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Angry Johnny
Jun 7, 2006
New Frontier Wrestling
Well, that was fun.

For the first time in my life - in my wrestling career, I was worried that I'd been seriously hurt. That's been one of my main sticking points in every match I'd wrestled so far - I'd been successful at mocking my opponents with the fact that they may beat me, and they may dominate me, but at no time were they ever going to hurt me.

"I want to come to the next show," said Rosie.

Are you sure that's wise, I asked. Castor's crazy, and I honestly can't predict what he'll do.

My evasion of injury was nearly obliterated by that guy with the mask, and a baseball bat. I nearly needed a stretcher, it hurt that much.

Fortunately, the medics told me that, while I'm going to be sore and tender for a while, there's no permanent damage. That's good news, because I can tell that I'm building toward some form of confrontation with Castor Strife, and I'm going to need everything I've got to survive it.

He broke the rules, though.

How can I confidently step into the ring against him if he breaks the rules?

It's been a rule of the ring for longer than I've even been alive, that fights and conflict takes place wrestler to wrestler. If there's a manager or valet involved, then they're involved, but non - combatants and audience members have always been considered off limits.

Especially in a situation like this. Castor alternately wants me to put my Impulse mask back on and considers me a failure as a wrestler. This has nothing to do with Rosie, but he spent part of our tag team match yelling at Rose.

She's tough, so she didn't break - but that's a line I don't think needed to be crossed.

"You've been trying to convince me to hit the road with you," said Rose, "isn't now the time?"

No, I said.

What I didn't say was that I thought she could typically take care of herself, and that I thought she could be a genuine asset to the wrestling business under normal circumstances, but that I didn't trust that Castor would suddenly show up at the bar and punch her in the face.

He doesn't respect the generally accepted limits, after all.

"You've been asking me for a year," said Rose, "Why now? Is it because of Castor?"

It's because of Castor, Problem Child, Jimmy Mylde, and the rest of the BND, I said, I don't trust them to not target you. That's been a problem for pretty much everyone except Miss Ivy since the wrestling business moved out of the carnivals.

Rosie smiled that half smile that she uses whenever I don't know what I'm talking about.

"Didn't we learn to wrestle in the same place," asked Rosie, "and weren't we taught by the same teachers?"

Yeah, I conceded.

"So I'm not the wrestling prodigy you are," said Rosie, "but I can take care of myself. If it'll help, I'll stay in the audience. I just see what this is doing to you and I want to be there for you."

She's the best, I said to myself.

I just hope this won't come back to bite me.

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