not above doing those things and earning my way into what I need to be.

SUCCESSFUL, which even at your standing in New Frontier Wrestling and the Windham Clan, is more than what I can say for YOU....

(Cruise flips the double bird.)



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