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Tag Team Turmoil: Fanatic/Tact v Hart/Suicide


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
No air cleared...

* Larry Tact / Fanatic RP for C10.


We arrive at the platform of the #7 train, a longtime staple of New York City transit. It is still daylight, but clouds cover the sky in varying shades of gray. Because the 7 train is one of the few subways that runs above ground, we can see some of the city behind the platform. It is clear we are at the second stop from the Flushing, Queens end of the line, known as “Mets-CitiField.” And, true to its name, just beyond the platform is the home of the New York Mets, the new throwback brick structure ballpark built over the older Shea Stadium parking lot. Meanwhile, stepping into view on the platform are two who represent the past and present generations of New ERA of Wrestling: Fanatic and Larry Tact. The Elite Enigma, donned in blue costume with orange ‘infinity’ Mark on the face of the mask, and around the costume, props himself on the platform railing. Larry Tact stands at the forefront, dressed in a blue #29 Ike Davis official Mets jersey, and blue Levis 569 jeans.

LARRY TACT: “Over the past couple weeks, it seems as if there’s been a running theme going through New ERA of Wrestling. No, scratch that… over the ENTIRETY of Season Two, there’s been a running theme. And that theme appears to be… disrespect. There has been a lack of respect for Shawn Hart, a man who has been on the top of the mountain twice since New ERA returned. He was practically treated as a transition Champion by Mr. Entertainment, who, to be fair, probably would have done the same with anyone that held the title, once he took his shot. Unfortunately, ‘the Phenom’ couldn’t quite strike back definitively, and that lack of respect went unanswered… unavenged… unrefuted…”

“Another case where there has been some disrespect is with, Suicide. Because while the man, the myth, the legend may not realize it… his return is, in fact, a pretty big deal. Or at least, I thought it should be…”

“A legend who some new blood do not completely understand, but the best in the business will never forget.”

“A myth of the Burning Hammer that does justice… the ’Drivers that come, one after another, without one being repeated because of how many he can execute, and without reprieve in their assault… a Screwdriver rarely seen and carrying a definitive significance, with its appearance.”

“A man of innovation, of unique character, and of mysterious intentions. A man I could call friend.”

He holds up his hands.

“What happened to all this?”

“It seems as if Marcus LaRoque, himself has decided to put all this aside, and instead throw ‘the Man, the Myth, the Legend’ into the pack with little to no fanfare. Suicide is just a legend of the past… a myth left uncovered… and a man to be given nothing but the toughest of competition, right from the start of his reemergence.”

“Of course, for Suicide, maybe his response has been in the ring, which I feel is fitting. I’m not surprised at all he’s earned himself a shot at the New ERA Championship. But for some reason, nobody has bothered to notice. The Mysterious Wanderer has, essentially, flown under the radar.”

He shakes his head.

“I can’t say the same can be said for the Tact Legacy. Instead, my brother and I have, for the ENTIRETY of Season Two, been nothing but criticized and ridiculed. Whether it’s the usual suspects like Cameron Cruise, to the New ERA Champion, Mr. Entertainment, there’s been all this chatter about my brother and I. Everything from my not being a proper manager, to people not wanting me to be a manager. From accusations that it’s somehow illegal for my brother to have a manager speaking for him, to the thought that he’s not handling things the ‘right way.’ I don‘t think the theme of disrespect that the wrestlers of New ERA have decided to run with, this season, has been epitomized any better than with the treatment of the Tact Legacy.”

“And you know what? There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. As I‘ve said in the past… The best get ridiculed because they are the best, and it must be taken in stride.”

He smirks.

“After all, it’s what Champions have to handle. This is all just another means of preparation for my brother, and something I’ve had to deal with throughout my career. Whether it’s been from those I’d expect, or not, everyone has managed to get their shots in at me during my time in this industry. And in return, I’ve made a career off of proving people wrong and giving them humbling consequences for their words and actions.”

“So with everyone eager to critique mine and my brother’s performances this season-- as in, our perfect performance-- I wasn‘t surprised when Shawn Hart and Suicide decided to get their knocks in, too.”

“Which brings us to this week… Cyberstrike 10...”

“For starters, we have Ulysis… and thankfully, it seems Spectre has been kept under wraps, and we are seeing Suicide. But quite frankly, Ulysis, that’s a good thing. Because it’s the side of you that once believed you would go into each match, and win or lose, whatever happened, you wanted to be challenged. You wanted to show your opponent that you were real. And you might even be willing to reach out and shake your opponent’s hand.”

“Suicide you once hoped that whether your opponent liked you or not, that they would be forced to show you the respect you deserved after the match. But as I’ve learned for years, and you should know already, what is respect really worth in this sport? How many people really showed you that respect you used to think you would earn out of them?”

“No, over the years, the way I see it is this: in wrestling, respect is just another word for manipulation. The only real respect you can believe is the one that comes with being a Champion. The kind that can‘t be denied.”

“And then one question can lead to another. When I see Suicide coming to the ring, a man who I have known for over a decade… a man I called friend… and I’m having to block a Burning Knuckle with my hand… what does the respect of Suicide mean? After I landed on the pro circuit, I remember hearing you say that I was one of a very few who you could respect. And while that meant something, now, in hindsight I wonder if I should have taken that show of respect only that far… as a show. It didn‘t matter back then, because it would be a while before we crossed paths in the ring. But each time we have been on opposite sides of the ring, it seems to become clearer that ‘the Man… the Myth…. The Legend‘ may have a problem with not treating me as anything more than the kid he knew back in the indies. Well, Ulysis, we‘re now a decade-plus removed from those days. And yeah, I have changed. Maybe it‘s time you accepted that it isn‘t something wrong with ME… but something YOU are resisting. But go ahead, Ulysis, and tell me why I’m wrong, why I’m not seeing your point. Make like I‘m still the guy who needs to learn from you.”

He looks down at the jersey for a few seconds, then back up.

“Thing is, whether you respect me or not, I’ll be ready to bring the challenge you so desire. The problem won‘t be on my end. It‘s whether you‘re willing to accept what‘s coming at you… or if, against your better judgment, be unable to resist seeing the kid that you can preach another lesson to.”

“Shawn Hart, on the other hand, you never tried to preach to me. You and I? We’ve never had much trouble throwing down.”

“I guess we’ve been able to have that clean break, make that transition to the pro circuit, without a problem. We know the score between us, and the last one went my way. I opened this incarnation of New ERA by beating you, and set you off on an unsteady tenure here ever since. I don’t think we hate each other, though. I think we just understand there’s no way we’re going to let each other get in our way. And when two people with that mindset come together, well, something’s got to give.”

“This week isn’t much different, except you’ve decided to take it upon yourself to get involved in the current events between Suicide, Chaos, and myself. I don’t know which Shawn Hart we’re going to get, but I don’t need to. All I need to know is that Shawn Hart is involved, and that means I can’t let him stop me. Because I’ve never been able to tolerate the thought, I think of it like an eyesore on the Tact Legacy. And on the pro circuit, when the time has come to prevent that eyesore, I’d always been up to the challenge…”

“And then that one time came.”

“You finally broke through a couple years ago. And then I didn’t get a chance to get it back, the title or the chance to set things back to form. The way they SHOULD be, with MY hand being raised over you. That’s why I challenged you in Season One, Shawn. I had to set things right… and I did.”

“But I guess you decided that disrespecting me in Season Two would be your form of getting one back. You come out and involving yourself in what’s been going on, of late. I don’t know for sure, but again, now that you’re here, Shawn, I can’t let you get away with one. There will not be another eyesore.”

“And while I’ll be ready for PrimeTime, to put a more definitive point to all this, this week isn’t the time for that. THIS week, I’m not alone.”

Fanatic steps off the railing and stands next to Larry Tact, who nods and continues.

“This week, the Tact Legacy is represented in full force. And for Ulysis, Shawn, all of New ERA… for the WORLD watching… it will be a reuniting in the ring, a decade-plus coming.”

“Which means Cyberstrike 10 will be…”





Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
A Moment of Clarity

* Suicide RP for C10.

The camera fades in to the epicenter of Central Park in a warm afternoon in New York City. A gentle breeze rustles the freshly grown leaves as the Great Lawn seems to be bustling with activity. This 55-acre area is where most New Yorkers come to relax under the sun, as they enjoy the usual activities; reading, jogging, kite flying, and anything else one can imagine.

Over in the off-distance was the larger-than-life statue of Alexander Hamilton; one of the Founding Fathers and the very first Secretary of the Treasury. The camera panned down from the statue’s head and shown none other than the Mysterious Wanderer himself, Suicide, standing calmly in front of it.

“Many take solace in a place such as this when their lives get a bit too hectic. There is nothing wrong with pausing for a moment of clarity, to help get a handle on one’s thoughts. I come here once in awhile to reflect on recent events and words by others to piece together the puzzle that is my mind.”

“After hearing your words, Mr. Tact, I couldn’t help but wonder if my mere presence in NEW has someone disrupted the order of things, specifically with your plans of the Tact Legacy. You believe it’s a shame that someone like me, who has always flown under the radar my entire existence, is not getting the recognition he deserves. The irony in that is people have taken notice. Just the mere mention of my name seems to have echoed all around New ERA of Wrestling with a resounding effect.”

“Why hasn’t Mr. LaRoque made a big deal out of my return? Maybe it’s because he doesn’t see it as such. If that is the case, I tend to agree. Why be hyped with words when actions have always preceded attention? The fact that you even question this is a bit perplexing considering you and your brother of all people should know I’m a man of action more than anything.”

Suicide began to walk away from the Hamilton statue and towards the Great Lawn.

“But I should digress; after all, when I do speak, all I ever do is preach... isn’t that correct, Mr. Tact? Funny, for a man such as yourself accusing me of such an act, your words feel like a sermon coming from a pastor. I do not demand respect; never have and never will. It is I who tries to show respect to those who I face in the squared circle because I like to be tested, I like to be pushed to my limits.”

“If I recall correctly, I remember a man who used to talk about humbling his opponents, as if he was above all criticisms and judgements. This isn’t far from the truth, Mr. Tact, considering your upbringing. It is no secret you came from a wealthy family, provided for everything from necessity to frivolous. Of course you wanted something more, which was apparent on your face when you used to go down to the old wrestling shows the NYWC held. You wanted to be a star and will do anything to make it.”

“I respected you then for your determination and resilience... and I respect you now for the same. My respect for you and anyone else isn’t a facade; it is genuine. You seem to have a problem grasping the reality of all of this. Your brother knows my respect for him is genuine. Are you to say your brother is being manipulated by me for such? Unlike yourself Mr. Tact, I’ve done nothing but let him go his own way. I have given him advice, much like yourself, but like him, it was up to you to decide to heed it or not.”

“What it boils down to Mr. Tact, is you believe I treat you as an inferior when I have ever treated you as was my equal, my friend, my... brother. No, this inferiority complex of yours is nothing more a case of you inflated ego being deflated a few ounces by my mere presence.”

“You’re threatened by me and the fact that my actions can put an end to your Tact Legacy - not as a purposeful act, but one of unintentional causality. Well then, Mr. Tact, I have to apologize in advance because I’m not going to stop shaping my destiny and step aside for yours. I accept your challenge and know I am in for a hard, grueling battle from you and your brother.”

Suicide continued to walk through the Great Lawn as many of the New York residence carried on, not noticing his presence.

“But if there is one thing that could prevent me from surviving against the Tact Legacy, it is one Mr. Hart. Our history goes way back to the days of IWF, does it not Mr. Hart? Much like Mr. Tact, you and I have always seemed to cross paths, whether it is coincidental or premeditated. Your attack on me really came as no surprise. Much like Mr. Tact, you feel threatened by my presence when your main concern should be to regain the New ERA Championship.”

“However, those plans will have to be put on hold Mr. Hart, because for better or for worse, we must team up yet again. At one time in the past we have seen eye-to-eye, but I was a different man then; a man you could actually relate to. You and I, an odd couple no doubt, made our way to the finals of an invitational tag tournament but were unable to secure that brass ring. Now, the circumstances are different. We are merely paired together because we are victims of circumstance, for lack of a better word. “

“I have a request to make, Mr. Hart. Let us just try to co-exist during this match and then afterwards, whether we win or lose, you can attempt to take me out of the equation as you have so desperately tried the past couple of weeks. We should work together as a cohesive unit considering how well we know one another. If you can withhold your hatred for one night, I will delay my vengeance as well.”

“Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Fanatic, I have no forgotten about you. We once again fought hard to settle whatever differences we have and we both came out as victors. I know your goal is to become the New ERA Champion, with your sights set on one Mr. Entertainment. Just be careful not to look ahead... but you already knew that. I wish you nothing but the very best when your time comes.”

“Gentlemen it comes down to this; this is merely the first few pages of the next chapter of our collective story. Our opus will unfold come Cyberstrike and the ebb and flow of the story will be nothing but brilliance. What comes after that no one knows, but soon, all will become clear and the puzzle will finally be completed.”

“‘Nuff said...”

And with that, Suicide walked out of the camera’s view as all that was left shown was once again the active New Yorkers enjoying the day in Central Park. The camera then faded out...


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Reflection: split-screened perspectives...

* Larry Tact / Fanatic RP#2 for C10.


We are inside the penthouse suite of Larry Tact. At present, we find Fanatic sitting in front of the mini-bar, on one of the velvet-padded stools that surround it. A glass of water sits on the nearby countertop, but Fanatic faces us wearing his same blue mask with orange ‘infinity’ Mark on it. He also has on a long-sleeved, blue Under Armour shirt and black Umbro workout pants.

Mulling around behind him is Larry Tact, wearing a crimson t-shirt and black leather pants. He doesn’t seem to pay any mind to the camera, instead fixing himself a drink with a smoky blue liqueur. After finishing the preparation, he walks to a cushy-looking love seat on our view’s edge, and lounges with his drink, taking a healthy, or at least hefty, drink.

“Despite great tension
Translucent sight weathers walls
Friendship will prevail.

“My brother and my mentor, at odds. When I arrived to New ERA of Wrestling, I did so with no expectation for myself. I did not believe achieving victory in three straight matches would be something I could achieve immediately, much less twice-over. I did not believe when I commenced this journey, that heading into only the second Pay-Per-View event since this promotion’s return, I would possess an opportunity to become the New ERA Champion. All of this was beyond my expectation .. I only wished to wrestle .. battle .. compete. I sought to do my best to excel at what I have been passionate about for as long as I could remember.”

“What I did not anticipate .. was to find those who taught me what it means to be a wrestler .. a man, even .. here in New ERA of Wrestling. Suicide .. Shawn Hart .. I remember you both .. as a strong influence on myself, from when I sought the guidance of those who were wiser and stronger than I. In watching you compete in the days of my youth .. I remember .. yes .. the thrills, and disappointments, that accompany this sport we all love. I can now think back and find a time when I saw an opponent buckle under the impact of a Burning Hammer .. feel the roar of a Hart Attack. I was given so many gifts of being privileged to watch both of you in the ring .. and eventually, know you out of it, as well. To now be able to compete with you .. it truly is beyond my expectation. I cannot help but hope to have a great test of competition with both of you.”

“It is true .. my brother has cautioned me this week …”

As Fanatic speaks, we see Tact down the remainder of his drink and stand, walking back to the mini-bar.

“As you had said, Suicide .. Larry also urged me not to look beyond what you two are capable of. He knows better than I .. how impressive you both are …”

A sudden SLAM causes Fanatic to snap his neck around to look back. Larry Tact does not say a word, only continuing to pour himself another drink. Fanatic slowly returns his unreadable gaze to the camera.

“Which is why, if the decision were his .. he prefers to face you two, alone. For as much as he is aware of the damage you are both fully capable of inflicting, he does not wish any unnecessary harm to come to myself, prior to my Championship opportunity. Larry would rather face the both of you on his own .. I, of course, shall not allow that. And though he does not feel it is the proper choice .. Larry does respect my decision, which is why this will be a tag team match.“

Tact, returning to the love seat, takes another drink in the background.

“However, it is disconcerting to have my brother at odds with someone who has been a truly influential presence in his life. And, though I missed much of it .. a true friend, and one who was a great confidant to him. Suicide …”

We hear, “HAH!” from off in the background. Fanatic momentarily glances back at his brother.

“Suicide .. you and I have seen relatively in line. I am sure there are differences between us, but we are able to cope with them. However, it seems you and my brother are anything but seeing evenly. I understand you are heading into what is certain to be a fierce battle at PrimeTime, along with Shawn Hart. However, in reality, I am quite glad for this.”

“Please, I would hope that this battle resolves what differences there are. For if there is one thing that the ring does well .. it empowers. It truly brings out a power that none of us can quite fathom. Perhaps we are not meant to understand .. or, perhaps it is something we must simply believe in, to understand. Whatever the case .. I do believe there is a Spirit among us, in that squared battlefield we call the ring. I am not certain as to whether It exists as with other spirits among us, in this plane we live upon .. or if we, in fact, imbued the spirit being, with our own power. However, it is clear that, upon stepping into that haven of battle, we are clearly performing on a level of existence that is .. beyond, what one might call, normal.”

“We are a select few .. Shawn, Suicide, Larry, myself .. all of us who have the power to step inside the ring. We are gifted with abilities and a spirit of our own .. a fighting spirit .. and with it we battle. There are victors and there are defeats suffered, but we all have the power to get back in and continue the battle.”

Larry Tact once again makes his way to the mini-bar, in the background, apparently powering through a ’contest‘ of his own...

“With such power, I believe that the Spirit is strong with us. And for those who have honored It so with the performances I referenced before .. performances that, in fact, inspired youths to take up training in the ring .. performances that spread the Spirit of the Ring to others, and evoked reactions that I would not have believed, had I not been there to hear and see them with my own eyes. All for what those who have battled, and those of us who continue to battle, in the squared battlefield. It is truly something powerful .. and while I believe that power can be harnessed in varying ways .. I would hope Suicide, that you and Shawn, and Larry can use it to put to rest the issues that have arisen. Competitive battle is a thrilling emotion .. and hopefully, when it has been exhausted between you three, at PrimeTime .. all that will be left is the realization .. daihakken, a great discovery .. a remembrance of something special you all share.”

Tact completes a third drink, this time with a neon-green liqueur, and takes a mouthful to down. However, he remains standing at the mini-bar, watching Fanatic and the camera more intently.

“Make no mistake .. this week, at Cyberstrike, I will be focused on battling alongside my brother, and he will be prepared as always. And not only is the Tact Legacy united .. we are finally united in the ring, for the first time .. in over a decade‘s time. Because our journeys have been so irregularly intertwined .. so much so, that our estrangement reigned longer than any other period .. this will be only the second time we compete as a team.“

“And that is quite relevant .. quite relevant, indeed .. as one may say, we have demons that require exorcising. The last time we competed together .. was the final time I saw my brother for almost ten years. Now, having endured such an ultimate trial, and survived it .. Suicide .. Shawn Hart .. believe with all your wills, with every fiber of your beings, that the Tact Legacy is prepared to claim its victory at Cyberstrike.”

“We will not merely coexist, as you hope to accomplish, Suicide. We intend to demonstrate what the Tact Legacy is all about. We have been granted an opportunity to put all the discussion to rest. From Mr. Entertainment at the top, and down throughout the whole of New ERA of Wrestling, to anyone who may have questions about the validity of the Tact Legacy .. this is now our opportunity. This is our opportunity to demonstrate how we honor the Spirit of the Ring .. and the power we wield, as the Tact Legacy.”

“And, I would be so bold to say .. it is not a matter of whether we are capable of winning, for together we are capable of staking our claim to the fruits of victory versus any opposition. No .. it is more a matter of how we will demonstrate we deserve to have that victory granted. It is about where we execute, the tact we take in displaying our power, for we all have it .. how one uses it, is key. And Larry and I intend on using it to our full success.”

“Having said that .. the greatest respect must go to Suicide and Shawn Hart …”

A hand rests on Fanatic’s shoulder. He looks up, seeing Larry Tact standing over him, looking down with pride, and ever-the-slightest grin. Fanatic nods.

LARRY TACT: “Respect .. that is a key, too. Ulysis, Shawn, you two had better learn some respect for each other, real quick. Because come Cyberstrike, if you aren’t able to achieve that coexistence, well, you may as well be walking into a guillotine. Because the Tact Legacy will have no problem cutting you down without mercy.”

“Ulysis, maybe it’s just me, but for someone who has taken a shot at me for how I’m handling my brother as a manager… for someone who DOES respect my brother as much as you do… and for someone who knows what it takes to get to the top… it seems awfully clear the LACK of respect you show me. I find it just a…(holds his fingers up, almost at a pinch..)… just a bit insolent of you to claim that you ALWAYS seek the respect of others in your matches. Call me a cynic, but I find it a wee bit tough to swallow that anyone's opinion of mine and Fanatic’s bond will somehow make a difference to the fact of what the Tact Legacy has accomplished. And I find it a bit difficult to believe that I have some sort of inferiority complex… by your ’mere presence’… when I’m the one who’s breaking ground in New ERA, with a fresh face to this promotion, and in large part, this industry.“

“What reason is there to feel inferior? If anything, I feel plenty validated to judge and humble, just as you say I used to. But, thinking it over, there‘s no need to judge you and Shawn, at Cyberstrike. I won‘t need to HUMBLE you, Ulysis.”

“All I need to do, along with Fanatic, is allow the Tact Legacy to show its true strength.”

“Actions are powerful, they are. But actions that back up words? Those are indomitable. Those are actions of someone truly and rightfully confident. They are the decisions of a World Heavyweight Champion.”

“I already have those credentials. Fanatic isn’t far behind.”

“And once we’re done with you at Cyberstrike, that‘s exactly what he‘s going to be focused on. As for you two… after this week, once PrimeTime is no longer on the horizon, but is imminent…”


“Let the HUMBLING begin.”


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