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"Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns


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Feb 4, 2005
Hi, everybody. :)

Handler Information

Name: Seth Sheehan
Email Address: sheehanseth at gmail dot ocm
Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM these days, though I will try to make time for Skype if I can.
eWrestling Experience: DEFIANCE, of course. nbW, LoC, jOlt, ACW, tSC, EPW… and many, many, many more I probably can’t even remember.
How did you find DEFIANCE? I worked here. So dur.
Are you willing to write matches? Anybody who knows me… also dur.

Writing Sample:

I will link you to any of my Angel Trinidad stuff here: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=angeltrinidad&page=appearances

But if you would like something specific to this character to sway your decision, I can accommodate.

Ring Name: "Twists and Turns" Oscar Burns
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 243 lbs.

Hailing From: Wellington, New Zealand

Alignment: Tweener. Million times a tweener. (okay, he's a friendly face)

Gimmick: Overly colorful, friendly and honor-bound sportsman. Quirky in a Rhys Darby-esque way. Making his first long-term foray to the US wrestling scene to seek out new competition and then grapple-fuck them into submission. (For the record, he really is a good dude, which belies his style...) (From the looks of current roster, he COULD be Lightest Timeline Reinhardt Hoffman, but I will make him as different as possible if the similarities are too mch)

NOTE: This will come up eventually in the context of a story down the line, but the reason that he is so positive and upbeat these days is because early on in his wrestling training, he had severe anger issues. One night at a bar after wrestling practice, he got into a verbal fight with a fellow student, took him down with a hold in a bar and snapped his arm. The injury never properly healed and as a result, that young man could not wrestle any longer. From that point onward, Oscar vowed only to use his skills where applicable (the ring only) and shove that anger deep down. Some close to him feel he is overtly positive and friendly for this reason, but this isn’t a publically known story at this time.

Wrestling Style: Catch/submission wrestling with a pensive, but deadly explosiveness; a total opposite to his friendly personality. A dash of Sabre Jr, a pinch of Tim Thatcher, a smattering of William Regal topped off with a sprinkle of (okay a lot of) Hideki Suzuki. Several previous tours of Japan have allowed him to expand his striking (uppercuts and forearms only - not a puncher or a chopper) as well.

Three Weaknesses:
1) Won't deviate from his primary style no matter the opponent's size, star power or match type. Pick a body part and work it until the opponent can't use it. This tends to make him somewhat predictable.
2) Too much of a gentleman at times - will lend a hand to others even if it means putting himself in harm's way.
3) Admittedly lousy in non-traditional match types (even to the point of him saying it out loud)

Three Strengths:
1) Despite wrestling one particular style, many have difficulty preparing for because of the wide plethora of holds/transitions/counters/pinning combinations he knows.
2) One of the best technicians to not sign to a major company. Nine years in the game under his name and only now turning thirty.
3) Almost always calm/laid back in ring. Will 99.9999% not give too far into anger.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Forearms/Uppercuts (his primary strike)
2) German Suplex (release/bridging)
3) Butterfly Suplex (release/bridging)
4) Fireman’s Carry Takeover into Cross Armbreaker
5) Elevated Wrist Lock
6) European Clutch pin
7) Elevated Surfboard + variations thereof
8) Cobra Twist
9) High Knee
10) Various chain-wrestling/pretty transitioning of holds

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Diving Knee Drop (the only move he leaves his feet for)
2) Dragon Backbreaker (Belly to Back lift into Backbreaker)
3) Various holds to fuck up the arm
4) Dragon Suplex (release/bridging)
5) See number 3, but the back

1 Finishing Move:

The Graps of Wrath (Octopus Stretch with extra arm-wrenching. Grounded or standing versions and can even maneuver this into a Cobra Twist-style pin if need be.)


I will send you to the bin.
Jan 18, 2008
Aberdeen, Scotland
The most obvious "yes" ever.

Tremendous handler.

GOAT character name.

Extremely well thought-out application with a great moveset, a wrestling style I absolutely adore, and a personality strong enough to set the character apart from everyone in the fed. This is lovely stuff.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Seems like a easy yes. We'll put togather app. History here and a new face in this heel hole. See what I did there? Yes from me.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Bloodbowl style. Piling on... yes

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