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Thanks for the Memories



Hello Everyone...

It saddens me at this time to let each one of you know that I am going into forced retirement. I have to be out of my home by February 15th. My wife already has an apartment and I will need this next month to pack and find a decent home to be able to have my son over. My wife hasn't spoken of divorce and I am taking this time to work on myself and tie up some loose ends in my world.

I just won't be able to find time to make FW work in my life rignt now. I will lose internet connection for awhile. But, when I get all set up I will return and let you guys know how things are progressing. I'm sorry to all my friends who were getting ready to help me blow the lid off this joint.

Josh Ray... You are the hottest young talent in FW. Sarge will be a World Champion without a doubt. God be with you my friend and you wife and boy.

Patrick Shutt... Thanks for bringing out new ideas in me. It was great to work with you in this short time that we had.

Muffin Man... I was ready to have Frankie put Hiroshi into retirement. And look what happens. Hiroshi comes out on top again.

Dave Brunk... Thank you for all the work you have put into EPW. It is the best fed I have been in since EMWA. (wink, wink) Blessings to you and you family.

Lindz... You are amazing. My favorite writer of all. You have been a force everywhere you go. And still seems that you are vastly underrated in some ways. If you do anything in the rest of your FW lifetime. Just fall in love with a curtain jerker for me.

Shawn Hart... I was all ready for that tag team! We were going to make HPSC look like bargain basement tramps. heh. Good Luck to you.

To the rest of you... my friends, too many to name. I wish you guys all the luck you can take in. I will miss this game. The groove was just starting. I won't say that I will never be back. There's just a long road ahead of me. Two things are bigger than FW in my life... I need to strengthen my relationship with God and I need to work on getting my wife and baby back. Thank you all again for all that you have done.

I will be watching. Frankie Scott is out...

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