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Shane Southern's Reality...


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
fade- in:

"Were you fed paint chips as a child, Shane?"

Triple X, sitting on a flight of stairs, on a cool Orlando, Florida night. It was about nine o’clock PM, the sky was clear, full of stars and clouds. He looked up at them, almost lost in it, before returning to the camera.

"I mean… I really can't take all the credit here, you're definitely the amazing one. Your inability to make a decent point has made this entire thing entertaining… damn near comical. From the very beginning, you realized that you had nothing and you stood little to no chance. So you sat on your ass, and watched... waited. …followed my lead. Then I gave you something… on one particular day, I showed a little human emotion, and you jumped all over it, like a slab of bacon on your daddy's farm, as if the great Shane Southern is incapable of feeling strongly about a subject."

"Now, you're back to square one, nothing new to say, grasping at straws for material instead of just admitting what everybody already knows… your ego won't allow it, though. …Can't have Shane Southern looking inferior, can we? He's the next big thing, right? The heir apparent. It's okay when you accuse me of things I never said, because you're Shane Southern. Excuse me for pleading my case, I should've known better… should've realized who I was talking to. The chosen one, the golden boy… God almighty himself. It's funny, Southern… I never knew Jesus had an accent."

"I called you a name once – a hick, I think – but because you've insisted that I've resorted to… what was it, again? That's right… cheap 'third grade insults', I must have. I'm so sorry, Shane. Sorry I insulted your family, your upbringing, your heritage, and I'm sorry I hurt your feelings."

Stevens paused like he… heard something. He took a couple of steps closer to the camera, as if somebody… from inside… said something to him.

"Oh, I forgot… silly little 'ordinary' me. …it never got to you... never even bothered you. Don't worry, Shane… I'm sure your entire fan base thinks the same way as you, the fact that you mentioned it in every single promo afterwards is irrelevant, you're the best damned thing since sliced bread, have I ever told you that?"

"Oh, and forget the fact that I never called you a crybaby once. …don't worry that I never implied it. … it's all circumstantial evidence, superstar. In the court of Shane Southern the only laws are your laws, so if you said I said it, it must've happened when the cameras were turned off, how's that? Good enough for you, Hollywood? Because if it's not, I can go back to the lab and create another ridiculously lame, and unbelievable excuse. Did I ever tell you how good you looked losing twice at "Battle of the Belts"? Real good… looked like the best loser in the business."

Stevens thought about it, for a minute... then smiled.

"All jokes aside, I don't care what you're about, or what you planned to happen at On Time. And, I could care less about your theories on being the best. I know what I get paid to do, and what will take place, and it's really simple. I'm gonna beat you. …in every stretch of the game. Mentally, I'll outthink you. Physically I'm gonna out perform you, and break you down, until you can't continue. And, it's not gonna be because I was better than you on one day, it's gonna be because in terms of talent, you don't compare. I don't give a f#ck what the inch- high- private- eye has to say. Fact of the matter is, if I do destroy you in the ring, at a house show, at that… something he and his boys couldn't do… it makes them look weak. Think about it, one man did what three couldn't. He wants you to win… to be better than me. Confidence is half the battle, and he's doing everything in his power to convince you that you're every bit as good as he thinks you have to be to hang with him."

"But, you're not… and, he's not the major player that he once was. There's a new breed of superstar in this promotion, and it's me. You aren't my equal because I have no equal. Not you, not Flair, not Hornet… nobody. I'm not after acclaim… if a magazine editor doesn't want me in his editorial… who cares? The only thing I want out of this, is to prove something to you and everybody else who thinks there's a snowball's chance in hell that you're better than me. …that's all I want, Shane… I'm a competitor… I eat, sleep, and breathe this wrestling stuff. I want to be CSWA's World Champion, not because it's another belt to place on top of my mantle… but, because it'll signify me being the single best wrestler in this company."

"You've got me all wrong, Shane… I'm not a bad guy. I'm a wrestler, just like you. You're a competitor, which means you're in my way. At On Time, I'll tell you what, since you think Miles and Mayfield tell better jokes, I'll leave that to them."

"I'll introduce you to Triple X the wrestler. The competitor. The man who prides himself on being the best. Good Luck. …because my party's far from over, it's just begun."

fade- to- black


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Going away for the weekend. I'll try to get back to you on Monday.

Great stuff :p


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