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The New Chinese Calendar


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(Hornet’s sitting in his locker room after ON TIME. He looks up at the camera and smirks.)

Months of waiting, and then Merritt graciously gives me Eli Flair, Dan Ryan and Tom Adler, all in a row. Eli, a man I've teamed with before, but who hasn't had any use for me for three years. Dan Ryan, the CSWA World Champion, and a man I introduced to the CSWA with an unexpected trip down the rampway. And Tom Adler, a man who can't get over the fact that I handcuffed him to a limousine ten years ago.

You know what I find really interesting?

It’s been three years… THREE YEARS… since I got a shot at the CSWA World Championship. ANNIVERSARY 2001 – I won the United States title for the fourth time, and went on to challenge Evan Aho. And taking nothing away from Aho, but Teri Melton ended up playing at least as big a role in the outcome of that one.

And that night, Ivy walked out on me. So did Eli.

It’s taken three years, a rehab stint, and one of Merritt’s “I need ratings!” fits to get me back to a point where I’m ready to challenge for the title again. For the last two weeks… hell, for the last two years, I’ve questioned whether I was ready. It’s the same set of questions that plagued me before BATTLE of the BELTS, the ones that led to a sort of mental paralysis. This time, those questions don’t raise the same fear or doubt.

They just get me excited. Revved up. Ready to walk in and take the big gold belt for the fifth time.

And that ought to give night sweats to some people around here. It’s already played on Eli’s mind, otherwise he wouldn’t have had to pull the tights to get a cheap win tonight. It’s already plagued Adler, otherwise he wouldn’t be pulling cheap stunts like trying to shove a bottle of Soma down my throat. It’s gotten in the mind of a fistful of people in the NFW: Miles, Calvin Carlton, Matthews… even good ol’ Shane Southern.

I’m here to play, folks. I’m the next contestant on the Price Is Right, and it scared the mess out of men like Maxwell Diamond that I might just know exactly how much that tube of toothpaste costs.

More importantly, I know what I’m worth. I know how good I am. And so do you, Ryan. On any given day, I’m one of the top five wrestlers in the world. And on a good day, with the wind blowing the right way, I’m still able to be the best to ever step into the ring. It’s not arrogance talking, Lord knows we’ve got enough of that with Joey Melton and his midget contingent running in. It’s simply knowing who I am. What I am.

You’re no stranger to titles, Dan. You took the fight to Mark Windham and beat the Psycho in his lair. But I’m not psychotic, Dan. I’m not waiting for my wake up call anymore. I’m wide awake, and I know what I want. And whether it’s next Monday night against you, or back in the Merritt Auditorium against Tom Adler, one way or another, I’ll have a new belt to polish up. And then I’m coming for the next for one. And the next one.

Pick your poison, guys. It’s either 1989 or 1993 or 1996 all over again. Either way, it’s the year of the Hornet.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Just another....

"When a man is beset by tragedy, it is the world's expectation that he fall. When that man overcomes, revealing the inner strength inside it is then that he achieves his true glory."


DAN RYAN sits comfortably in the back of a limosuine on the way to his hotel upon arriving for PRIMETIME.

On the seat next to him, the CSWA World Heavyweight title.

Anniversary is almost upon him....but not yet.

First, an introduction.....

Ryan: "I feel your pain, Paul."

"Actually....no....let's make that....Hornet. I don't believe I know you well enough to use your given name, despite the willingness to have it be the new craze when referring to you."

"But I do feel it. But then many have felt it, haven't they? Every one of us in this business come to a big brick wall in our careers. Sean Stevens hit his....and is now attempting to come through. Mark Windham hit his.....and came through insane...and effectively self-destructive....."

"I hit mine....and came through stronger."

"And now...it's your turn."

"We've had a lot of time off in this company since the drama of your addiction was broadcast for the world to see. But during that time off, we kept busy I think."

"Still, this will be our introduction."

"And so I stand....the new star around here. The CSWA World Champion....and at last I face...the legendary Hornet."

"You mentioned the night that you interrupted my party upon first arriving...."

deep smile....

"No hard feelings....."

"You did the same thing I would've done."

"And of course you know, perceptions change over time. I came to realize that those who lured me here to be part of a situation based on their insistence that they had been held down actually simply did not have the ability or mental strength to thrive here."

"And as they attempted to drag me down with their ship, I did what I always do. I rose to the top. I didn't exploit greater numbers to get where I am. I didn't employ controversy, despite the fact that controversy has followed me."

"No matter who turned the lights off that night in Seattle, I made my mark that night."

"I knew who I was before that match even started. But on that night in Key Arena, I opened all of your eyes. I stepped out of the shadows that reside in each of you that said I was just another loud mouthed invader from a substandard league.....and awakened you to reality."

"I know your worth as well, Hornet."

"You may very well be one of the top five wrestlers in the world today. But make no mistake, I'm absolutely one of the other four."

"And I'm absolutely thrilled that you're excited and revved up. I genuinely hope that you're able to put out the best you've got. Challenge is what drives me, Hornet. It pulls me to even greater heights than even I thought possible."

"So what does that mean for us then? Will we be so proportionately revved that we simply spontaneously combust in the ring?"


"That might give Merritt the ratings he wants....."

the smile lingers then fades to a normal expression....

"I know how long you've been waiting for this. I know how bad you want it."

"Will we steal the show and render any hope of matching it at Anniversary meaningless?"

"Quite possible."

"Will I trip up and allow myself to be made a footnote in CSWA history by it's one true legend?"

"Not tonight."

"I do hope it's the year of the Hornet. It's a better place when Hornet is entertaining the fans and bringing down the cheers like no one else in this business can."

"But this year....that Chinese New Year starts at Anniversary.....and not a moment sooner."

"Be sure to work out any kinks you need to get out before facing Adler.....but don't plan on walking out with this title...."

Ryan pats the belt next to him....

"Not tonight."



League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Hornet, let me explain something to you.

Concern that the REAL Hornet might be lurking somewhere behind that face paint isn't why I shoved those Flintstones Vitamins in your face.

No, my friend. I did it BECAUSE I wanted the real one.

You and Buckley and the rest of the Hornet marks out there can talk about how heinous all that was. But the truth, and you know it, Hornet, is that the Arc Angel may have just breathed life into your dying career.

Your first World Title match? Ummm, sorry. But, I seem to recall a little event not all that long ago called Battle of the Belts where you decided your own personal woes was more important than giving the fans the main event they paid for.

Let's face it, Hornet, you've been no-showing things around here for over a year now... whether you show up or not.

But, this time, it's different. This time, it's for real. That's the message, right, Hornet?

Good. Unlike Ryan? I actually hope so.

But, just remember this. After I dispose of Hiroshi... and I will... I'm gonna pull me up a chair and take a good hard look at this new Main Event worthy Hornet.

And, if I don't like what I see? Well, let's just say you may have more to concern yourself with than a face full of Barney Rubbles.


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