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The Baddest Man Alive


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The famous H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D sign in Los Angeles, as seen from the Griffith Park Observatory. The camera pans down from the sign to reveal a cherry red BMW convertible car parked. Leaning on the door is DORCHESTER STRATTON, his hair done up to Mad Men Vitalis perfection, wearing a blue dress shirt neatly tucked into his dress khakis and dark tinted sunglasses. And he's cradling his NFW TV Title.)

DORCHESTER: "Those of you watching right now are wondering right now where Veronica is. A trip to Rodeo Drive and the like is always a favored weekend outing for her and she just got a new platinum card. But me? I told her that I was a NO GO on this trip. I don't need any new clothes. I don't need any new accessories. But what I do need is to have a MAN-TO-MAN CHAT with a few people."

(Dorchester nods up to the sign.)

DORCHESTER: "First off, I'm going to chat to BLAINE HOLLYWOOD. I kept quiet about the end of The Hellfire Club for a while. I've kept quiet about you for a loooooong time. And after my match with Harmen... Veronica BEGGED me to bite my lip. I'm not going to make any excuses. Me and Jack went at it tooth and nail and he pulled out a victory. That's why he's the champion. He's DAMN good at what he does. But I can't help but think that I didn't give him EVERYTHING I could have that night. I can't help but think that I couldn't give him EVERYTHING I have. I've destroyed careers and livelihoods and families just to get to where I am today. And I've done that by going down into the absolute abyss of my soul, the darkest corners I can find, and becoming a stone cold killer. But a killer is only as good as the WEAPONS he has. And an ASSASSIN needs ONE HAND to aim and ANOTHER HAND to fire. Blaine, YOU took out my shoulder that night. I still scratched and clawed as I always do... but I can't help but think that I would have TWO pieces of gold around this waist of mine right now if it wasn't for you. Jack Harmen, you're DAMN good. It takes a DAMN GOOD man to beat me even when I'm at 75 percent. Sometime, my man, you're going to get me at 100. And then we'll see exactly how good you are. Keep holding that title, Flyer... because I'm not done coming for it."

(Dorchester spits.)

DORCHESTER: "So, Blaine... you cost me a title and then at Brawl you tried to come up up on me. I'm not going to bury you like other people have, about how you never wrestle and how you're overrated. I've been in wars AGAINST and WITH you. I know what you're capable of. Six-foot-eight with a pedigree and an anger issue. That makes you a VERY dangerous man, Blaine. But why is it, Blaine... that I'm holding THIS--" (Dorchester holds up the belt.) "-- While you don't have anything to speak of right now? I'll tell you why that is. You're an INTEGRAL part of my life story, Blaine. One of the CENTRAL FIGURES. Here's a refresher course. I grew up in a borderline shack in the Lehigh Valley, PA. I know what it's like to have to take three buses to get to school. I know what it's like to try and convince yourself your hair is long because you want to look like your grunge rock cousin and not because you spent the only $30 bucks you had on Japanese wrestling tapes instead of getting a haircut. I know what it's like to sit in homeroom and see the preppy rich kids get their cars for their birthdays and hear about how nice the winter cruise to the Bahamas was. I know what it's like to be a HAVE NOT. To be a CHURL. And I know deep down inside how badly I wanted everything they had. I know how badly I wanted what YOU were born with. I tried to DENY that's what I wanted. I tried to DENY that and sold myself on the great lie that all that matters in life is working hard. I told myself that I would DIE TRYING to win matches and glory... and then, with your blessing, I joined The Dynasty and realized that this is what matters most to me... and there isn't ONE damn think wrong with that."

(Dorchester smirks as he looks towards his car.)

DORCHESTER: "And THAT, Blaine... that is what eats you up inside? Because, Blaine, I admit that I wanted what you had. Desperately. But guess what, big man? NOW I HAVE IT. And... I've got even more than that." (Dorchester taps his title. "And I took it by being the most ruthless, cunning and heartless son-of-a-bitch who ever stepped foot in a New Frontier Wrestling ring. If you want to take a shot at this, Blaine, by all means do so. Because then I'm going to take one MORE thing from you. And that's your pride."

(Dorchester leans against his car.)

DORCHESTER: "And that goes for ANY of you. Malik Anderson? Legion? Just let me know and we'll get into it. All my career I spent CHASING THIS TITLE. Now I have it. It gives me a chance to PROVE to everyone that I am what I say I am. And that's the baddest man in professional wrestling today. I shatter dreams. I end careers. Anyone who gets put in the crosshairs of THE ASSASSIN gets put down FOR GOOD."

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