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Jan 1, 2000
(OOC: This should have went in the OT in Charleston thread, but it was time-sensitive to PT in whereever when the GXW guys took care of Troy backstage.)

You've seen Troy Windham in the ring...

CUT TO:A still shot of Wicked Sight pinning Troy Windham at PrimeTime in Paducah oh-so-long-ago.

You've seen Troy Windham in a cage...

CUT TO:A still frame - again - of a bloodied Windham from his bout with Eli Flair in the cell.

And now YOU can own a piece of wrestling history... YOU can own a piece of MR. CSWA HIMSELF!

1-800-DIE-TROY comes across the bottom of the screen.

For the low price of 47 cents a strand, YOU can own pieces of TROY WINDHAM'S HAIR!

[font color= red]CUT TO:[/font][font color= black] Mike Plett is standing with a lock of Troy Windham's hair in hand, a sadistic smile across his face. He shakes his leather jacket a little loose and turns just enough to reveal the letters across its back - G-X-W. Holding the locks up to the light, he begins to speak.[p][/font]

[font color= red]MP:[/font][font color= black] Troy... Troy... Troy... beware. For the pissing begins here. If you think your hair is a big price to pay for your lack of faith in me...

Then you're going to hate what comes next.


[font color= red]CUT OUT[/font]

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