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Willard v Marx


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Murder, He Wrote!

* Jonathan Marx RP for C01.

::Marx is sitting in his mansion with the fire going, Jacobs is lying on the couch and on the big screen 3D TV the television show “Webster” is playing::

JONATHAN MARX: It is good to be back home again.

BRANDON JACOBS: My god, these television sets these days are amazing, it is like having Emmanuel Lewis in your own living room.

JONATHAN MARX: I'm glad you have found a way to pass the time now that you have retired as an announcer.

BRANDON JACOBS: Too much running around, do you how many DVDs are in my watch pile? It is going to take two or three years to get through them all, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

JONATHAN MARX: Not only that, you are being paid by the government to do it.

BRANDON JACOBS: God bless America.

JONATHAN MARX: I hate to kill your buzz, but I do have a match coming up against Adrian Willard at Cyberstrike I.

BRANDON JACOBS: Don't worry, I've taken care of him.

JONATHAN MARX: What do you mean you've taken care of him?

BRANDON JACOBS: I sent him a free six month subscription World of Warcraft.

JONATHAN MARX: Good god, do you know how addicting that game is? He may not even show up for the match.


JONATHAN MARX: But... I want to wrestle, not that I have anything against Emmanuel Lewis, but I want challenge, I want a chance to climb the mountain and be a World Champion again.

BRANDON JACOBS: A win is a win....

JONATHAN MARX: I really enjoy the training, doing road work early in the morning....

BRANDON JACOBS: Running in the snow and ice which has buried us in Princeton this year, hell you are lucky to find any road at all and if you do, you have a good chance of hitting a patch of ice and busting a hip.

JONATHAN MARX: I don't need to worry about busting a hip, I'm not Shawn Hart's age...

BRANDON JACOBS: This Adrian Willard fellow is from the streets and he is younger than you.

JONATHAN MARX: The streets I grew up on were tough too.

BRANDON JACOBS: And paved with ivy....

JONATHAN MARX: People have this perception of academia, but it is a tough road to get into a top notch college, Just read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother about what some parents do to their children to get them to put up top grades to be able just get into to Princeton. There is a lot of hard work and self sacrifice. I managed to get with ease because I excelled in both academics and athletics, but I respect how mentally tough those who aren't gifted are.

BRANDON JACOBS: Hell, your family is so rich, they could have donated a building to get you in.

JONATHAN MARX: Having money does help, there is no question about that.

BRANDON JACOBS: These days you don't even have to lug around books anymore with everyone having Kindles and Enooks. When I went to college, I had to carry around a bag that was so heavy, it would leave an impression in your shoulder for several hours after finished your day.

JONATHAN MARX: Did you have to walk fifty miles up hill in the snow to get there too Daddy?

BRANDON JACOBS: I'm just saying, these kids don't realize how good they have it and how much work things used to be. They are all spoiled, they want everything to be handed to them. Hell I'd love to slap a bitching and moaning punk like Willard across the face on behalf of my whole generation..... Jonathan, could you....

JONATHAN MARX: Yes, I'll slap him across the face for you, and hard.

BRANDON JACOBS: Good, I didn't want to have to get off this couch. After I finish up Webster, I have twelve seasons of Murder, She Wrote to get through and I don't want to keep Mrs. Fletcher waiting.

JONATHAN MARX: Just becareful, every where Jessica Fletcher shows up, someone dies.

BRANDON JACOBS: Maybe we should send her to Willard's house.

JONATHAN MARX: There is no need, I can take care of him myself.

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