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I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Sudden static fills the screen halted by a black screen with white lettering that reads 'The following announcement is brought to you by the Dangle Brothers.' The screen goes static for a second before going to black and white, focusing on Cameron Cruise, dressed in slacks and a light sport coat and a darker undershirt, he wears his trademark Anarchy-style shades.)

CRUISE (sarcastically slow-clapping): Well, well, well....you managed to defeat a returning former World Champion for the first time since...well NEVER.

I mean, both times you won the World title you had SOME kind of assistance at your disposal and as of late, by removing that mask as Dis at Russian Roulette...or by that nasty morning breath you have when you spit...ya know...

I'm fairly certain that I can have a list of people on that roster that would agree that YOU of all people....are in no way, shape or form allowed to call ME...a coward.

Especially after what you just said.

(Cruise shakes his finger like a dis-approving parent and shakes his head.)

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Trips made you look like a FOOL almost half-a-dozen times, even driving you to the point that your were INSANE with a need for another match....before finally getting forcing him to tap out by way of the bars in the King of the Cage Steel Cage.

And you can't give him FIVE MORE MINUTES.


Now before you get your mascara-ridden panties in a twist....sit back and think on this for a second.

Trips challenging ME for a match when I had the Intercontinental Championship....kind of a hard thing to do when HE was the World Champion.

Why was that, First??

Was it quite possibly because while Anthology ran things in EPW....ANTHOLOGY-AND-NOT-TRIPS...ran things that caused the "Wrestling World" to go 'round?? That for the first time since HE can't remember...Sean Stevens didn't have the "Wrestling World" at his finger tips, being able to do what he wanted and when and how without hearing the name "Anthology", every which way he turned??

Fucking right it was.

Was it possible that YOUR IDIOCY caused "HOPE" to disband, because the other "members" in your group to think of you as a damned LUNATIC??

I'd like to think so!!!

Hell, the fact is that while you two ladies were bickering, everything Trips had to say against you...

(Cruise motions closer and the camera does an abrupt close up.)


(The camera retracts back to the previous position.)

Just like I have about Erik--pardon me--Rezin.

You'd have to excuse THAT mistake because just like you do with everything else First, go along with the fact that I'm making a point and keep your mouth shut; "Rezin"...changes his name about as often as you do your makeup color when you come out to make an appearance, which needless to say, is not that often, but often enough that people barely take notice.

But like you said when you struggle to say something original....

(Camera cuts back in quickly as Cruise smiles, winks and points both his index fingers at the camera like a gun.)

Whatever to all that.

I didn't "Bitch out" when Sean Stevens called me out, I declined his challenge for two reasons.

First...First, you need to understand that just because Trips had the World Heavyweight Championship doesn't mean that I have to run to his beck-and-call, because you see that was the entire reasoning BEHIND Anthology: It's not always about you, and to give other people a chance.

And secondly....because I didn't want to and there wasn't a motherfucker in this place that could make me, even if I WAS the Intercontinental Champion.

And now that the Dangle Brothers show up and decide to make an impact enough that it causes YOU to take notice, even though your responsibilities are to whatever it is that Siegel orders you to do in Ryans' absence....

You wanna "bitch out" and challenge me FIRST...or risk being appointed a "coward"??

(The camera cuts back in close to Cruise as he mockingly ponders the question. The camera cuts back as Cruise places a palm to his face)

Wowzers-and-holy-crap-in-your-pants, Batman!!

It's not like that hasn't cycled around before, has it?? Everyone seems to think that I'm a coward, even though I helped revolutionize this business and become one of the most successful wrestlers this company as EVER had the opportunity to employ....I mean, I've become one of the best Tag team specialists' this business has EVER seen, I've won every singles title this business instills and sent the former champion either to the Hospital and in Critical condition or into exile on basic PRINCIPAL.

The only title I haven't won in this company is the one that's belonged to me from the START, and that's bordering on almost TEN YEARS; I was the INITIAL challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship when I whipped Jonathan Marx, Troy Douglas and the replacement for Rocko....the silly little bastard that isn't here now.

Even though I've been here the ENTIRE TIME.

The First, you wanna keep the spotlight on you and challenge me...even without my holding the Intercontinental or Television Championship at Aggression 65??

You wanna put the World Heavyweight Championship ON THE LINE??!?!?!!!

(The camera cuts to a close up, Cruise' smile a soon-to-be-distant memory as he takes off his shades.)

Forget what Sean Stevens ever did to you, in fact I wouldn't worry about Anarky or Rezin either.

Because I'm gonna beat the mascara-wearing, desperation-seeking shit out of you.


(Sudden static returns followed by 'The preceding announcement has been brought to you by the Dangle Brothers', followed by more static.)

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