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Setting the Record Straight


Jan 1, 1970


FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES standing in front of the PRIMETIME backdrop. Over his shoulder, the Unified Tag Title Championship belt rests comfortably. MILES is smiling at the camera, his eyes hidden by the shades he's wearing...

MILES: "Shane, Shane, SHANE. Let's get one thing straight on this record right NOW. I've faced 7'7 600 pound freaks and they DIDN'T scare me. I've been in this business for TEN years and once challenged, I've NEVER backed down. I don't care WHO it was, WHERE it was, or WHEN it was. It hasn't mattered if it was inside the ring, a cage, a boiler room or on the street - NOT ONCE have I ever been afraid of what lies ahead of me. You know why, Shane? 'Cause I LOVE what I do and not ONE person here has the cojones big enough to make me think twice about EVER stopping."

MILES pulls out a cigarette and lights it...

MILES: "And you know what Shane? Whatever went on in your head when you cut that spot, left ALOT to be desired in my eyes. What the (BLEEP!) are you talking about anyway? Why the hell do I want to get myself DQ'd, Shane? Why the hell would I have Guns and Eddie Mayfield try and injure a business prospect of mine? And what purpose does it serve Craig Miles to call you a stupid hick? Listen Southern - I know you've had to deal with the inane, boring and lack of personalities that fester in the United States Title Division, but this is 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES you're walkin' into the ring with. I don't need to call you a stupid hick, Shane - lord knows if I wanted to take that road, I'd just tell the world that your mother must tell you it enough. That's ORIGINAL. I don't need to rehash what some GXW flunkie or Triple X drama queen runs by you these days. I know you Shane, I know what you're about. You were gaining my respect, Shane 'cause whether you like it or not - we're cut from the same cloth."

MILES blows out a smoke ring...

MILES: "See, Shane - maybe you should pay attention around here. Watch the whole feud with Simply Stunning, you're supposedly 'good' guys vs. 'bad' guys, right? Did The Pros bring any tazers into the ring? NOPE - that was THEM. Did we jump them backstage? THEM AGAIN. Did we get ourselves DISQUALIFIED 'cause we were 'afraid'? HELL NO, THEY DID. Eddie Mayfield and myself went out there and fought TOOTH and NAIL each night with nothin' but our own fists and feet to back up what we say. No screwjobs, No elaborate plans to steal a title - we just went out and KICKED (BLEEP!). So, why the hell am I gonna treat you any differently? Southern - you don't have to like the Intruders. I'm not asking you to be our best friend. I'm asking you to SEE the light. This hellhole ain't worth savin' and if you're smart you'll jump ship before it sinks. See, the real fear right now is the fact that the Intruders DON'T NEED to fool you. We DON'T NEED to hosejob you. We just need to SHOW THE HELL UP. It's an attitude you like to take, Shane - or am I wrong?"

MILES flicks the cigarette at the camera...

MILES: "Unfortunately, we have a TOTAL lack of respect from your end right now. You want to play me up like some timid heel that runs at first sight of a challenge? (BLEEP!) you, Southern. I've handled opponents that ate young lions like you for breakfast. I'm not scared of SH(BLEEP!), Shane. In fact, I'm itchin' to find out what the whole Shane Southern Experience feels like. To see if its REALLY worthy of the Intruder status. Don't think I'm just comin' here as a joke, Southern. I've got NOTHING to lose and NOTHING to hide. After it's all said and done, win OR lose - I've got THIS (MILES pats his title belt) to come back to. All you're doing is putting yourself in a GIANT lose-lose-lose situation. One, you're ALREADY settin' yourself up to lose your shot at being an Intruder. Two, you've gone out and told the world that Craig Miles is scared of Shane Southern...(MILES pauses) BAD MOVE. Three, 'cause you've gone ahead and done the first two - maybe I WILL make it MY business to walk out of Orlando with another title belt. Maybe I won't. Either way, Southern - the only thing that glorified foot of yours is gonna hit is YOUR MOUTH."


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