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The Last Spoken Words.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

[Adrian Willard standing on an EPW backdrop title, he is confident, bold and has a look in his eyes that he is ready to defend what is his. Judas Priest black t-shirt, a pair of jeans. He looks right at the camera, title around his waist]

“People want things, that's just how is is. Most people want things they never worked for they want that free hand out. Anything that will make life simpler.

If I was that sort of person I would have never rose in wrestling like I did in college. I wouldn't have trained to the point of exhaustion then go on the mat and wrestle my way to being a top tier collegiate wrestler.

The same applies to this sport. Wanting a goal, fighting for it, proving yourself in that ring day in and day out.

Times in that ring, they get rough there will days you doubt yourself and your own personal abilities. It's in this moment you should begin pushing yourself harder in order to secure that dream, your ultimate destination.

It doesn't end with one goal though. That's where most people fall short. They reach their first goal and settle knowing that the next tier is a harder struggle. I went against Cameron Cruise I told him what I wanted, this belt.

I secured it, I got my dream I reached that level. Now it's my time to keep this very idea alive, this is my current level of achievement.

But now is not that time, now is not my time to move on, to relinquish this belt to an unworthy person, its not my time to step down, show weakness or come up short.

I look at myself with this belt and see where I came from how my talents have made me a champion. When people think free handouts, easy way outs, quicker victory ends in a higher payout. They fail. Maybe not the first time but eventually it's not enough to become the best.

That's where you and I part ways, Rich. You want everything right here right now, in your terms. Like a child throwing a temper-tantrum for a piece of candy that will only satisfy them for that moment.

The issue is that sweetness leaves the mouth, and you are no longer satisfied.

People in that state, that mentality will never be the best, they will never be able to understand victory, achievement, overcoming obstacles.

Mainly because when they are met head on with an obstacle they try anything to avoid it, the do whatever it takes to not take personal growth and show weakness.”

I know your weakness, your flaws, your mentality regarding this sport and this belt. It's a sweet piece of candy and you want a taste of it.

Unfortunately for you, Rich, I am the one to step on you, tell you no and send you on your merry way. Not catering to your spoiled nature.

Not everyone gets what they want. I can demand money, houses, cars. Doesn't mean I'll get them, because I have to earn those with my own hard work. Without that, those ethics, then what more am I than a panhandler.

You entered this business looking for shortcuts, the fastest way to victory the easiest way to win. It's destroyed your chance to grow, learn, and prosper.

There is your disadvantage, your lack of understanding these basic lessons that come with life. Shortcuts are dangerous, sooner or later they come and bite you right in the ass.

Its a hard lesson to learn, its a life lesson to learn.

Anarky couldn't teach you it, nor could Copycat or that cesspool of DREAM. Now you face a challenge which will end with you walking out champion or walking out with nothing.

But here's another chance at a life lesson, here's a chance for personal growth.

You can walk out of this match knowing that you actually pushed yourself. That you went head to head with a champion and possibly held your ground.

You'll come up short, but you will still have the experience. The experience of competing with the best when it counts.

Every chance counts when you do it the right way. And as they say, doing things the right way means less failure in the end.

So I say to you, Rich Mahogany, absorb what you will encounter and walk out with your head high knowing you did all you could do.


Seek the knowledge you didn't want to learn because you were unwilling and stubborn.

And after...after you have embraced this skill and dedication to a craft, challenge to be a champion.

But your time isn't now.

It isn't at Russian Roulette.

One day, maybe it will come.

But for you, it didn't come soon enough”


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