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Three Seconds To Showtime


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Jul 1, 2002
Three Seconds To Show time

(PRIDEIN to CSWA’s newest superstar Aelieas Fierte, who is sitting in his locker room tying up his boots with anticipation of his up and coming debut. His long black hair drapes over his shoulders as it is let out from his usual pony tail. His chest and face are plastid with his commonly known war paint but his American made dark red wrestling shorts shows his diversity. In his locker, a couple of his prized processions laid scattered around as remembrance of what he is fighting for, what he lives for. Aelieas looks up at the ceiling, picturing and mapping out his road to a victory.)

Aelieas: It is getting so close, so close till I step into the CSWA ring and showcase what I have to offer not only the world but most of all to myself. I have been thinking a lot as of late, thinking about how pride manifests you, once you have it you suddenly become a winner even if you lose. Its like you have the world in your hands and no matter how many cities or establishments are destroyed during your reign, you’re still high in the clouds. But still there is a man out there, a man who lives a statistic, a man named Steve Radder.

(Aelieas pauses for a second putting the very finishing touches on his boots, he then proceeds to talk)

Aelieas: You can talk all you want about wins and money Radder, that’s fine if you want to be just like everyone else. The fans won’t follow me? That is where you are mistaken because I can give them so much more then your effortless ramblings and your running away from the lime life. I will build on what you said Radder for it seems like I need to win to gain your respect, but you will have to do much more to get mine. You can tell all the stories, fables and bullshit you want, but my eyes will always see through them. I am the hunter, you are the hunted. I am the prince Radder, while you’re just a lonely serf hitching a ride on the verbal bandwagon to match wits with my physical stallion.

(Aelieas gets up picking up his spear, he slides the it through his fingers with a childish smile)

Aelieas: Yeah ,you do have the skills to back up what you say Radder, it’s easy to scream stuff when you’re running away. But ON TIME is where the running stops and the fighting escalates. You will be face to face with the French warrior, you will look into my eyes and see my people, and you will become a “statistic.” You will become what you have based your whole career on WINS while I on the other hand am busy putting on a show. Wait a second, did I hear your promo wrong? Oh good I did for a second there I actually thought you said you had the brain power to count.

(Gabriel comes walking into the locker room with a duffel bag in his hand, and sits down near Fierte.)

Aelieas: Everything ok during the ride from the hotel?

Gabriel: Yeah, the ride was fine man. How is everything going here?

Fierte: Pretty good, getting ready for my match with Radder and contradicting his words that are only legit to those in fairytale land and San Francisco. So pretty much as I see it they mean nothing. Radder, like I said so many time you have the fans, I have the world. You have the wins, I have what norms like you will never gain. Most of all you have a one day world title run and I have the power and heresy to lead a nation. You do the math, actually save yourself the stress , and find a calculator or a half intelligent person.
I am waiting for you Radder, I am waiting for you to collapse to your feet and kiss royalty.

(The scene fades away as Aelieas and Gabriel continue their conversation.)

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