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The Air Waves vs. Tin Kat and Aitsu Sugawara


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: "The Blonde Bomber" Jennifer Rowe, one half of The Air Waves, stands in front of a GXW backdrop. Jennifer wears a white halter top and black Spandex.)

Jennifer: All I'm going to say is it's about time Lori and I got another match in GXW. After all, I've spent most of my time waiting on the sidelines while other so-called women wrestlers were spending their time on GXW shows, pretending to be as good as The Air Waves were. (Smiles) But now that Lori and I are back, rest assured we are going to put a few of these wrestlers in the places and prove who is the best.

(At this point, "Lady Lightning" Lori Wilson walks onto the set, she being dressed in a black T-shirt and white shorts.)

Lori: Jenn, I think that's enough bragging. One of our opponents is going to be quite good. I've faced Aitsu Sugawara before and she's a tremendous wrestler.

Jennifer: Lori, you can't be serious. Number one, you beat her. Number two, she lost that women's title in her first defense. How good can she really be? She looks more like a flash in the pan to me.

Lori: I'm not going to judge Aitsu based on her losses, but what she can do in the ring. And believe me, she knows how to get the job done. As far as Tin Kat goes, we'll see what she has to offer.

Jennifer: All I see is another wannabe. Lori, you and I are going to prove exactly who are the best in GXW, and rest assured, we'll be challenging for that women's title soon enough.

Lori: I wouldn't mind challenging for the title again, but I'm not going to look ahead to that. First, we have this tag match...then we'll see about challenging for the women's title.

Jennifer: We'll see? No, I don't think so...I'm planning on going after that title.

Lori: (turning to Jennifer, her eyes narrowing) Jenn...you should know better than to get too cocky. You've seen what's happened to those who look too far ahead and expect too much.

Jennifer: Perhaps...but really, considering who is on the opposite side of the ring from us, what do we have to worry about?

(With that, she walks off the set as Lori shakes her head.)

Lori: My partner's boasts aside, the one thing The Air Waves plan to do is show everyone we still know what it takes to win. Aitsu and Tin Kat, we'll be ready for you.

(Fade out.)

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