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Streetcar named Desire



{{...FADE-IN: The outside of the Avenue Plaza Hotel in the picturesque Garden District on the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line in New Orleans. An old street car comes digging its way down the track as passers by stop to admire the past of the city. The camera pans up to a balcony about mid-way up the hotel. "The CSWA's Masked Man" stands behind the railing, looking out over the line, lost deep in thought. After about ten seconds of silence from our mystery man he seems to snap back into reality, and turns to face the camera...He begins to speak, his voice altered slightly...}}

Masked Man: " That interview was cute Evan. I guess you hoped to convince a few people that you're still the same man you always were...only careing about the sport, wanting to do what you always have....and get the same results. But it's always actions that speak louder that words Evan, and by your actions at PrimeTime, you showed ME that you're not ready for the BIGtime. You showed that you're willing to lie, cheat and backstab to get what you want...you can blame it on boredom, you can blame it on manipulation...whatever. I don't care why you donned the mask, I don't care why you joined up with Valentine,...what I'm curious about Evan, what you've YET to address to anyone is WHY you ATTACKED Wildstar. Boredom? That's pathetic. Manipulation? Grow a pair Evan and be your OWN man. You can sit down with Bill Buckly and talk for days about your career....that's not what the people want to hear. They want to hear if you regret it. They want to hear if you're sorry. They want to hear if you're TRULY a part of the New Suicide Squad...they want to hear if you TRULY have turned your back on your wrestling talent and joined up with people who have no morals or respect for this sport. "

" But your obviously trying to be vague about it. I hope you're not doing it just to confuse me...because I really don't care. It's fine, you go on about your business, which, includes ME in the not to distant future. You seem to be quite confident in a victory Evan, and that's good, I like that. But what you don't seem to understand is that I'm not some green rookie looking to make a name for himself by wearing a mask and getting attention. I've been wrestling across the U.S for over five years now. I've wrestled down South, back East, Up North, and even the wild,wild West. I've been in the CSWA before...I've been in federations you are probably familiar with, and some you're probably not. I've won World titles, tag titles and Extreme titles. I've done just about everything. I tell you this Evan not to brag, but I want you to understand that it DOES matter who I am, it WILL matter once you step into the ring with me...but I guess after it's all over, you'll know that. Even if I lose, you'll know that. "

" But I'm sure you disagree. And that's to be expected. You've become acustomed to winning, but Evan that's NOT a good thing. I always belive that I have a chance of losing my next match, it just makes me work that much harder to prevent it from happening. To say that everything is OK, to think that you'll win no matter who I am, no matter what happens...well, that's ridiculous. Your mind is you own worst enemy Evan, you have the talent, but {{...points to his head...}} you need a little help up here. To borrow a line from Rocky III, you wrestle great, but I'M a great wrestler. To BE a great wrestler takes not only wrestling great, but being smarter, having more heart, and more focus. You'll never be that man until you get rid of the baggage and try. "

" I'll see you and that shiny gold belt at the Arena Evan. "

{{..FADE OUT..}}

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