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Yellow Bird Project


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
Okay, so I'm not one to come onto the forums and shill for anything. In fact, I'm not doing that right now, but what I am doing is letting people know about a new charity drive/clothing store called Yellow Bird Project.

Here's what YbP is (from their website, specifically their "Philosophy" page):

"Some people are just unlucky. We think it’s really important that these people be given better opportunities than they have. So, if you’re luckier than they are, there’s always something you can do to help.

"Musicians have a voice, and this is really useful- the people we want to help tend not to have much of a voice at all. The more musicians that get involved, the greater the voice we can give them.

"And we feel lucky too. We’re really grateful to artists who have been involved in this project so far, because without them, we wouldn’t have even begun. We also think that people help out most effectively when they believe in what they’re doing. Which is why we gave the artists a choice over the charities they contribute to; everybody will end up making a difference to a cause they actually believe in.

"If you’re not a musician, don’t worry. You can still make a huge difference, just by supporting one of the charities on our site. The best way to do this is to pick up a T-shirt designed by an artist you like, order it, and wear it a lot. The charity will get 100% of the profit. You get a cool T-shirt, the artist gets to raise awareness for their favourite charity, you get to raise awareness for your favourite artist, and we feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Everybody wins. Now if that’s not lucky..."

So, what these bands/musicians do is design a t-shirt and sell it through Yellow Bird Project. The proceeds from the sale go to a charity of the band's choosing. For example, Wolfmother's t-shirt proceeds go to The Teen Cancer Trust, while My Brightest Diamond's t-shirt proceeds go to Road Recovery.

I know a lot of people want to give back to people in need, but if you're not able to, you can always let your musician friends know about Yellow Bird Project and get them involved with their own t-shirt design!

Okay, I know that this was a big hippy thing of me, but I think it's a great idea, and I like a lot of the shirt designs already. It's a lot to read through, but hopefully everyone will take a peek at it.

Thanks everyone!

-Mike Dove

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