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The Same Idiot


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
fade- in:

[small]The camera focused in on the 'CSWA: Primetime' backdrop, as the 'U 62' logo, slowly made it's way, from the top of your television screen to the bottom right hand corner. Slowly the static began to fade... and, a figure, sitting on a stool, came into play. At first... the view was blurry... but, after a bit of enhancing... it all became clear.

He was wearing a unbuttoned, botton- down, short sleeved, white linen shirt, with a visibal white wife-beater underneath, faded blue jeans, and tan 'timberland' boots. Around his neck, was a sterling silver chain, with it's symbol being a 'cross', and on his left wrist was a rolex wrist watch. ...it was XXXstasy. His hair was still a little curly, a little fuzzy, and in dire need of a trip to the barber shop... and, his beard was becoming a little more visibal. He ran his hands across his face, before looking up.[/small]

"You're right, Sight... you're the same man you always were. Just under a different mask. Wearing a different cape. Spewing a different catch phrase. And, don't get me wrong... to each his own. If being fake, phony, and unoriginal, helps you sleep at night... then, get your sleep. But, see... that's not me. So yeah... when I see you one way, one day... I expect you to be that way the next day. When I didn't see that in you, Sight... it irked me. And, I called you out on it. But, instead of confessing it, and maybe moving on, with real intentions of growing up, like a real man would do... you're beating around the bush, and trying desperately to catch me in the same."

"You're a big boy now, Sight? How cute."

"Are you telling me, trying to convince me, or trying to convince yourself? You sure as hell don't seem too sure, and maybe, just maybe, that's why you're so eager to remind me that it's not about me... it's about you, and Gemini. Maybe that's why you're telling yourself that I'm not on your 'blip'. Grown up? I don't think so. Scared little insecure child with no personality, individuality, or originality? Bingo..."

"...that's you, Sight."

[small]Slowly, Triple X began to remove the linen shirt, revealing the wife-beater, chain, and his brand new tattoo of 'christ on the cross' on his left shoulder. He also reached for a bottle of spring water, underneath his stool, took a sip, and looked up at the camera... again.[/small]

"And, you're delusional, too. I mean, why else would you focus your efforts this week on a man who hasn't even had the decency to acknowledge the fact that he has an opportunity to be a champion here? Gemini doesn't understand the importance of our current situation, and you don't understand how good you have it, being in your particular situation... but, me... I do. And, I plan to take full advantage."

"Got my a** handed to me at Elvis Lives? Maybe I did... but, newsflash, Sight... it happens. I never claimed to be undefeated and never said that I'd never have a bad night. Gabriel Poe to me was a talentless, waste of semi- stardom, and I underestimated him. And, I did in fact here the crowd's... and, in another attempt to bring you back down to earth... they weren't THAT loud."

"I have a question, though Sight... if my head is still stuck in TCW... why is it that i NEVER mentioned it? I called you an Eli Flair rip- off... I didn't label where you ripped him off. There you go, throwing your issues on me. You're the one that carried whatever TCW legacy Shawn 'SUPERMAN' Stevens had from there to here. You're the one who held him in such high regards for what he did, and stood jaw dropped, when I showed the world how easy it was to run his punk a** out of here."

"You think you're ready to live this moment? Well... not only am I ready to match whatever you're ready to throw at me... but, I'm ready, willing, and capable of doing more. Never have you ever faced anyone like me. I don't give a flying f**k what so- called, big name you try to lay on the table. I'll beat Hornet, Troy Windham, Havoc, Eli, Kevin Powers, and whomever else you named, in the same fashion as I am gonna beat you."

"But, I'm tired of breaking it down to you, Sight... I'm tired of explaining to you that you're not the only person who's never stayed down. Who's fought for things his entire life. So, since you don't believe me... I'll show you."

"Why? Because *I* Can."

fade- to- black


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Triple X is still the same what?

[font color= black] His head angled downward over a small bench inside a locker room setting… The Presidential strap lying against his shredded jeans, not quite shiny enough to reflect the image of his slightly-modernized version of the Hawaiian shirts he often wears (black shirt with red fibers sewn in, looking like flames), unbuttoned with a Disturbed t-shirt sitting beneath and a red, white and blue ribbon pinned into it… As Michael Plett raises his face, it is beyond obvious that Wicked Sight is ready to entertain in his unorthodox manner.

[font color= red]WS[font color= black]: After everything I’ve done to get where I’m at in the CSWA, this is a time to look back, and see how I got here, and see how I grew up… You’re talking to a guy that flew in under the radar, ran a series of matches with the guy they billed as the “next Eli Flair”, brought Rudy Seitzer in a bird outfit down to the ring… You’re talking to that same guy, who finally stood up to the idiocy and rebelled against the people within this establishment doing that to him – and with some help – staged a massacre inside WAR*GAMES at Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular 1999.

And now… you’re talking to a guy who realized that even if the guys he attacked that night – physically and metaphorically – if those guys never give me the time of day, the fans of the CSWA… the people that matter… have seen my work, they’ve seen the way I never say, “Die”… they’ve seen the way I was nearly dismembered and I still gave it to them… they’ve seen the way I performed – impromptu – at Anniversary 2000 against “Total Elimination”… and how even though I was ROBBED, Wicked Sight came back and put Presidential gold around his waist.

What this isn’t… This isn’t the time for me to deal with some indy guy that I’ve given too much respect to. Triple X, you can call me the man of many gimmicks but the fact is – until you’ve BEATEN someone in the CSWA, you can’t drop a bunch of names. Until you PROVE to the CSWA that you can take on those guys you talked about, you have nothing. You can’t talk it unless you walk it, Trip, and I’ve already given you too much time. You’re a credible competitor but you have STILL yet to prove anything here, and although I’m watching out for you at PrimeTime, my main focus is still to get revenge on Gemini.

Gemini, I know why you did what you did in MY BACKYARD… you wanted gold. You wanted to make it personal so I’d come at you and make a mistake. Well, you made it hit home, Gemini, but just like in Cincinnati all you’ve done is bring out enough FREAK to take your double sided thumb, stick it in your ass and pin you for a third time.

The time for talk is over – even you, Blue Eyed Jackass. The time for STELLAR PERFORMANCES to run the pageantry… and the fans know that the FREAKS run the pageantry…


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