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The Fisher King


The Godfather
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Mar 17, 1988
"Newsflash, Hornet.... I don't say whatever's on my mind because I'm trying to sell T-shirts or because I have a desperate need to get attention."

YOU don't have a desperate need for attention? You, Eli? Everybody step away before the lightning kills us all.

Your entire life has been about attention, Eli. I've sat in locker rooms and listened to you and Ivy argue about what nickname you ought to use next. I've listened to you whine about how you don't get the respect you deserve... and about who you have to 'teach a lesson.'

And your entire life has been a sob story of your own making. Your more pathetic than good ol' Mark Windham with a family history that even HE can't keep up. We had to listen for two years about 'poor Eli' mourning over his dear departed Alicia. Then the next three were all about how 'poor Eli' didn't get his big break. And the last two have been about how 'poor Eli' isn't appreciated, because Deacon came along, and the fans are fickle.

Integrity, Eli? It's easy to hold onto your ideals when they sway in the wind like a stalk of corn. It's simply your way of rationalizing all the moves you've made over the years. "Oh, that wasn't my fault, it was because I was sticking to my ideals, and everybody else be damned."

Well guess what, Eli? Damn you. Damn you for your rationalizations and for your manic-depressive need for reassurance. If there's anything I've ever done, it's take responsibility, even for actions that weren't mine... like a certain car crash.

Johnny Fizzbin? (laughs) Now that's a name I haven't heard from in a while. Wonder how he got that injury that put you in the hot seat anyway.... (laughs) (fadeout)

Hex Angel

"As always, Hornet, your version of history is something for the record books on counts of revisionist history and yellow journalism."

"When 'Poor Eli' wasn't appreciated because Deacon came along and the fans were fickle.... I did something about it. You were there."

"When 'Poor Eli' wasn't getting the respect he felt he deserved.... he didn't whine about it. He took it to the ring and earned it. The proof is in the footage, Hornet....

"When 'Poor Eli' wasn't getting his big break.... at what point did I say more than three words at most on the subject until it came to pass? I was perfectly happy kicking ass with my Intracontinental, Presidential, and United States title reigns while they lasted, because the cream always rises. You should know that better than anyone, Hornet.... every time Merritt tried to create a superstar to surpass you, they'd fall on their face and you'd get the belt back. Unlike you, I call history as it was, not how I want to see it."

"With the exception of your involvement with Ivy, Hornet.... have you and I ever spoken more than two words before you decided to f**k with my Nemesis defense."

"That's the difference between you and me, Hornet. Your decisions are based on what will get your face on the most TV screen, the most magazine covers, and the most T-shirts. My decisions are based on what I feel is the right thing to do. Watching Ivy bash you over the head with her cane, dropping you to the mat with a DDT and pinning you was most definitely the right thing to do. I challenged everyone else in the Ironman to try and stop me."

"Vizzack got lucky. Everyone else got beat."

"'Poor Eli' didn't get his 'big break?' I got my 'big break,' Hornet, because it was the quickest way to get to you and take revenge for putting me out for months. After that, don't flatter yourself, Hornet.... I didn't give you a second thought. But I'm amused, almost on a daily basis, how you try to paint us out to be best buddies in the lockerroom. How it was the calm, cool, level- headed Hornet that was the only thing keeping Eli Flair from becoming a pathetic pile of goo in the corner."

"But it must be true, because Hornet said so."

"Glass houses and stones, Hornet.... watch your head."

"I think it's funny how your mind keeps going back to certain events and harps on them, over and over. You love to bring up Alicia to try and get a rise outta me, when the truth is I said goodbye to those ghosts a long time ago. You love to bring up my ideals that 'sway in the wind like a stalk of corn.'"

"So what?"

"What's good for me is good. That's never changed. And regardless of who or what that's ever entailed.... it's always been abundantly clear. Or have you not noticed that you're the only person in the wrestling world who hasn't caught on yet?"

"History is fun, Hornet.... but don't you ever try to confuse me with the rookie you first laid eyes on back in '95."

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