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The Future Is Bleak



(FADEIN: GUNS standing in front of a CSWA backdrop. He turns around and sees what's behind him, shakes his head in disgust, and rips the backdrop down revealing the locker room wall behind him.)

GUNS: First things first...Eli Flair, congratulations. Three seconds. A highly DEBATABLE three seconds, no less. But, you got your hand raised, you took everything I had to give you, and you not only stayed standing, but you excelled for three seconds. I'm not gonna whine. I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna make excuses. One on one, man to man, for three seconds, you were better. You thought I didn't respect you coming into this match. You were wrong. You have my respect, Eli Flair. You're one of the very best the sport has to offer...you're one of the CSWA's greatest assets...

and for that, you're going to eventually pay a heavy...HEAVY...price.

But for now, it's On Time. Kansas City. Another piece of "new blood" trying to make a name for himself against Third Row, Inc. Lawrence Stanley...I don't know a whole lot about you. I know that once upon a time, you had yourself a little issue with Mikey Randalls. And you came up short. I know that not too long ago, you had yourself a little issue with the Franchise himself, Bugbrain. And you came up short. Now, Lawrence Stanley, you've had the gall to call ME out and see if a third time can be a charm. (Smiles.)

Stanley, I'm not gonna blow any Zen psychobabble bull up your ass. I'm certainly not gonna try and distract you with some silicon-enhanced two dollar slut. No, Larry...may I call you Larry? (Laughs.) As if you have a say in the matter. No, Larry...all I'm gonna do is come out here and tell you how it's gonna be.

You're gonna walk your prissy ass to the ring...you're gonna try and bore me with your little matholds...you may even try to surprise me by getting a little rough. (Laughs.) And then the Strongest Arms in the World are gonna get a hold of you...they're gonna tear you in half, and you're gonna end up in the third row.

You see, my win-loss record since coming back here...it hasn't been all that great. (Smiles.) But that's not really what I came back here for anyway. I came here to tear this place down brick by brick. Larry...a lot of people out there think you and Wicked Sight are the future of this promotion. I'm here to make sure this promotion has NO future.

Larry...bottom line, you may fancy yourself some sort of blue blood...but I guarantee you when I bust your prim and proper forehead open in Kansas City, red blood is gonna pour out all over that ring. You thought Randalls and Hornet were tough, son? (Grins.) You ain't seen NOTHIN'...until you've seen Third Row, Inc.

And Wicked Sight, don't think I've forgotten about you. You can believe that I was behind my music being played causing you to go down to Bugbrain...you can believe it was a technical glitch...or you can accept that the "Franchise" got his old buddy Marvin to play my music and play you for a damn fool in the process. I told you from day one, pal, that the CSWA was a two-man game, and the rest of you were just pawns. Now, you got yourself a taste of that. (Smiles.) But if you wanna blame me, Plett...go ahead...I'm not a hard man to find. Let's see if you can actually DO SOMETHING about it.

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