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#1 Contender (TV): Cruise v Doe


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the #1 Contender for Television Title match between CAMERON CRUISE and JOHN DOE at RAPTURE should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

** RAPTURE matches have a RP limit of 2 RP's per participant..

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, December 17th, 2006. Angles should be sent to secandido@san.rr.com ...


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

We seem to be at a library, we can see a book on a near by desk labeled “Culture Warrior”. We can see John’s head on the desk, his face one of depression. He stares at the camera seemingly with no will to talk or cut a promo.


“You step out for a week, you have a bunch of people ridding you about it. I had a one hour lecture with the federation heads asking me why I have been out of game? Why have you been ditching shows? Why have you not been giving one hundred percent effort in every aspect of wrestling?”

“Why, why why?”

“It’s simple it’s easy, I don’t feel like it. I have no motivation, frankly its the same thing every week that New Era is on TV. I have to sitting around and have my mid card class bull****. Then you have some has been show up like Shawn Hart running around and winning a World Title shot”

“Well good job Shawn; round of applause for you, you made it past the brawl the rumble of a sort. I was in for ten seconds; I don’t have the heart for this crap anymore. I sit around and I look at the time that has passed from the beginning to now and how I fell so far. Then I see the line up this week.”

“Cameron Cruise….again…”

“Once more the good old Cameron Cruise and myself will square off once more in the ring. Don’t you people get enough of this? Do you not get the hint? I am on Rapture…”


“Not even the flagship show! The second show, the developmental show. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke, so I take a small slip down the crap shoot and I have to stand by and wait my chance on the flag show while people like The Republican, who by the way is not a republican! He’s a moderate; he doesn’t support the true fundamental principals of true conservatism, so I call him a phony.”

“Back on topic, fact is I have to once more get in that damn stiff ring with Cruise. Cammy, let’s just put the past behind us, can we actually do that for once? I beat you, ok, good it’s done and over, you beat me, alright good that’s over. This is now. This is a whole new match.”

“Hell we both know what the other is going to attempt to do, it’s not rocket science, we know each other like the back of our hands. What’s the real point? Oh yes, the TV title. Cameron, do you really want the TV title? Hell did you know I was the very first competitor for the TV Title? Yes, against Jean Rabesque.”

“Rather than attempting to defeat you with flat out skill and talent I’m just going to wrestle. I have strategy, no tape watching, like I said, what’s the point? I feel like just walking to the ring with a clear mind and just wrestling.”

“So this week will be another week where I have no motivation to prove a point, where I have no feeling of defeat or success. This is just a week where I decide how I am going to find myself. Good lick Cameron.”



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a RAPTURE backdrop.)

CRUISE: You never cease to amaze me, you know that John?

You whine and b*tch about not being able to get what you want all the time, whether it's a debate with GOP or anyone else for that matter, it really doesn't make a difference...

Once you get it, you're not happy with how it's presented to you!!

You wanna leave what happened in the past, that's fine with me, John, I've no problem with that at all.

The crowd WANTS to see my face on television for a couple of reasons.

A) I put on one HELL of a show.

B) I don't b*tch.

How's that for motivation??

You're depressed because you took a week or two off and no one gave a damn.

Boo ****ing hoo, John.

You wanna get noticed? You want people to start giving a damn about YOU, to start talking in conversation outside of the arena, about YOU??

Prove it John. It's in you, I know it is. Be the man whose willing to BREAK HIS OWN BONES to win a match. Not the whiny little kid who b*tches and whimpers about having to show up every week only to get slapped right back in the face for even to think about walking back out.

I want a match, John.

I NEED a match, John, against someone who gives me competition.

Otherwise, I would've just sidestepped everyone else in front of me and taken the rightful shot at the TV title that is already OWED to me.

Prove it to me, John.

Otherwise, stay the hell outta my way.

One way or another...this has the potential to be a REALITY CHECK that no one will be ready for, much less YOU.


John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
“Oh how I ever enjoying when that man cuts a promo.”


A simple New Era Backdrop, a smiling more of a grinning John Doe in front of it.

“That man is you Cammy, I enjoy watching you try and slash me in one overall promotion while you hop around claiming to be Mr. Entertainment himself, no pun intended. Unlike you Cammy, he does produce sales.”

"I have been thinking Cammy, what you are worse than. I came across many faces in the wrestling world. But there is one thing I do see you worse than, it's a disease Cameron, many Americans are infected by it everyday, many do not wish to be cured by this disease. The cure is simple Mr. Cruise, but many decide to turn away from it. This disease is vile, it's disgusting, and it reminds me of you Cammy, do you know what this disease is Cameron?"

“Liberalism Mr. Cruise; you take things out of context, and try to turn them, exactly like the liberal drive by media. You are no better than them. It’s quite humorous because just like the media you are so full of sh*t.”

“See Mr. Cruise, you, like the liberal left believe in a false hope, you believe in this inspiring assumption, key word assumption, that by your mere presence you deserve respect and you have earned the right to win. Problem is when you don’t win when you, LOSE, you have to make an excuse, in your case the excuse will be luck or you were robbed. Just like your comparison when they do not win elections, they were robbed, cheated, and it was their God given right to win!”

“You feel the need to encroach upon my rights, my freedoms. You intend to defeat me by words and led me to a psychological defeat. I have no motivation is a correct statement Mr. Cruise. Yet it is slightly deeper than that, I have no human motivation Cameron, I will touch upon that shortly.”

“You put on one hell of a show Cammy? Yeah, so does a drunken Ted Kennedy when he gives a speech, doesn’t mean that it’s a show people wish to see.”

“You claim the fact that you do not b*tch and you put on one “hell” of a match is reasoning for your motivation? Well then I would call your motivation weak. Your motivation is focused on small futile issues, some of which have no real reason for motivating you. How is not b*tching real motivation? Does that inspire you that you are a tool of New Era and do not wish to lash your tongue at them when things are not in your favor?”

“Do you know what my motivation is Cammy? The fact that I have…”


“You want me to be the man who breaks his bones to win a match? Why? What the hell is that going to do for ME? Nothing. Is that supposed to prove something Cameron? Is that supposed to prove that I gave 100%? Am I supposed to leap off a 100 foot cage onto 8 tables on fire just so I know that I won a match because I broke my bones and bled my liver through the barbwire cuts? I think not Cameron, I don’t NEED to break bones to win matches, not my own that is. I don’t need to scar my body, bleed, or incapacitate myself just to win a match.”

“I just need to wrestle with my talent on loan from God. I just need to use my technique and my ring psychology in order to win, no bone breaking required. You want a match Cameron? You have one, at Rapture, against me once more. You need a match, Cameron? I have given you challenges, I have provided you and tested you, now Cameron can you maintain yourself with you’re the pompous statements you choose to make. Once again, liberal ploys you seem to take into.”

“You want me to prove myself to you Cameron? I don’t need to prove myself to anyone but myself Cammy. I don’t have to show you I can go move for move, I don’t need to show you sh*t Cameron, because its all been shown already, you’ve seen me at my best and at my worst.”

"Reality Check? Heard it, seen it, laughed at it, there is no reality check Cameron, I live in the real world."



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
"I'd swear John...just when I'd think I'd have just alittle bit of compassion..."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a NEW ERA backdrop.)

CRUISE: It's morning of the day after, and you've forgotten COMPLETELY of what you said, and the manner of which you said it.

Good to have the ol' John Doe back, Johnny....we DIDN'T miss you.

See...it's funny how you say that I'm WORSE than that of a liberal, that I don't know ****.

This coming from the guy who's "Pulitzer Prize" is a title that one is able to achieve without a chair about ZERO...POINT...THREE PERCENT of the time.

(Cruise smiles.)

Now really John...I'm not only one of the successful men, this side of the circuit...but I'm Main-Eventing now for titles...AFTER they've been incepted, or debuted.

Now, if that's the case....and the talent you say you have...is on loan from GOD...I've got the Sixty-four-thousand-dollar question:

Just what the **** kinda God are YOU praying to?? 'Cause based on your track record compared to mine as a WHOLE...

It sure as hell isn't the same as the rest of us, I can promise you that.

But you're calling me a "Liberal", because I do what I believe is the right thing, even if it's not the same Core Value as say..you and the rest of your little Clubhouse Gang.

It's called Freedom of Expression, John, everyone has it now-a-days. But see...the one thing you have to realize John is that I could dive into that and surely even throw in the First Amendment as well and argue on a point-by-point basis with you and make this a TRUE debate and talk Politics with you all day long.

But I won't do that, John, not today.

I won't do it because I'm not that type of person.

Sure, I've got my views on this and that...but unless you're YOU...this isn't about Politics.

This isn't about you thinking that I'm being a Liberal and you being bitter because the wrestling gods threw you a bone at one point and helped you beat me; it's about RIGHT NOW.

The fact is, is that I DO put on a show that people want to see John, it's why I have my wife double as a booking agent for myself and at times, Joey too with 'The Project.

I believe the term is called "Keeping Your Options Open".


This is where we differ, John.

While you're at home, feeling sorry for yourself and depressed like the neighborhood kid who just had missed the Ice Cream man going through the neighborhood, I'm out competing in matches and making something out of what I've got.

That's why Joey and I are making such the amount of revenue we are in Product sales and Merchandise.

You're a footnote if you don't promote, Johnny.

(Cruise pauses for a second.)

You say that you live in the real world, but yet...you've got talent on hold...from GOD.

So...if we're still talking reality here...that would mean that not only could MY could kick YOUR God's carcass...but SO CAN I!!

(Cruise scuffs the floor and smirks again.)

Damn, it sucks to be you.

(A beat passes.)

You DO need to be willing to break something if it means beating me and solidifying yourself as a contender, John.

There's a saying that goes "Check yourself, before you Wreck yourself", Doe...but I think in your case you may have to think about your gameplan, what works for you...

Especially if you plan on beating me.

Break yourself before you wreck yourself, John. You might be in a cast when it's all said and done...but you'd have alot clearer view of what your Reality COULD BE.

But if for some reason it isn't...I promise you...I have NO problem helping you out.

I have before....and believe me...just one Reality Check will again.

That...you delusional little f*ck...is a Reality Check that I KNOW...you just...won't like.


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