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TWF Beta Test v1.0 - Card Released!


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Oct 8, 2004
Wigan, Near Manchester, England
TWF is proud to announce its first card, Beta Test v1.0! Coming to you LIVE on September 30th.

Here is details of the card and rundown of the schedule leading up to the event.

Luscious Vs Savior
Tim Worthington Vs Rex Swinghammer
Jackson Vs Bobby Dean

Main Event
Pat Gordon Jr & AKA Vs Bad Ass & Pain Grille

This match has been building for weeks, reaching boiling point recently. Will PGJR's full attention be on the task at hand, given that he is the at the epicentre of a feud spanning two independant promotions? Just how well can Pain & BAD ASS work together? And will AKA be more focused on the match, or his appearence? Nobody is certain. One thing is for certain, though... With the weeks having passed leading to this match, things have certainly heated up and now, as things reach boiling point, it is sure to be one heck of a fight!

- Roleplaying commences using hashtag #bsv1 on 23rd September [3 RP limit]
- Roleplay deadline is 29th September, midday
- Results will be posted LIVE at 8PM (UK Time) on September 30th
- Recap of the show will appear on the website shortly thereafter.

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