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The Old Days


the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(Mark Windham sits in the backseat of a stretch limo. His hair pulled back, and a T-shirt with the words "Ghost Of Christmas Past" with Tom Alder's head front and center in plain view. Windham pours himself a bottled water on the rocks, and sips smoothly before smirking into camera.)

You're a pawn Adler. That's what I love about you. You're either completely willing to be moved around at will, or you're the most naive SOB I've ever met. I'll be a bit disappointed to learn eitherway.

I could let my bruises testify, or be equally as clever and roll more footage, but I imagine we'll be seeing "The Return" in prepackaged bits anytime your cash flow gets a little slow.

We'll call it even.

You're right Tom. I can't possibly beat you. I'm thrilled I even came close. I thought about dropping the shirt and flexing to intimidate you, or pulling a classic Troy and quoting Jack Palance from the '91 Oscar show.

"I've crapped bigger than you."

But with a war going on, we're all supposed to fall in line and repress our true feelings. So be it.

You're aiming to be the man to save the CSWA? That's currently my gig Tom, but if you're pining to take the ball and run with it, at PRIMETIME I'll be more than happy to hand off.

The truth is your own world stopped revolving around you five years ago. It's fun though, watching you struggle to stay in peak condition. Hearing the new guys in the locker room get a kick out of accidentally seeing you under a stairwell at a Holiday Inn Express plotting to overtake the World. You've got nothing left Alder. You're simply an example now. Good or bad, depending on how high the rookies want to reach.

Bar the door Katie, Good ol' Tom Adler quietly has himself in position to win the title again, and 'save us' from misguided intentions that might have done us wrong.

Good for you.

For the rooks Tom, for the kids too young to remember you were over five years ago I'll go the distance.

A near fall?
How many? One, two?
Don't worry, I won't forget to sell the back, or limb of choice you feel so inclined to work that day.

I'm more than happy to take the last five years back. Because somewhere there was a kid downing a creatine shake as he watched the <> Cutters work my ass over. And he blew his load.

For the kids Tom.

Isn't that what we tell them at paid appearances?

"Don't be me. Strive to be better than me."

A near fall it is. At PRIMETIME you'll come close, before you realize Merritt and I moved you again.


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Wow, the Living Legend finally speaks. First words we've heard outta you in months. Well, other than, "Oh" and "Ouch" anyway.

You and Merritt are playing me? Probably. Lord knows you've both tried umpteen times in the past. Maybe it'll actually work this time. Blind Squirrell, Accorn.

But, in truth, Windham, this time you're only half right. I have no doubt that I'm getting played by Merritt here. The problem with your equation, Mark, is that I'm not the only one. I'm just simply the one smart enough to realize it.

Do I think that, despite our little display at On Time, that Merritt actually wants me to carry the ball around here? Nope. The problem for you is that Merritt isn't stupid enough to think that you can carry it either.

No, Mark, this match was signed for one reason, and one reason only. Because Merritt believes that if SOMEHOW he can shove you over the wall to a win that I'm the only man around here who's important enough to make people actually CARE about that main event at Belts.

Come on, Mark, do you REALLY think that Merritt wants you as champion? Oh, I'm sure uncle Chad holding immigration papers over a ref long enough to get him to pretend Aho actually tapped out is enough to make you think so. But, let's be realistic here. Merritt damn near tripped over his woody when he told Hornet he was wrestling you for the strap at Belts.

And, whether Hornet pulls his head out of his ass long enough to actually wrestle a world title caliber match against you or not, you can bet that Merritt will find a way to make sure his golden child walks out with your strap when it's over because whether you, I, or anybody else wants to admit it, as much as Merritt talks about hating Hornet he actually BELIEVES that Hornet is the man for the job. He actually BELIEVES that Hornet is still the franchise around here.

So you and Merritt go into Prime Time with whatever little plan you have cooked up to make sure his precious main event is secure for Belts. But, you'll have to forgive me if I don't play along. But then, you know that. After all, if I were the type to play along Merritt wouldn't have a problem with ME wrestling Hornet... and you'd still have an undefeated record at Fish Fund.


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