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#1 Contender for NEW P©X Championship - Jason Payne vs. Peter File


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
#1 Contender for NEW P©X Championship - Jason Payne vs. Peter File

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Jason Payne

New member
Jan 1, 2000
Great Mills, Maryland
Re: #1 Contender for NEW P©X Championship - Jason Payne vs. Peter File

Fade in on Jason Payne standing in front of a NEW banner, his back to the camera. He is wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, his dark hair cascading down his back. His shoulders rise and fall slowly as he begins to speak, his voice sounding apologetic.

Payne - "You know something? I thought it would never come to this here in New Era. Those who have followed the career of Jason Payne know that in other areas of the wrestling industry, I am one of the most despised villains to ever grace the squared circle. But here, in New Era, I've always tried to make this the place where I have given back to the fans, those smart enough to understand, that no matter what it was, face, heel, tweener, that everything I gave and left in that ring was for them."

Payne slowly turns around and faces the camera, black sunglasses covering his eyes.

Payne - "But you see, one can only play the good shepherd for so long, when he's been given so little. And the fact of the matter in all this, is that I don't blame the fans for this. I don't blame other NEW superstars for this. I don't even blame myself for this. The truth is, I don't know who to blame. But let's look at the record. I've been here for the better part of three to four years now. In that time, I've come close to winning the BattleBRAWL on two separate occasions. No one cared. But I said nothing, and carried on, because that's what's expected of a clean cut good guy right?"

"So I get stuck in a feud with Madonna Wayne Gossard over the Television title. During the match, I get stuck with a bum referee who doesn't know how to count someone's shoulders to the mat, and I end up not winning that title because of a lame decision that should have been overturned the minute it was given. No one cared. But I carried on, because that's what's expected of a clean cut good guy in this business right?"

"So then I get a rematch. My opponent gets to choose the stipulation for the match. I say nothing, though honestly I should have been granted a stipulation of my own seeing as how I had an equal share in the title. But did I complain? No. But of course, in the end, it just wasn't enough as my face was planted into a chemical ridden chair, and my unconscious body was pinned for my Television title. Guess what? No one cared. But I carried on because that's what was expected of me."

"So then I lose it for awhile there. I let go of my sanity, and next thing you know, Payne's wearing Versace dresses to the ring. He's losing against inferior talent. He's lost his mind some say. Others say that Payne's war with MWG has left him scarred. McMillan comes back on the scene, and helps get me back to where I need to be. Did anyone care? Not really. Again, I trudge forward."

"So then the time comes, and TEAM hosts their little Dupree Cup tournament. I go to NEW management and tell them I want in. I want to be part of TEAM NEW. Management tells me they've made their team, and I'm not on it. I am however, welcome to go and wrestle for TEAM NFW. So I do that, and have the most memorable run in the Dupree Cup. I lay waste to challenge after challenge until I hit the bump known as the Spoiler. Of and TEAM NEW? They go ahead and win the whole tournament. Does anyone care about Jason Payne's accomplishments? Well, some do, but most don't. But what do I do? I hold my head high and say not a word, because that my friends is what a good little face does. He doesn't let adversity get him down. He presses forward on the straight and narrow path, knowing that eventually, his time will come. Right?"


Jason sighs, and looks to the floor. When he looks back up, he has a different look in his eye. One might say, a defiant look, a devilish look?

Payne - "Wrong. I've sat back and taken what this company has given me, without any complaints. I've busted my ass, waiting for 'my time' to happen, but it hasn't yet. And while I don't make it a habit of politicking my way up the ladder, the few times I have brought the matter up, I've been met with shifting eyes and weak excuses. Well New ERA fans, I'm sorry that it had to come to this. I'm sorry that I had to make this decision, but it seems that if you want anything in this business, you have to go out and you have to take it. You have to grab people by their throats and throttle them to within an inch of their life before anything is done. I've tried to stand by some principle here in New ERA, but it seems that no one really gives a **** about principle. So in turn? I won't give a **** about them."

"That's right New ERA. The Jason Payne that has grabbed this industry by it's balls and twisted them is finally in New ERA...and you have yourselves to thank for that. My Payniacs have you to thank for that, because instead of a hero, one of few left in this business, unfortunately, they're going to get the meanest and nastiest son of a ***** that the world ever turned out. If you think Jason Payne is just going to sit idly by and watch while others get their time to shine, well you better start thinking again."

"And to the roster, I have but one thing to say for you. Get ready. Get ready because a storm is coming the likes of which you have never seen before. Larry Tact, Shawn hart, Phantom Republic...everyone had better get ready because if they think they can count Jason Payne out, then they're sadly mistaken. Peter File, you my friend are just going to be the first in a long of victims that are going to suffer, bleed, and beg for mercy at the hands of the man who will take no prisoners, show no mercy, and leave you laying and broken in the middle of the ring while you contemplate if you have the will to live."

Payne reaches up and slowly removes his sunglasses to look menacingly into the camera. He slides the leather jacket off his body, revealing a black button down shirt over a white T-shirt.

Payne - "New ERA of Wrestling, get ready for a new era of Payne. Get ready for a new era of blood, broken bones, and lost souls. A new era where I will shape my own future, instead of some spineless president, and his hooker vice-president. A new era that will see Jason Payne finally get what he has longed deserved, but never been given, a World Title shot! A new era that will see Jason Payne crowned as the New ERA World Champion! A new era that will be...."

Payne begins to slowly unbutton the black shirt, revealing a logo on the T-shirt.

Payne - "Too Hot..."

Payne finishes unbuttoning his shirt, and tosses it to the ground, the logo blazing across the front of his shirt in blue flames. A logo which finishes his current sentence.

Payne - "...for New ERA!!!!"

Payne laughs maniacally as the camera fades to black.

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