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the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(FADEIN: To Jason Murray’s backyard ring in Kentucky. Jason Murray, and Eric Beachy sit on opposite top turnbuckles, dressed in ankle length black tights and wife beater t-shirts. In the middle of the ring, stands BRONTE LAKES decked out in tennis shoes, a black mini-skirt and a Generation Bored t-shirt, her wet black hair pulled back in a pony tail.)

(CUTTO – close up of Jason Murray)

JASON MURRAY: EPW. I don’t know who we have to thank for the contract offer. I suppose (looks to Bronte) its Poison Ivy. Nobody’s ever taken a chance on us before. Twelve months ago I was linin’ up Chuck, a preacher’s boy‘s neck inside of a twelve foot ladder, with a used HD video camera I bought from Bucky’s Pawn on Wayne street perched in a corner turnbuckle to catch all the glory. $200 down…the rest in easy to manage installments. But there I was, Chuck squirming like a whore in church hopin’ to hell I knew what I was doin’. If you haven’t seen the footage, it’s uploaded on our youtube channel. Reader’s digest version, the kid survived. Had God on his side, whatever you want to say.

But that was then and today, Eric, Bronte and myself are in EPW. We’ve made it. But, that don’t mean I’m ashamed from where I’ve been.

I know there are people in this business jealous of the hits my videos received. They wanted to shut me down. I wasn’t professional. I wasn’t presenting the magic tricks correctly. I busted my ass to create my audience, put myself at risk in the process. But I did it all because I love this sport. And in the process I found someone with the same passion for creating art in-ring as I have. We showed the internet marks wrestling’s not scripted. We took the sport to the 21st century. Didn’t we blood?

(CUTTO – Eric Beachy perched on top of a turnbuckle.)

ERIC BEACHY: We’re not making cookies here. Everything’s not cut to be the same size. And there are people in this business, in EPW destined to follow the script. I tried that once. Went to college on a football scholarship, let the donors pay me for watching an illegal cut the grass. Went to class, but let the book smarts crunch the numbers and write about Jane Eyre. They all told me how great I was. Come up to me on campus after my first THREE touchdown game and want to have drink. Buy me anything. Nevermind that I dropped a FOURTH TD late in game, but they all remembered the 60 yard run, they all saw the hotness break tackles, the local Tennessee kid give meaning to life. What I was, I learned…was a distraction.

They all loved me, wanted to learn about American history for me, give me happy endings…they all wanted to do because I took them away from their reality, that they WEREN’T me. But the minute my knee blew…the second coach knew I liked white powder more than a fly route, I was taken off the air. When you can’t play, when you aren’t able to put asses in seats and make the coach look good at home, I was sent packin’.

The script said I was white trash, that I’d bounce from rehab center to center and be dead or dealin’ by age 30. What I found was I’m not YOUR distraction, I’m my own. We’re all stars. I play for THIS team now. Jason and I. We’re gonna transcend what the business can be.


JASON MURRAY: I know every EPW fan is tired of the same thing. Cameron Cruise repackaged and sold and the guest star of the week running around in a mask. If you’re DIS-gusted with what EPW has become we’re your POINT OF VIEW.

(CUTTO – Bronte Lakes in the middle of the ring, arms folded across her chest.)

BRONTE LAKES: Poison Ivy has always known a good bet. These are my boys. This is OUR story. It’s our time to be hated. We’ll be tag team champions by the end of the summer. I can promise you that!


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