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Welcome to the NFW Fan Board (please read first!)


Jan 1, 1970
First of all, I'd like to say hello to any lurkers that check this little section of the internet deeply tucked away in our society.

Anyway, the concept of this board is really simple. People share their opinions and it helps me figure out what was best for the fed.

And that's all it's really about.

NFW has eight years worth of history to discuss and this is the place you can do it.

So some real basic rules before I go:
-Complaints of late shows will be met with insane laughter, Dave Brunk peeing on you and Ryan Aston blowing off your head...with a shotgun.

-Do not pay attention to Stephen Thomas unless he types more than 3 paragrpahs.

-We don't give a **** about Angle vs. RP arguments -- they're pointless, SOOOOOO yesterday and really just desperate pleas for positive attention. Here at NFW, we promote the theory "Write However the F You Want." ...It's also how we end up booking too.

-For Narrative vs. Screenplay, Past vs. Present Tense, or anything related arguments -- please see the above.

-Do not fear saying anything negative.

-Do not fear saying anything postive. (for the love of god, please on this one)

-Be respectful, or be banned.

-Do not hesitate to ask questions as the history/concept of NFW has become quite difficult in understanding.

So, there it is...for now.
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