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"Slick" Vic Gravender

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Feb 4, 2005
Name: “Slick” Vic Gravender
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 450 lbs.
Hails From: Watertown, NY
Music: “Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin

Physical Appearance: Over the last few months, Vic Gravender has made some subtle changes to his appearance. He has let some of his hair grow out into a spiky black motif and his old goatee was shaved off and traded in for a sleazy moustache and soul patch a la Austin Aries. He’s still just as big and fat as ever, but is now under the impression/delusion that he is a charming ladies man, looking to kick some ass, get paid and get laid. At 6’4” and 450 pounds, he’s still a f*cking monster.

Ring Attire: On his way to the ring, he now wears a red silk robe, complete with patches on the elbows. Underneath, he wrestles in a pair of black tights with "SLICK VIC" on both sides in Champagne styling, white colored, seen here: http://www.1001freefonts.com/Champagne.php the tights are complete with suspenders in the vein of Big Daddy V. His entire upper body is now completely exposed, which is now sure to gross out the audience, but in his mind, he’s a f*cking sexy motherf*cker and you can go f*ck off.

In-Ring Style: Mobile Big Man.
-Bad Heartbreak (Over-The-Shoulder Gutbuster)
-Whirlwind Romance (Spinning Side Slam)
-Face-to-Face with Greatness (More or less, an inverted Stink Face. You can take it from there.)
-Clubbing Forearm Shots
-Fallaway Slam
-Running Hip Attack to either cornered or standing opponent
-Biel Throw
-Overhead/Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex
-Sidewalk Slam
-Running Elbow Drop
-Samoan Drop
-General "big-fat guy" moves (shoulder blocks, body avalanches, so forth)

-The Tear Drop (Corner Slingshot Splash a la Vader Bomb)
-Beautiful Disaster (Fallaway Slam position turned into Powerbomb aka Monty Brown's Alpha Bomb)

-Lovestruck (Top Rope Vader-style Moonsault)

Personality: Formerly a lazy slug of a man, Vic Gravender has found himself a completely new motivation as a completely sleazy and narcissistic ladies man out for gold, the punanni, and the titty. Turning on the NLW fans that loved his destructive ways, he has found himself a new motivation and is willing to backstab, hurt, berate and sit on to get it. Those who have the gold, get lots of money which can buy lots of hookers looking to go down on a fatass. Next step: THE NLW OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.

Background: Grew up in the quiet town of Watertown, NY for the majority of his life. In his youth, earned a scholarship and played in Arena Football in the NY area for four years as a nose tackle. After not feeling the entire football scene, Gravender was urged by friends to take his fat ass to compete in professional wrestling. Showing off incredible skill and mobility for a tank-ass, he managed to wow crowds by competing in a mix of creative brawls with wrestlers of all shapes and sizes. Primarily wrestled in the Mid-Atlantic area until a Japanese wrestling promoter caught on to Vic and his skills. Sent overseas back in 2006 as the Japanese seem to love big, crazy gaijin wrestlers, he wrestled primarily as a sideshow attraction. Unfortunately, in early 2009, a rather bad falling out with the very same promoter that discovered him ended up with Vic beating the man up and putting him in a hospital. Essentially blackballed from every major overseas promotion, he came back to the United States and had spent the majority of this year sitting back, getting drunk, and gaining more weight.

Now after having taken a year off from the sport, he has signed on to Next Level Wrestling, trying to make the most of his skills before he’s eventually confined to a wheelchair. Sure, he’s a little bit rusty and probably even a lazy slug, but he’s big as **** and can dole out crazy punishment. People pay to see that ****.

Now that he has effectively turned on his fans, the man now known as “Slick” Vic Gravender has set his sights on looking good (not really) and kicking people’s asses while doing it, all in a bid to get to the NLW Openweight Championship.

MANAGER: Solomon Stamp. A portly former wrestler with a little bit of a following within the Mid-Atlantic wrestling scene, Solomon has come out of retirement at the behest of Vic Gravender, looking for somebody to maintain his finances and generally play into his delusions. Standing at 6’1” and around 300 pounds himself, Stamp may occasionally step into the ring for Vic when he doesn’t feel his opponents deserve to wrestle him or touch his greatness. When he comes to the ring, he has a mirror in place for him in the ring to check out his physique as he disrobes (it’s actually a funhouse mirror that makes him look big and strong instead of big, FAT, and strong). Solomon is ready, willing, and able to distract, cheat, lie, and even steal for his last big meal ticket.
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