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The Heirs of Wrestling


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Feb 4, 2005
Tag Team Info

Name: The Heirs of Wrestling

Members: Frank Pierce, Ryan Gallway, “Midas” Mack Brody. Managed by Alexandria Malone.

Alignment: A pack of rich, spoiled douchebag heels. Each member of the group is the product of either a Hall of Famer or multiple-time world champion, using their money and power irresponsibly and for their own sick amusement.

Pierce trained by PRIME Hall of Famer Sonny Silver, Ryan Gallway trained by xW Hall of Famer Brian Spaes/”Impulse” Brian James, Alexandria Malone trained by her brother and Action!/IWO HoFer Joey Malone, and Mack Brody trained by father Billy Brody, multiple time champion out of Liberty PRO.

Combined Weight:
Pierce/Gallway: 445 lbs.
Gallway/Brody: 500 lbs.
Pierce/Brody: 585 lbs.

Hails From: Various residences throughout the United States depending on the season:

Jan-March: A serene Winter residence in Aspen, Colorado.
April-June: A quiet Spring residence in Seattle, Washington
July-September: A kickass bachelor pad out of Los Angeles, CA
Oct-Dec: A sweet Fall residence in Philadelphia, PA.

Entrance Music: “The Sh*t” by Danger Mouse and Jemini

Entrance Description:


As soon as the popular quote hits over the speakers, a barrage of trumpets blasts throughout the arena speakers. A quick series of red, blue, and gold lights flash throughout the arena in tune with the music as “The Sh*t” by Danger Mouse and Jemini blasts loudly.

With Alexandria Malone leading the way down to ringside, the trio of rich, asshole punks start to make their way down to the ring, a single spotlight shining down on them the entire way. Ryan Gallway talks trash to the fans near ringside, babbling incoherently. Frank Pierce looks rather dismissive of the crowd, trying to avoid them touching him at all costs. Mack Brody brings up the rear for the group, checking himself out in a compact mirror the entire time, making sure that each and every strand of his golden mane is perfect.

Gallway and Pierce lift Alexandria up first into the ring. Both men leap over the ropes and pose on either side of the turnbuckle. Brody climbs over the ropes and flexes his muscles for the crowd while Alexandria Malone raises her hands out, showing off her charges to the world.


The Ascension (Any combination of a Flapjack/Cutter. In any team combination, the bigger man of the duo will always do the Flapjack with the smaller member completing the Cutter half of the combination)

Double-Team Moves:

Coronation (Flatliner (Pierce) / Enzuigiri (Gallway)
The Quicker F*cker Upper (Elevated Swinging Neckbreaker (Pierce/Brody combination)
Assisted Forearm Smash/Splash (Brody/Gallway combination)
Sidewalk Slam (Pierce/Brody )/Springboard or Turnbuckle Leg/Knee Drop (Gallway)
Shoulder Mount Suplex (Brody)/Wrist-Lock Seated Side Slam (Pierce)
Running Bulldog (Gallway) onto the knee of either Pierce or Brody
Bearhug Hold (Pierce/Brody)/Springboard Clothesline (Gallway)
Clothesline (Brody)/Chop Block (Pierce)
Drop Toe Hold (Pierce)/Splash (Brody)
Camel Clutch (Pierce/Brody)/Running Front Dropkick (Gallway)
Back Body Drop (Pierce)/Assisted Somersault Senton (Gallway))

Titles Held:

ACW Tag Team Titles (defended under Freebird Rules)
tSC Tag Team Titles (Pierce/Gallway)
tSC Three Kings Tournament Finalists (Pierce/Gallway/Malone)
Malone: tSC Tag Team Champion, tSC World Champion x2, tSC Evolutionary Champion.
Brody: Liberty PRO World Champion x2


Frank Pierce and Ryan Gallway met while both men toured with independent organization The Squared Circle. Both men, being the excelling prodigies of their respective trainers, quickly developed chips on their shoulders, each man demanding and imbued with similar outrageous senses of entitlements. As a pair of assholes who could only seem to tolerate each other, the world-traveled Ryan Gallway joined forces with the volatile Frank Pierce and out of that union, the Heirs of Wrestling were born.

Alexandria Malone, despite herself being a two-time tSC World Champion and grand slam champion, still felt that she would never be able to escape from the shadow of her ex-boyfriend and fellow tSC Champion, NFW’s very own Steve Knox. No longer wanting to be tied down and wanting to be treated like a china doll, she joined forces with the Heirs of Wrestling and quickly joined the Heirs up in Canada, the trio running roughshod over the tag team division until the ACW Tag Team Titles belonged to them. While she personally didn’t care for either Frank Pierce’s fake British accents while dressing like a royal douchebag and Ryan Gallway’s constant attempts to bed her, she respected the men for treating her like one of their own and has been with them ever since.

During the month of November, things seemed to be really looking incredibly up for Frank Pierce, especially. A wealthy uncle who had a hand in many developmental projects all over the Seattle and Tacoma areas left a very wealthy inheritance behind for his only nephew, knowing full well that his nephew was going to use it responsibly.

….g’yeah, right.

Frank took the money and with Alexandria and Ryan, began to use the money irresponsibly with Ryan possibly getting involved with some shady dealings here and there, but for the most part, the team continued to enjoy success both in the States and Canada. Karma should’ve kicked them down, but the other shoe seemingly has yet to drop.

After conquering tag team divisions all over the independent scene, the managed to nab the eye of EPW talent scouts. Lindsay Troy (possibly doing long-time tag team partner Sonny Silver a solid) was impressed (if not, thoroughly annoyed with) the talent and brashness the second-generation stable exhibited and hired them onto EPW after a pair of dark match tryouts.

Not wanting to traverse the national fed for the first time alone, Frank Pierce called on former tag team rival, now good friend Mack Brody – a big, second-generation wrestler with raw talent waiting to be unlocked – was signed on as a member of the Heirs.

Now armed with god-given talent, money to burn, and a new National audience to wow/annoy with their antics, one has to wonder…



Singles Info

Name: Frank Pierce aka Prince Pierce, The Sovereign Superman, The Baron of Ballistics, The Duke of Deadly, The Exalted Monarch of Mayhem, The Earl of Excitement, The Margrave Digger, The Dynastic Doomsday Device, The Bishop of Bringin' Da Pain, The Sultan of Savagery, He Who Runneth This ****e, The Knight of (day of the week) Night, and Arse-hole by others.

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 265 lbs.

Image: -Physical and ripped specimen, like somebody out of a WWE developmental catalogue. Entire right arm covered in various tattoo designs that each have their own personal meaning (including an Old English scripture up his arm that says “I’m So ****ing Great.”) Hair in a brown, curly shoulder-length style akin to current William Regal. Cold, blue eyes. Wears a pair of black tights with red sequins in a pattern on the back with ‘ULTRA’ and picture of a shining star next to it. Boots are adorned with the same colors/sequins around a pair of kickpads on his boots. To the ring, he wears a blood-red crazy-ass robe that would make Ric Flair do a double take, complete with gawdy LED lights.

Singles Finishers:

The F-Bomb (Falling Gutwrench Powerbomb)

Style: Brawler with elements of a technical style. Mainly competes as a more technical version of TNA’s Rhino.

Other Moves:
Eat My Ass! (Flying Hip Attack to opponent in the corner)
The Bootlicker (Garvin Stomp)
Shutthef*ckUppercut (Flapjack into European Uppercut)
Sliding P (Sliding Lariat to seated opponent)
Break-Your-Damn-Backbreaker (Half-Nelson Lift into Backbreaker)
Nothing fancy punching/kicking/brawling
Side/Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
Overhead Release Powerbomb
Scoop Powerslam
Seated Senton
Delayed Vertical Suplex
Various restholds to grind down opponents.

Personality: Dismissive, arrogant, and seemingly has a short fuse. A completely demanding douchebag, Frank Pierce will almost never actually make eye contact with anybody he’s speaking with (outside of the Heirs), seemingly staring off into his own world. Sometimes, he'll literally hog the camera to get his point across. Also, loves using his money to taunt who he feels are "lesser beings" (aka everybody that is not an Heir)


Name: Ryan Gallway aka “The Prince of Precision” and “The World Warrior”

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 180 lbs.

Image: Scrawny body like Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal and Masato Yoshino. Reflective metallic tights that go down to his knees. Short wrestling shoes. Scraggily dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Incredibly youthful looking. To the ring, he wears various designs of cowboy hats and denim vests, speaking in tongues about being an “interstellar space cowboy.”

Singles Finishers:

The Precision Lock (Chickenwing Armbar with Headscisors)
Precision Point (Spinning Headscissors into Single-Arm DDT)
SUPERNOVA (Yoshi Tonic)

Style: Incredibly fast lucha libre technician. Ryan Gallway is known as “The World Warrior” for competing all over, honing skills in places like Japan, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, and Germany just to name a few. One of the fastest rope runners in the world, Ryan is very skilled at high flying as well as an evade/counter style. Imagine Matt Sydal on crack. Also has an amateur background in kicking things, taught to him by Alexandria Malone.

Other Moves:
Gates of Europa (Inwards 450 Splash out of the corner)
The Tea Bag (Flying Double Knees to a Standing Opponent)
Possum Kingdom (Rope Rebound Multiple Rotation Headscissors into a Flying Armbar)
Various Stiff Kicks (enzuigiris, soccer kicks, dropkicks, etc.)
Various dives to the outside
Licks and Spits on his hands, rubs them on opponent's face
Cancun Tornado
Lady of the Lake
Headscissors into Hanging Armbar
Spaceman Plancha
Rope Running Diving Headbutt

Personality: Once upon a time, Ryan Gallway considered himself a very cultured and diverse man of many skills with a finger on the pulse of today’s most hip and upbeat clothing line and technology… who also considered himself a child from space. Now, he still does all that, but he’s seemingly been getting a little shadier and shadier, leading some to think that he’s been using Pierce’s money to fund some sort of crazy coke/drug habit. While this remains to be seen, he’s still annoying as all get-out, usually rambling and spewing forth insults that only Frank and Alex can translate and having to fall back on the other Heirs to keep from getting his ass kicked. Easily the craziest and immature of the bunch.


Name: “Midas” Mack Brody aka The Bronze Bomber

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 320 lbs.

Image: -Caucasian male. Big, broad body, definitely a gym nut and MAY have something more in common with Barry Bonds than a zip code. Short, dyed and spiked golden-blonde main of hair, no tattoos, but a pair of regular loop earrings hanging off each ear. Dyed blonde soul patch to match the hair. Wears black boots with a gold pattern and “MB” in Old English on either side. Tights are thigh-length and are a half-black/half-gold pattern.

Wrestling Style: Straight-up Powerhouse. No frills or style to his moves, just plenty of substance. Substance that can snap your back in two and forcefully pull your body into funny balloon animal shapes.

Singles Finishers:

The Midas Touch (Side Shoulder Mount Powerbomb)

Other Moves:
Heart of Gold (Stiff Heart Punch)
The Golddigger (Exploder Suplex)
The 24K (Double-Arm Chokeslam)
Short-Arm Clothesline
Military Press
Second-Rope Pump Splash
Bicycle Kick
Spinning Side Slam
Sidewalk Slam

Personality: Mack Brody plays the part of the enforcer of the group, but is not without his own personality. He is mean, he is a brute and he’ll gladly take out enemies of the Heirs without a thought, but some of the money being thrown his way also seemed to have an effect on the giant. Now making a temporary home in Los Angeles, Mack Brody has become addicted to tanning, bleaching his hair and making himself look like a million bucks. A man of fewer words but many actions, Mack Brody will kick your ass and look good while doing it.


Manager info: Alexandria Malone
Height: 5’6”
Weight: Don’t ask a woman that… 125 pounds, if you must know. Ass.

Image: -Atypical women’s wrestler build. Not a stick figure, but not super jacked. Best comparison would be WWE’s Melina. Straight, black hair that goes halfway down her back. Beautiful hazel eyes. If called upon to wrestle, wears leather and sequined sports top with many blue-violet flower and tribal patterns and black leather tights with the same style running down both sides. When not wrestling, accompanies the Heirs to the ring in tight black leather pants and a purple blouse.

Personality: The straightwoman for her team’s bizarre, unmitigated asshole antics, she still manages the team very proudly, happy that her hard work has paid off and can now be seen on a national stage. She organizes all the business meetings for her group, helps them strategize, and keeps them focused on the task at hand when it comes time to get to the ring. Very business-minded, she won’t back down from any person, size, gender, sex, creed, religion, anything.
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Jan 1, 2000
After conquering tag team divisions all over the independent scene, the managed to nab the eye of EPW talent scouts. Lindsay Troy (possibly doing long-time tag team partner Sonny Silver a solid) was impressed (if not, thoroughly annoyed with) the talent and brashness the second-generation stable exhibited and hired them onto EPW after a pair of dark match tryouts.

Not wanting to traverse the national fed for the first time alone, Frank Pierce called on former tag team rival, now good friend Mack Brody – a big, second-generation wrestler with raw talent waiting to be unlocked – was signed on as a member of the Heirs.

Now armed with god-given talent, money to burn, and a new National audience to wow with their antics, one has to wonder…


Rest assured, Sonny Silver was made to get down on his knees and beg. The video (taken via hidden camera) was uploaded onto Youtube under the title "SONNY SILVER IS A GROVELING P*SSY"

It got a gajillion hits within the first week. :p

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