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Two down...


Angry Johnny
Jun 7, 2006
New Frontier Wrestling
(...an unspecified number to go. But I'm not worried, and I'm barely upset.

My cheap - ass camera is facing me, on an upwards tilt. Sorry for the sweaty mess that I happen to be at the moment but I wanted to get this down on tape before I lost my train of thought.

And if you're watching this before you check out the Charlotte recap, shame on you. For every ten people who check the Brawl recaps, Craig Miles releases an intern back into the wild. Don't you care about the interns?

Shame on you.

And... three, two, one...)

"I understand what happened out there, High Flyer, I really do. We were both interrupted by Dr. Curiosity during our own match, and I just happened to be the first of us who got a shot at some payback."

"But I didn't need you coming down to ringside. Frankly, if I couldn't beat Dr. Curiosity on my own I didn't deserve to beat him. Conversely, even with all his tricks and his own outside interference, a good enough wrestler will be able to come out on top no matter what."

"Could I have? Who knows. But if Dr. Curiosity needed to resort to Eegor and less - than - legal tactics, then what's that say about him?"

"Regardless, Jack... your actions have affected all of us. At Crash 46, you and I, along with Simply Beautiful, Lord Coyner Pollard, and Felix Red, have to face the other five Grand Prix participants, and your actions have given Dr. Curiosity the use of the Curious Rulebook for the duration."

"I don't think you've forgotten what he can do with that."

"I also don't intend to bring this up again. We've got five highly capable opponents to look towards, and the five of us need to be focused if we're going to survive."

"Because I intend to survive."

(And scene. I'm sure this isn't the end of it, but for the moment I need a break.


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