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Tedious Nights


League Member
Jul 1, 2002
(PRIDEIN to Aelieas Fierte, who is sitting down in a wicker chair in his Miami home bedroom, reading a magazine and drinking one of his homeland’s herbal teas. His hair sways with the wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean like a garden of flowers being pushed by a summer breeze. Aelieas settles down a bit, taking off his reading glasses and flicking on the lamp flooding the room with light. He thinks for a second, placing his hand on his chin and pondering his words)

Aelieas: First of all, GUNS you want to add your worthless two cents, well in reply to your dull, boring and rather annoying voice I have come to this. Well they let any one-cent worthless hookers give birth to people like you. Do us all a favor and rid the world of your filthy disgusting mug and just die already, go get yourself a Darwin Award.

(Aelieas pauses for a second, looking at his watch checking up on the time.)

Aelieas: Now Eddie Mayfield, I thought you were the master of the microphone, the greatest promo cutter of all time. Well from listening to your promo, I find my self having tedious nights, and well to cut it short a down right borefest. You have not only succeeded in wasting my time, but you have wasted the crew’s time and you wasted the fan’s time with that piece of crap. That piece of crap you smuggled together at the last minute to make it look like you were actually ready to take me on in a wrestling match.

You see Eddie, maybe you should have got your facts straight before you pulled lies out of your ass. Your ramblings are like a fairy tale, you don’t know what is true, who you’re speaking about and most of all you probably don’t know what to even say. GUNZ, I congratulate you, you don’t have the world’s most horrific promos anymore. Oh No, only Mr. Mayfield could take that away from you.

(Aelieas once again take a look at his watch, and gets upset.)

Aelieas: Well Eddie, you have successfully wasted my time once again. You said for me not to even show up, why so you can stand in the middle of the ring with a mirror in your hand telling yourself how great you are. Nah, I rather come down the walkway, step into the ring, kick your ass all over it, and have the last member in your fan club, tell you how great you USE to be. Like Radder, Deacon and the rest of the CSWA cesspool of hicks, hasbeens and losers, your old news, and I, the future is here to save the fans from having to deal with you and your posse of men lovers, the Intruders. You know what, cut the promo, I am done, I am sick of wasting my time. I will go back to watching the waves crash the beach. Cause lets face it, even they could put on a more exciting match then Eddie Mayfield.

(The scene fades to Aelieas, turning and watching as the waves crash the coast.)

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