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The Amazing Dan Ryan


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
fade- in:

[small]Sean 'Triple X' Stevens sat on his plush leather sofa watching the remains of what war hardly a match between GXW's World Champion, Dan Ryan - his opponent for Primetime, and Carl Brigsby. As the match came to a conclusion, with Brigsby staring at the lights... destroyed... and, Ryan, standing in the center of the ring, arms thrusted, Sean, with his remote, turned the television off, snapped his neck, facing the camera, which sat on it's tripod directly behind him.[/small]

"It was obvious before... but, it's even more obvious now. I don't know why we even try, Ryan. I can sit here and tell you a thousand times how much better than you I am, but until I beat you... you won't believe it. Hell... after I beat you... you probably still won't accept it. But, that's okay. I'm not in this for your stamp of approval. My job is to smack you around. To advance my career at my opponents expense. I don't get paid for there denial.

"You wanna talk tired tactics? Ryan, please... I gave it a couple of days before responding to your latest diatribe... yet I still can't fathom you having anything to say about somebody else's promo. Especially when ninety- nine point nine percent of your promo consists of your opponent."

[small]Sean smirked.[/small]

"You're an idiot. An, idiot with one, cheap trick, who has made it abundantly clear, he's gonna abuse that trick... beat it into the heads of everyone, until we either accept it, or put a gun to our heads and pull the trigger.

"You think I'm not addressing your points? That's what I thought you'd say. Because you see what you wanna see, Ryan. Hear what you wanna hear. And, I'm sure there's about ten- to- twelve diehard GXW fans who will agree with you... but, that's about it. Because anybody with a set of ears... and, eyes that work, see the difference between what I'm doing and what you're doing.

"I refuse to clip pieces of your promo that suits my needs. That gives me something to talk about. You wanna impress me, pal? Why don't you clip the entire sentence. So that I don't look like a contradiction. So you can reply to EVERYTHING I've said, not just what you wish I said, so you'll have something to talk about.

"You're pathetic. You come out here, chest poked out, claiming how people hate you... they don't hate you, Ryan. You're corny, and they know it. You and your promotion. I'd gladly buy you for what you're worth and sell you for what you think you're worth. You want to be hated, so you'll feel important. People like you thrive on attention, be it, negative or positive, and will get it any way they can. That's why you're here. Not because of anything Evan Aho has said or done... because if you really wanted Aho, and Aho only, you could've gotten him, and been on your merry little way."

[small]Sean shook his head.[/small]

"You want the fame, Ryan. That's why you're here. That's why you're constantly wasting our air time with those neatly concocted excuses and bullsh#t theories. And, it's getting worse, too. It's getting so bad, that the most entertaining thing about you is your ability to twist my words. You've even gone so far as to say I said something that I never said. You can chuckle all you want... show some video footage and chuckle some more, but the fact remains the same, you didn't so good a job of getting inside my head, to make me unveil my personal life.

"And, I'm not some 'Truman Show' experiment, either. I don't live my life on camera, and whoever is holding the camera at the time of my promo is doing just that... holding it. And, if you're following me... Spying on me... You're pathetic. And, that's a felony. But, that's another story. Maybe an episode of Judge Joe Brown or something.

"I'm still trying to figure out, what my sexuality... who's holding my camera... or what you caught me saying one night, and not say it the next night, only to say it again, has to do with this match? Nothing. But, I'll tell you what does, Ryan... me. Call me what you want... talk about my past all you want. Cry me a f##king river... if you want. I could care less, because at the end of the day, it all boils down to when you and I are standing in the middle of the ring, face-to-face, man-to-man, and that bell rings.

"But, don't worry, Ryan. I don't expect you to focus on the match. I expect you to lean on your crutch a bit more. Re- airing segments of my promo showing me what I know I said. Go ahead, Ryan. Humor me. I'll get my popcorn... soda... and, pillow. I'm almost looking forward to it.

fade- to- black


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fade into the back of a stretch limosuine on the way to the airport after On Time. Ryan flicks his neck to the left and then to the right, making a cracking sound. Another clicking sound signifies a message from the driver...

Driver: Mr. Ryan, Mr. (fuzzed out) called and said there's been a new message from Mr. Stevens. Would you like me to patch it through to your monitor?

(Ryan rolls his eyes)

Ryan: Yeah, go ahead.

(The scene turns to show Ryan's face as he watches...the sound muffled...Ryan's eyebrows go up several time in a bemused fashion...several other times he simply shakes his head...finally the taped segment comes to an end...and Ryan takes a deep breath before reaching forward and clicking on a red button next to a camera just to the right of his monitor..)

Ryan: You know, it's funny Stevens. It's funny...downright hilarious in fact that you would take a statement I made concerning the repetitive nature of your statements and pretend as though ending the practice was some brainstorm of your own. As for how much better you are than me...well my fine sir. That is up to you to prove isn't it? Why don't we ask Carl Brigsby? I know, I know...just a jobber. Although I dare say that even with your limited intellect you might take from that ride he took on a stretcher that I do know a little bit about what I'm doing around here. If you feel the need to discuss my quoting of you to show what an utter tool you are, so be it. It doesn't matter a damn bit to me. Whether I show you your ignorance to your face or simply reference it, it still exists. And my...tactic...is one commonly used even in your glorious CSWA...or don't you watch anything you aren't a part of?

"I know you're not addressing my points. You're too busy figuratively blowing your company to bother any rational thought. You constantly contradict yourself and then deny it. It's what I've come to expect. But you're right, anyone with a set of eyes can see the difference between us. You're a liar, and I enjoy calling you on it. And believe me...many of those sets of eyes have laughed alongside me at your ineptitude to continue a decent thought without going back on yourself.

"Go ahead and take clips of anything I've said. I've got nothing to hide...nothing to worry about. Clipping your entire sentences would add nothing except irrelevant words that do nothing to absolve you of the hypocrisy for which you are now becoming so famous. Your blind devotion to this company is your downfall and you can rest assured...I will exploit it. Whether or not I respond to the clips you see directly...you can be sure that your entire..ahem...thought...is being addressed. Do I thrive on attention? Not exactly, no. It would be more correct to say I thrive on adversity. I would prefer that someone like you get angry when I cross your mind. But if you think I've come all the way to the CSWA just to get attention, then I think you've sunk to a new low in thought level. I suppose that the last six years of my career I didn't want attention and that I woke up one morning thinking....'Hmm, I sure am bored. What'll I do for attention? Oh I know! I'll go an attack another fed's champ, show up on his show, draw the attention of their resident legend..all in an attempt for attention. I'll show them! I'll show these people who don't know me and have never heard of me that they can't ignore me! I'll show all these people who don't care about GXW! I'll try and get attention from...Sean Stevens! By God, that's what I'll do. Screw Evan Aho!! Screw the REAL talent! It's Triple X or nothing goddammit!!' Think what you want, you freakin idiot. I'm tired of practically spelling things out for you. You'll see the bigger picture soon enough.

"You see, man. I've already got all the fame I need. If things go foul here in CSWA, I'll go back to my company with my head held high. Because I can guarantee you I'd rather spend the rest of my career in my 'corny' company than one year in a company where the only thing that matters backstage is how 'close' you are to the owner. Every single one of you clowns that are getting any amount of success around here owe their spots in the company to being 'recommended' by someone in the front office. It's interesting how these same elite players in our industry seem to fall flat on their faces elsewhere...without their support structure there to bail them out. Or else they ply their trade in companies or organizations so weak that they barely manage to stay open for six months. Whatever fact you think remains, I didn't really need to get inside of your head Stevens. All it takes is the determination to be well informed and I can learn all I need to learn about you.

"I won't even address the segment about spying on you. I think it's safe to say you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about in regards to your sad homophobic nature. But like I said before I won't come right out and say it. I'll leave it for you to decipher...not that you've shown an aptitude for that so far. As for what it has to do with the match? It has nothing to do with it. But it personally amuses me to see you rushing to defend yourself when it's quite obviously not necessary. You know I don't think you're a homosexual, Stevens. But it's incredibly amusing to see you denying it in such a fashion. You might need those crack 'cifrin' skills to catch that one, too.

"We'll be face to face soon enough. You'll excuse me in the meantime if I attend to my other responsibilities. Those responsibilities now no longer include listening to your whining and backwards logic. But feel free to continue...just don't expect me to be listening. And do bring that popcorn, soda and pillow. You might throw in a magazine or two as well. They'll come in handy during recovery."


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