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Mar 17, 1988
As the CSWA entered the end of its first year, it wanted something special to celebrate it's anniversary. Merritt and Thomas decided they needed to find the "Ultimate Champion," and the ULTRATITLE was born. The original tournament was made up of 32, but has gone as high as 256. The ULTRATITLE was never "defended" as a title in the CSWA (it's a giant trophy), but was used as a title in the NFW.

CSWA (Regional Promotion) Era

1989: Joey Melton defeats Ben Flore to win the first ULTRATITLE Tournament in Greensboro.

1990: “Hollywood” Kerry Allen uses one Texas Tornado discus punch to defeat Bill Parsons to win in the finals of the 32-man tournament. The win still holds the record for the quickest match in CSWA history.

January 31, 1991: Hornet defeats M.G. in the finals of the 64-man ULTRATITLE Tournament.

CSWA (National) Era

March 19, 1992: As part of CSWA ANNIVERSARY 1992: The Final Days of Reckoning, the Anniversary Atom defeats former ULTRATITLE winner Joey Melton in the finals of the 128-man field. The Atom reveals himself to be none other than Mickey Benedict.

March 6, 1993: As part of the CSWA’s ANNIVERSARY 1993 celebration, Mickey Benedict defies the odds, defeating Kerry Allen and a 128-man field to become the first two-time and only back-to-back champion.

March 1994: Joey Melton becomes a two-time ULTRATITLE Champion by defeating another former tournament winner, Hornet.

March 6, 1995: Doc Silver wins the finals of the ULTRATITLE Tournament as part of the CSWA’s Winter’s Warriors VI: Trial By Fire event, defeating Timmy Windham to win the first 256-man tournament.

March 1996: After Hornet is stripped of the title (January 1996) due to injury at the hands of "Antichrist" Jim Williams and his minions, the Unified Championship Committee puts the title up in the 256-man ULTRATITLE Tournament. “Golden Boy” Paul Pierce wins the Tournament and becomes the UNIFIED World Champion.


January 31, 2005: In 2004, the NFW leased the ULTRATITLE Championship as part of their move to a “season” based format. Throughout the span of the season, competitors earned points based on the results of their matches. The final at NFW Wrestlebowl I celebrated the end of NFW Season 1 by crowning a new ULTRATITLE Champion as Michael Manson defeated Shane Southern.

May 16, 2007: NFW Season 2 saw an expansion to four divisions. This extreme season ended at Wrestlebowl 2 when Nova defeated York Yakama Jr. in the finals to become ULTRATITLE Champion.

Following Season 2, the NFW changed formats. In 2007 (in storyline), the CSWA was taken over by “The Hacker” and closed in the United States. The ULTRATITLE has remained dormant since then.

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