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Seventeen Men, One Ring, One Winner


Reverend Asshole
Jan 16, 2006

Tonight, at the Pepsi Center, the latest episode of Sunday Night Slaughter has aired! What was so special about this Slaughter? Well, other then a Women's Title Match, a number one contenders match, and a title unification we had out Seventeen Man Mini Dream Rumble!

The Mini Dream Rumble is a prelude to the huge forty-nine man Dream Rumble coming later this year! The Dream Rumble is a tradition of the DWF that has yet to be topped by anyone since it's inception in 1999. Be sure to get home and rewind your Tivo's to check out tonight's Slaughter and get pumped as Dream Wrestling Federation comes back hard.

SOURCE: http://www.dreamwrestling.com

In other DWF news, Dream is accepting applications for singles, tag teas, and female superstars to join the exciting roster for it's weekly episodic Sunday Night Slaughter series as Slaughter preps for it's new 'Slaughterhouse' venue coming late this year/early next in Orlando, Florida.

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