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8/15 PRIMETIME: Greensboro Championship: JA (c) vs. Reagan Jones


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Jun 18, 2004
(Cuz Chad said we should get our own RP threads started, might as well kick this shindig off~!)

We're still on the beach in Montego Bay, JA and Lollipop, still dressed in their summery apparel. This time, instead of a CSWA backdrop, the First Couple of Clown-princery are underneath a plam tree with the Parsons Cruiseliner looming over them like a megalith.

JA: So, the first challenger in line for the JA Greensboro Challenge is Ronald Reagan Jones. Not a bad first challenge, I must say. Sure, only his second match here, but hey, I got a title match outright my third match, so I'm not one to complain.

Anyway, to the task at hand here...

Clinton, kid, you've got spunk, I'll give you that. A veritable sparkplug. Insert Jim Ross cliche for having heart here. In this business, that will get you a long way, even if you're not the most talented person in the bunch. Although I do see you have a lick of talent at the very least. You should have beaten Cameron Snooze at the last See-Ess-Dub free-Tee-Vee show in Denver if not for a fraudulent little cancer patient mucking things up.

But you were given your little opportunity at the wrong time, Carter. See, because like you, I've been described as a sparkplug and whatnot. But unlike you, I've also been described as one of the best in the business across two different circuits. Not trying to be cocky or anything, but you've got a lot to prove to me and to the world. Can you do it?

Maybe you can, Bush, but it's going to be hard. Because I'm just getting started.

The JA Greensboro Express is just taking out of the train station and heading full steam to mowing down as many people in the process of making this Greensboro strap the most-talked about title in all the business.

Unfortunately for you, you get the business end of the front grill of my steam powered locomotive. But fortunately for you, you could always dress up like Andrew Jackson and make a bee-line for Jay Phoenix and his Presidential Championship. Hey, something tells me just from your name you'd be better suited for that.

JA looks on into the camera as the scene fades to the CSWA logo.

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